Soul Food - Season 2

Showtime (ended 2004)


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Episode Guide

  • This Must Be Love
    This Must Be Love
    Episode 20
    Musical guest: Jon B. For their anniversary, Maxine hopes to surprise Kenny with tickets to a concert by Jon B., and a weekend getaway to San Francisco-until she finds a letter from Lila to Kenny that suggests the two had an affair. Bird's female customer makes a pass at her. Damon goes to Teri for help after Christine reveals she's pregnant and later commits suicide when he dumps her.moreless
  • In Transition
    In Transition
    Episode 19
    Teri takes control of her personal life, but her professional life is in shambles. Reggie orders up a stripper to help Ahmad get over his break up with Keisha. Kenny's employees demand wage increases. Damon struggles to separate business from his distaste for his new client.
  • Lovers and Other Strangers
    Musical guest: India.Arie Lem uses blackmail to rid his mother of her troublesome boyfriend. Kenny is rattled by his father's relationship with Lila. Bird is troubled by Lem's too-close relationship with his mother.
  • Help
    Episode 17
    A sensual body massage results in an embarrassing rash for Bird and Lem. Kenny pitches for a bank loan in anticipation of a pending City Contract that could put the company on the map. Teri suffers a severe panic attack following a dispute with Ray Moore over the firing of a long time company employee. Damon's efforts to help Teri don't sit well with Christine.moreless
  • A Taste of Justice
    A Taste of Justice
    Episode 16
    Determined to clear his name, Lem hooks up with Philky to find the arsonist that torched his store. Teri wins back a client but undermines her firm's good name. Kenny learns a lesson in sportsmanship. Damon lands an endorsement deal for his client.
  • From Dreams to Nightmares
    Damon's first client is a morally bankrupt young hockey player. Teri nearly throws Lem's arson case after undermining his attorney by going behind his back to seek a favor from an old friend in the DA's office. While Lem sits in jail, Ahmad learns a lesson about making the right choices in life.moreless
  • If You Don't Know Me By Now...
    Lem becomes the key suspect when J & H Groceries is burned down. Kenny is torn between business and family demands. Meanwhile, Ahmad is roped into a fight to defend Keisha's honor.
  • Fly Away Home
    Fly Away Home
    Episode 13
    Musical guest: Deborah Cox Lem's delinquent cousin, Jack, comes to town to make amends. Teri fails in her efforts to keep a distance between herself and Damon. Bird's marriage is threatened when she gets a chance to go on tour with Deborah Cox and her band.
  • Running As Fast As I Can
    Maxine runs for Alderman on a platform of issues relating to children despite family opposition. Meanwhile, Ahmdad tries to avoid a class trip but gets caught in a lie.
  • I'm Afraid of Americans
    The Joseph family deals with the impact of a violent race-related riot in their community. Lem tries to help a young drug dealer.
  • Never Can Say Goodbye
    Musical guest: Wynton Marsalis Hardy Lester returns and sues the family to get his half of J & H Groceries back, Ahmad's basketball coach is fired when his good intentions are misconstrued. Teri and Damon have a final confrontation.
  • The Root
    The Root
    Episode 9
    Lem's management style sets off a family inquisition. Teri and Damon come face-to-face at a company function. Ahmad worries about Teri's health. Bird suspects her male hair stylist, William, is sleeping with customers.
  • Life Lessons
    Life Lessons
    Episode 8
    Musical guest: Blu Cantrell In her determination to win a case over her former employer, Teri is duped by a devious client, Darrell Hart. Damon resists his father's offer to invest in his sports management company. Ahmad resorts to bad grades in order to spend time with a beautiful young tutor.moreless
  • Games People Play
    Games People Play
    Episode 7
    Teri's budding romance with a high profile lawyer is tested when she finds herself opposing him in a heated court case. Kenny's addiction to painkillers sends his life into a tailspin. Lila reveals that she is in love with Kenny.
  • Come Back for the Comeback
    Cousin Faith returns. Damon courts a college star basketball player as his first potential client. Despite a bitter rift, Teri agrees to represent Faith in a lawsuit. With Kenny back at work, Maxine reluctantly returns to her role as homemaker.
  • Sex and Money
    Sex and Money
    Episode 5
    Damon loses Teri's trust when he tells her that he has slept with Christine and that he has a new job offer. Despite his injured back, Kenny is desperate to resume a normal sex life. Lem blows up when Bird comes home with a new car. Ahmad resorts to selling "bootleg" copies of pornographic videos to raise money for a coveted concert ticket.moreless
  • God Bless the Child
    Lem's mother, Lynette, attempts to re insert herself into her son's life. Teri tries group therapy. Tension begins to rise between Kenny and Maxine causing Ahmad to confront Kenny about his abusive treatment of Maxine. Also, Ahmad tries to apologize to Keisha.
  • Who Do You Know?
    Who Do You Know?
    Episode 3
    Bird and Maxine catch Lem and Kenny at a strip club when Lem takes Kenny along with him to relax. Upset, Bird decides to even the score by stripping to make Lem mad. Teri's ex-husband, Russell, pays her a surprise visit which makes Damon uneasy. Ahmad is paired up for a school report with a friend, but his so-called-friend wants him to do all the work while he plays around. Also, Josefina announces to Teri that she's getting married, but Teri's advice for Josefina to get a prenup could jeopardize the nuptials.moreless
  • Welcome Home
    Welcome Home
    Episode 2
    Musical guest: Kina Kenny finally comes home from the hospital, but a little grumpy and frustrated. When Teri pitches in to look after the kids and Kenny, Kenny tells her that he doesn't need a babysitter. Maxine, covering for Kenny, believes that Lila, Kenny's assistant, has everything under control. When Teri offers to hire a nanny to watch the kids, she and Maxine have a falling out. Bird's bladder returns to normal, but she feels rejected by Lem. Ahmad shares his first kiss with his girlfriend Keisha and with his friend Callie. Damon continues to blame himself for the accident which jeopardizes his relationship with Teri.moreless
  • The Aftermath
    The Aftermath
    Episode 1
    Musical guest: Shirley Caesar After a devastating car accident, Kenny and Bird are hospitalized while Maxine is left with a broken arm. Teri decides to take a leave of absence from the law firm to care for her siblings' three children. One of Kenny's friends who has been looking after his towing business suddenly quits and Maxine decides to take over until Kenny recovers. Brian, Teri's colleague, informs her that the partners want to know when she'll be returning to work. So she quickly decides to return to work only to resign after the partners refuse to make her partner. Damon still blames himself for the accident and Lem brings forth his anger towards him for nearly killing the family. Bird has a mild bladder problem. Meanwhile, Ahmad believes that he has a "baptism curse" and will not allow himself to get baptized unless he receives a sign.moreless