Soul Food - Season 1

Showtime (ended 2004)


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Episode Guide

  • Take Me to the Water
    Ahmad takes baptism class and Teri tries to reconnect with her religion just as most of the family is involved in a catastrophic car crash.
  • A Clear and Present Stranger
    Kenny's father announces that he's moving which also brings forth unresolved tension between the two. Lem's ex-con friend, Darnell, asks if Lem would give him a job working at the store. But Lem isn't too sure that he can trust Darnell. Damon tells Teri that she should resume her childhood dream of playing the piano, but she becomes so obsessed that her family can't seem to tell her that she's awful.moreless
  • Everything Is Unfolding Perfectly
    One of Ahmad's friends, Keisha, is suddenly hit by a speeding car. After being notified that Keisha is in good condition, Maxine decides to protest in order to receive speed bumps for the streets in her community. Lem accidentally finds Bird's "self-pleasure" catalog. Against his will, Ahmad pays Keisha a visit. Teri sees a psychiatrist about her career problems.moreless
  • Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Lose
    Teri goes to court for Global Airlines, Bird and Lem take baby steps toward reconciliation and Kenny hires an assistant.
  • This Crazy Life
    This Crazy Life
    Episode 16
    A quarreling couple at the salon leads to Bird and Lem being held hostage. Meanwhile, Ahmad runs away from home and shows up at Damon's house.
  • Little Girl Blue
    Little Girl Blue
    Episode 15
    Musical guest: Molly Johnson Teri lands a big client for her law firm, but doesn't make partner. Kenny is worried about Ahmad being friends with a gay man. Damon may have been unfaithful to Teri.
  • Nice Work If You Can Get It
    Damon's younger brother, Anthony, visits. Hardy Lester has a confrontation with some unruly customers at the store which leads him immediately to the hospital. A handsome businessman named Drew shows an interest in Bird. Hardy asks Lem to take over his half of the store until he recovers from the hospital. Damon and Anthony's father visits and reveals that Anthony was kicked out of law school.moreless
  • Ordinary Pain
    Ordinary Pain
    Episode 13
    The Joseph sisters are shocked to discover that they have a half sister that they didn't know about. Meanwhile, Ahmad prepares for the P.S.A.T.
  • The Language of Life
    Musical guest: Kelly Price Teri asks Damon to be a translator for one of her meetings. He agrees and is offered a job being an International translator. But he backs out on the opportunity due to Teri only wanting him to take the job because he looks good in a suit. Bird learns that Lem hasn't been working at the docks as he made everyone believe. Hurt by the fact that Lem lied to her, she asks Lem to leave. He reluctantly leaves. After realizing that he wants to be with his wife and son, he returns to Bird. Still feeling the need to be alone, Bird demands that Lem leave and never return.moreless
  • Man Trouble
    Man Trouble
    Episode 11
    While Ahmad is introduced to condoms, Maxine worries if her son is having sex. She advises Kenny to have "the talk" with him but it turns out that Kenny is the one who's being taught a lesson. Lem tries to notify Jack but he still remains missing. Smokey approaches Lem with a threat. While searching for Jack, the police have leads that Lem is involved with the disappearance of Jack. Meanwhile, Teri catches Brian having sex with a client at work which jeopardizes their relationship.moreless
  • Samurai Secrets
    Samurai Secrets
    Episode 10
    Musical guest: Gerald Levert

    Jack causes more unwanted problems for Lem that are making Bird uneasy. After 15 years, Maxine finds out that Kenny took Teri to a Gerald Levert concert while they were still involved. But both Teri and Kenny remain to keep the secret that they both slept together after the concert.moreless
  • Anything You Can Do (a.k.a. Show Me the Money)
    Damon stops by Teri's to hand her some flowers to show her his sympathy, but Teri wants to end their relationship so that they can just be "friends". Ahmad befriends Callie, a classmate from Lakeside Prep, but he soon believes that she only likes him because he's black. Maxine and Lem decide to pool their money to invest in a corporation, but are saddened when they lose everything they've earned. Meanwhile, Bird wants to learn more of what Lem does while she's not around.moreless
  • Bad Luck
    Bad Luck
    Episode 8
    Everyone comes up with ideas to celebrate Ahmad's 12th birthday party. Maxine becomes upset because Ahmad all of a sudden wants to have his party at Teri's house. Bird volunteers to bake Ahmad's birthday cake, much to everyone's dismay. Ahmad worries if K.C. and Reggie will accept his new friends at Lakeside Prep. Kenny searches hard to find the video game that his son wants more than anything, but when he takes Lem's suggestion to go out and buy it "hot", it lands him in jail. While in jail, he's interrogated by a harsh detective. He also ends up being the cellmate of a psychopath. After almost getting killed by his cellmate, Kenny is finally released. Upset with both Jack and Lem, Kenny refuses to accept the gift that he originally was sent to get.moreless
  • Truth Be Told
    Truth Be Told
    Episode 7
    The family finds out that Hardy Lewis has cancer and the news impacts everyone differently. Also, Teri and Damon are mugged by Teri's old classmate.
  • Claiming
    Episode 6
    Lem helps Kenny face some aggressive competition for his tow truck business and Teri meets Damon's family. Meanwhile, Maxine makes a new friend.
  • The Watermelon Theory
    Mama Joe's house is finally fixed up, but the sisters receive a "welcome-home" present. Teri's ethics are called into question when she takes on a client accused of racism. Jack asks Lem to hold a gun and a list of policemen names for him; which Lem doesn't want to be apart of. Ahmad accidentally sees his father masturbating in the shower. His friends tell him that his parents might be facing a break-up. Kenny and Maxine are having problems in the bedroom.moreless
  • What Women Want
    What Women Want
    Episode 4
    Lem's cousin, Jack, finds a temporary job for Lem. And hiding his new agenda from Bird is a hard task. While Josephina is away, Teri represents the Joseph vs. Lester case. Bird returns to work at the salon, but all her customers were taken away by the other beauticians. Later, the girls win back half of their father's store, much to Hardy's dismay.moreless
  • Heart of the Matter
    Teri struggles with her feelings about Damon and Miles, the girls meet Hardy Lester to avoid a trial and Lem's cousin, Jack, saves him from jail.
  • The More Things Stay the Same
    The girls take their father's business partner, Hardy Lester, to court. Lem takes dangerous measures to address his money problems and Teri blows it with Damon.
  • The More Things Change
    Bird gives birth to a baby boy. Tension still hangs in the air between Teri and her ex-husband, Miles. Damon Carter, a deliveryman who services Teri's office, declares his affections for Teri, but she gives him the cold shoulder. Due to extensive water damage, Lem, Bird, the baby and Uncle Pete are forced to move in with Teri. Meanwhile, Ahmad runs into trouble at his new school. Bird and Lem's baby becomes sick and has to stay at the hospital. Later, Teri finally decides to let her guards down and go out on a date with Damon. Also, Lem's cousin, Franco, who had recently gotten out of jail, loans Lem money and tries to convince him to start hustling again.moreless