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Soul Hunter

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Welcome to the Soul Hunter guide. The ancient Chinese Yin Dynasty is rotting from the inside out, infested with demon immortals. Project Soul Hunt was drafted by the Immortal High Council to capture all these "dangerous" souls and seal them away forever. Now all that remains is to find someone to carry it out. Why risk the life of a perfectly good immortal if you can send a good-for-nothing instead? Taikoubou skips his lessons and naps while he's meditating; if he doesn't happen to make it back, so much the better. Armed with nothing but a magical rod and a hit list, Taikoubou is dragged off by the spiritual beast Sibuxiang. But when your job is killing demon immortals, on-the-job training can be extremely rough! Will Taikoubou get his act together in time to save his skin? Or will he and Sibu get vaporized his first day on the job?Lyrics for the Opening Theme Song "Will": Yume no kuni o sagasu kimi no na o Daremo ga kokoro ni kizamu made Kanashimi norikoeta hohoemi ni Kimi o shinjite ii desuka? Owari ga nakute mitsukerare nakute Mayottari shita keredo Kizutsuita koto ushinatta mono Itsuka wa kagayaki ni kaete Koukai ni kesshite makenai tsubasa ga kitto aru kara Kimi to nara doko demo ikeru ki ga suru Yume no kuni o sagasu kimi no na o Daremo ga kokoro ni kizamu made Guuzen ja nai unmei no nake de Kimi no kiseki o shinjiteru Yume no rakuen o sagashinagara Hashiru kimi o mitsumete itai Hokori takeku kegare o shiranai Kimi o shinjite ii desuka? Lyrics for the Ending Theme Song "Friends": Zutto sagashite ita onaji hitomi Onaji yume o idaiteru "My Friends" Kinou made mo namida kyou kara no egao Sono subete o uketometai Asa no ame mo yoru no megai yami mo Mou nani mo kowagaranai de Boku wa kono sora no you ni Kimi o tsuyoku mamoru tsubasa ni natte Haruka na jigan o tobikoe Ima hajimaru mirai kimi ni ageruyo Kaze ni mukai daichi o fumishimete Kimi to itsumade mo ikiyoumoreless
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  • One of the funniest anime's I've ever seen.

    I love this show! I watch a lot of anime (Naruto, Fruits Basket, Sailor Moon, Inu-Yasha and a couple others) so when I was in the lirbary and saw this I picked it up, not expecting much. Boy am I glad I picked it up. This anime will make you laugh so hard! Taikoubou isn't your normal 'save the world without a second thought kind' of guy. He's lazy, but good-hearted, and apprently fights better drunk than sober. All of the characters will grow on you. So if you see this when your browsing the anime section pick it up!moreless
  • It's a Japanese anime series that takes place during China's Yin Dynasty. That's something you don't see everyday.

    Pros: interesting main character; good music; complex story; nice animation; pretty funny

    Cons: story can be hard to follow; some bad voice acting; would be better if it followed the manga

    Unlike most Japanese anime that take place in, well... Japan, the setting in Soul Hunter (aka Senkaiden Houshin Engi) is during 11th century China during its Yin Dynasty. In this series, the Yin Dynasty's current emperor, Zhou, is being controlled by the bewitching demon Dakki. So, the kingdom prospers while the commoners starve to death. To combat Dakki, the Immortal High Council of the Sennin world have decided to send a lazy Doushi named Taikoubou to "houshin" 365 souls in the hopes of stopping Dakki.

    Let me get this out of the way: Taikoubou is my favorite male anime character EVER. Why? He's a lazy, stupid kind of guy, like me. But, Taikoubou is also a good person at heart, and he is willing to give his life to save the lives of others. Having Taikoubou as the main character instead of a whiny adolescent like in most anime makes Soul Hunter more involving to watch.

    Another treat of Soul Hunter is the music. The opening theme song, "Will," by Chihiro Yonekura, is my favorite song EVER. It's very upbeat and inspiring. The ending theme, "Friends," also performed by Yonekura-san, is also pleasant to hear. It's a slow-tempo song that makes me feel all warm inside.

    The story is most likely the main draw of Soul Hunter. Taikoubou is not the only main character in the show; there's the honorable Kou Hiko, the hot-headed hero-wannabe Raishinshi, the emotionless Paopei human Nataku, and many more. They each lend their unique qualities and background histories to the mix that makes for a serious story with some slapstick comedy thrown in for good measure.

    The animation is beautiful with bright colors. Although, there are a couple of goofs within the animation. For example, Kou Tenka's Sacred Sword of Bakuya, which is basically a lightsaber, keeps changing color from white to green to blue and back again.

    As mentioned before, the hero Taikoubou acts goofy sometimes, which makes for some good laughs. The English dub also adds to the comedy with funny voice acting and dialogue. Take Hakutsuru Douji's line from episode 2 for instance: "I just flew in from Mount Kunlun, and boy, are my wings tired." It's funny to me, okay?

    Despite Soul Hunter being one of my favorite anime series of all time, it doesn't mean that I am blind to its faults. Firstly, the story can get rather confusing, since it deals a lot with politics. I HATE POLITICS. There's also a lot of serious dialogue that can be hard to understand if you're not paying a lot of attention. It's really my own fault, since paying attention is not my forte.

    Also, the English dub sometimes use a bunch of newbie voice actors to play characters like Craig Saper as Raishinshi. At the time, Craig was 15 years old when he did the voice of Raishinshi. So, Rai ended up sounding like a little boy with a lisp. Speaking of annoying lisps, there are some characters that got them in the English dub like Hakutsuru Douji and Unchushi.

    Lastly, the main problem with Soul Hunter is that it strays away from the longer, more violent manga from which it is based upon. I haven't read the manga, but there is a site that explains how different the anime is from the manga.

    Well, I'll let all of these negatives slide, since Soul Hunter is great.moreless