Soul Food - Season 3

Showtime (ended 2004)


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Episode Guide

  • Emotional Collateral
    Maxine works a little too closely with a troubled client at the shelter. Damon merges with a shady big deal agency and brings things with Teri to a head.
  • Big Dreams in Small Spaces
    Bird wants to renovate Mama Joe's house but her plans don't sit too well with Teri and Maxine. Meanwhile, Ahmad and Reggie want to sign up for high school football but they have a hard time trying to persuade their parents. Damon, Lem and Kenny share a discussion about the Joseph sisters.moreless
  • Let's Do It Again
    Let's Do It Again
    Episode 8
    After seeing a marriage counselor, Kenny asks Maxine to renew their wedding vows. Bird makes presumptions about her new neighbors. Teri and Damon continue to have problems living together.
  • Child Safety
    Child Safety
    Episode 7
    Ahmad witnesses a drug-related shooting, and the family fears for his life. Lem turns to Baron Marks to help protect Ahmad. Damon's client, Kevin, meets a woman like no other.
  • Stranger Than Fiction
    Musical guest: Eisa Davis Maxine asks Kenny to move back home. Bird shines in her makeover segment on "Chicago Update." Teri struggles with loyalty and morality in a suit against Peter Redmond Enterprises.
  • Empty Spaces
    Empty Spaces
    Episode 5
    Kenny and Lem lock horns over a new business venture. Teri and Damon have problems defining their relationship. Ahmad is enjoying seeing his parents getting along as Kenny and Maxine continue to date. Meanwhile, Maxine gets a job at Transition House.
  • Out With the Old...
    An old friend of Lem's wants to go legit and asks Lem to help him do it. Bird enters the Chicago Hair Show and Ahmad shoots a documentary of the event for his Film Study course. Maxine discovers that Damon's client is a philanderer. As Teri tries to keep Brian at the firm, Brian hints of his true feelings for her.moreless
  • Past Imperfect
    Past Imperfect
    Episode 3
    Musical guest: Musiq Bird comes to terms with a secret past relationship she once had with her former high school teacher when he suddenly reappears in her life. Maxine and Kenny go on their first date since being separated. Teri admits to Damon that she doesn't want him to move out. Kenny's employees begin to gossip about his relationship with Lila.moreless
  • Ultimate Power
    Ultimate Power
    Episode 2
    An intruder in the Chadway home frightens Maxine into considering getting a gun which doesn't sit well with Kenny. A powerful media mogul becomes one of Teri's clients. Damon says good-bye to Christine. Meanwhile, Ahmad accuses his teacher of violating his rights and he initiates a student revolt.
  • Tonight at Noon
    Tonight at Noon
    Episode 1
    Musical guest: Ludacris Teri returns to her old law firm after being offered a position as managing partner by Katherine Burke, the head of a big New York City law firm. Damon is haunted by the ghost of Christine. Meanwhile, Maxine and Kenny, who are struggling with their separation, receive a Best Teamwork Award from Ahmad's school. Also, Lem and Bird try to reunite Maxine and Kenny.moreless
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