Soul Hunter

Season 1 Episode 7

Empress Kyouhi is Arrested as a Traitor

Aired Monday 11:00 PM Feb 17, 2003 on
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Empress Kyouhi is Arrested as a Traitor
The duel between Taikoubou and Raishinshi begins. Empress Kyouhi, Zhou's wife, is put under arrest because she has been accused of sending an assassin to kill Zhou.

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    Ellie McBride

    Ellie McBride

    Empress Kyouhi

    Guest Star

    Kara Bliss

    Kara Bliss


    Guest Star

    Meredith May

    Meredith May


    Guest Star

    Martinique Duchene

    Martinique Duchene

    Kou Kihi

    Recurring Role

    Tyler Briers

    Tyler Briers


    Recurring Role

    Justin Kee

    Justin Kee


    Recurring Role

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (6)

    • QUOTES (9)

      • Taikoubou: (laughs) Well, look at you. Some hero. I guess small fries should stick with the small fries. (laughs again) He got no game.

      • Yinhong: Hiko, you must be the strongest man in the world!
        Kou Hiko: (thinking to himself) In the end, is this all that I can do?

      • Kou Hiko: Is that it? Is that your best? How boring.
        (Scene cuts to the fight between the drunken Taikoubou and Raishinshi)
        Raishinshi (getting knocked down... again) Agh!
        Taikoubou: Hey, is that the best you got? You're BORING!
        Raishinshi: Shut your mouth!

      • (Taikoubou is dancing around drunk)
        Sibuxiang: No! The master's gotten loaded! Why oh why at a time like this?
        Raishinshi: (chuckles) Some men can't handle fear with a sober mind.

      • Kou Hiko: "Damn you, Dakki."

      • Taikoubou: "Whatsa matter, lightning boy?"

      • Taikoubou: "Ha ha! The drunker I am, the better I fight!"

      • Taikoubou (takes out a peach): "My special secret weapon: Sennin Peach!"

        Raishinshi: "A peach?"

        Sibuxiang: "A peach..."

        Taikoubou: "It's not just any peach. It only grows in the Sennin world and it's full of lots of alcohol!"

        Raishinshi: "And what are you going to do with it?"

        Taikoubou: "What do you think?"

        [Taikoubou starts eating the peach]

      • Taikoubou: Quite impressive! You sure can fight. But, unfortunately...
        Raishinshi: Huh?
        Taikoubou: (pointing at his own head) Up here, you got diddly.

    • NOTES (5)

    • ALLUSIONS (2)

      • Steroid peach? -

        Following the transformation of Taikoubou from wimpy to formidable opponent, Raishinshi is a bit perturbed. He is unable to believe that Taikoubou's sudden power is due to a mere fighting technique; obviously, he suspects that Taikoubou has stuffed his "Immortal Peach" with performance enhancing drugs. This idea was not translated directly to "steroids," because the Japanese use the loanword "suteroido" when it is a literatim reference. Nevertheless, these are doubtless the type of "muscle augmentation" drugs that Raishinshi means.

      • Densuiken -

        When Taikoubou duels with Raishinshi he eventually resorts to the "densuiken" method of fighting. Literally this term means "dead drunk fist" - although it is sometimes referred to as the "drunken fist" technique in a popular culture. The ancient and honorable art of drunken martial arts has been followed for millenia and it can be found in a great deal of recent hit movies. The mechanics of the technique are self-evident (in this case, they involve eating an alcoholic peach). Taikoubou seems to be especially skilled (or perhaps just especially drunk) at this potent, unpredictable technique and he defeats Raishinshi quite easily.