Soul Food - Season 5

Showtime (ended 2004)


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Episode Guide

  • Don't Think This Hasn't Been Fabulous (2)
    In the series finale, Damon makes one final effort to win the love of Teri, who makes a surprising career choice by accepting a job in Atlanta. After his store has been vandalized, a recovering Lem finds some respect and reconciles with Bird; Maxine enjoys a windfall while at a casino with Kenny.moreless
  • Fear Eats the Soul (1)
    Musical guest: Common Damon returns to Chicago to face Teri; Alliance makes Kenny an offer he can't refuse; Lem collapses and is hospitalized.
  • In the Garden
    In the Garden
    Episode 12
    Musical guest: Yolanda Adams When Uncle Pete dies, Aunt Ruthie decides to move in with Teri; Bird is forced to tell her sisters and aunt about the kidnapping; Ahmad and Amina's relationship is strained when her mom comes home from prison.
  • Take It to the Limit
    Musical guest: Talib Kweli Bird's sexual tryst with Malik is revealed to the entire family; Teri is uncomfortable with Charles' relationship with his ex-wife; Bird and Lem make an effort to work on their marriage.
  • Love Me or Leave Me
    Love Me or Leave Me
    Episode 10
    Lem is stunned to find Bird with Malik; Teri and Charles struggle with the demands of her career on their relationship; Kenny realizes the dangers of being a repo man.
  • Successful Failure
    Successful Failure
    Episode 9
    The sisters have an explosive argument on Mama Joe's birthday; as Bird and Lem drift further apart, they each find refuge in other partners.
  • Angelitos Negros
    Angelitos Negros
    Episode 8
    Teri agrees to spend the weekend at Charles' cabin; Bird has an intimate encounter with Malik; Kenny's brother reveals that he is HIV positive.
  • Survival Techniques
    Bird is kidnapped and Lem has 48 hours to save her - without anyone's help; Maxine questions Amina's influence on Ahmad; Teri mistakes Charles's daughter for his girlfriend, leading to a number of embarrassing moments.
  • A Rock Hard Place
    A Rock Hard Place
    Episode 6
    Willie White continues pressuring Lem to hand over the goods on Baron; Teri makes a decision about her relationship with Brian; Malik tests Maxine's fidelity.
  • Decisions and Choices
    Brian comes to Teri's rescue in more ways than one; Chadway Towing becomes the location for an adult movie; Ahmad questions whether or not he's "color struck."
  • We Plan
    We Plan
    Episode 4
    Teri is surprised and not at all pleased when Damon's mother arrives to take back her engagement ring; Maxine is offered a full-time position at work - but her handsome new boss and new career put a strain on her relationship with Kenny.
  • The Son Also Rises
    The Son Also Rises
    Episode 3
    Kenny's brother visits with a request that reopens old family wounds; Willie White increases the pressure on Lem to roll over on Baron; Ahmad seeks refuge in a neighborhood school after a classmate takes his false arrest seriously.
  • Two to Tango
    Two to Tango
    Episode 2
    Teri takes control of her obsession with Damon; Bird insults a local politician; Maxine pursues a celebrity educator to help her daughter learn to read.
  • Pagan Poetry
    Pagan Poetry
    Episode 1
    An FBI agent talks to Lem in an attempt to catch up with Baron. Ahmad is a suspect for a purse snatching and is under police custody. Also, After Teri sleeps with a client her sisters find out.