Soul Hunter

Season 1 Episode 26

Taikoubou Shows the Way

Aired Monday 11:00 PM Jun 30, 2003 on
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Taikoubou Shows the Way
Dakki reappears at Mount Kunlun. It's up to Taikoubou and his friends to stop her once and for all!

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • It is very typical for a person's name to change with any change in station or lifestyle. In this episode, for example, Ki Hatsu assumes the name Wu Wang when he becomes Emperor. Another example would be when Bou assumes the name Taikoubou when he becomes a Sennin on Mount Kunlun.

    • QUOTES (2)

      • Taikoubou: Are you sure you can't remember?
        Sibuxiang: How many times do I have to tell you? I can't remember a thing about it!
        Kou Tenka: You were one mean badass, Sibu!
        Sibuxiang: I was? Oh please, tell me all about it!
        Taikoubou: Ah, forget it!
        Sibuxiang: Meanie!

      • Taikoubou: Now, Dakki... REST IN DARKNESS!! (slashes Dakki with his Dashinben)

    • NOTES (10)

      • Character Description: The Three Guides

        The Three Guides are mysterious supernatural beings with undefined god-like powers. They appear as color fields; the leader is blue, the female is red and the seated male is yellow. The Three Guides have been controlling both the Human and the Immortal Worlds from behind the scenes for millenia. Communicating with Genshitenson through the Room of Guidance, the Three Guides manipulate the flow of history to preserve order (their version of order) in the universe. History must flow in the way they direct it; all resistance must be ferreted out and crushed. It appears that both Project Soul Hunt and Dakki's rule over Emperor Zhou were ploys to keep certain loose cannons under control: namely Bunchu, Taikoubou, and Shinkohyo.

      • Character Description: Hakutsuru Doji

        Although Hakutsuru Doji is technically a disciple of Genshitenson's, he acts more like an errand boy than a true student. His subservient status on Mount Kunlun is illustrated by his physical state; unlike more advanced disciples, Hakutsuru Doji remains in his original crane body. His duties are very secretarial, carrying messages for Mount Kunlun and fetching people when they are needed on Mount Kunlun. During the final battle at Gyokukyo Palace, Hakutsuru Doji serves as a one-man defense team against Taikoubou's crew, piloting an army of Koukin Rikishis against the intruders. He resorts to using Genshitenson's special Paopei Hirai-i when the last of his remotely controlled Rikishis are destroyed. Fortunately, Bunchu then appears and destroys the Hirai-i with his powerful Kinben.

      • Character Description: Dakki

        The shocking truth about Dakki's existence is revealed when Bunchu discovers Dakki on a magical life support system after she is theoretically houshined. Used as a puppet by the Immortal World, Dakki is sent down to the Human World whenever it is necessary to stir up chaos and disorder. After an eternity of constantly struggling for power (and being killed over and over), Dakki finally gains a will of her own by the sheer force of her hatred and frustration. The reborn Dakki is a frightening demon manisfestation of the original - and she is pissed. When she faces Taikoubou on Battle Sibu however, her powers are no match for Taikoubou's Hyper Dashinben and Sibu's new defensive capabilities. After her attempt to flee is foiled by Shinkohyo, Taikoubou kills Dakki for good.

      • Character Description: Genshitenson

        As the leader of the Immortal Council, Genshitenson commands the awesome powers of Mount Kunlun as well as his own considerable abilities. He uses both Taikoubou and Dakki as pawns, playing them against each other in an intricate manipulation of the Human World. When Taikoubou declare Project Soul Hunt nothing better than a ploy to give the immortals complete control of the Human World, Genshitenson affirms it with no apologies. Taikoubou does not realize, however, that Genshitenson is himself merely a pawn of the mysterious omnipotent Three Guides, super-beings which issue Genshitenson commands from the Room of Guidance.

        Genshitenson is master to both Taikoubou and Hakutsuru Doji. He uses a special type of Paopei Koukin Rikishi, the Hirai-i, which can warp through space and has enhanced battle capabilities.

      • Character Description: Sibuxiang

        Sibuxiang appears to die when he blocks Genshitenson's attack against Taikoubou. His lifeless body sits on the floor of Gyokukyo Palace in a mournful heap. However, when Dakki appears, Sibu is reborn as Battle Sibu with the help of the Globe of Revival (the mysterious blue orb which he always carried with him). Equipped with new defensive capabilities, Battle Sibu can absorb the energy of all attacking Paopei (becoming stronger with every assault). Taikoubou mounts the improved Sibu and Dakki is no match for the deadly combination. After Taikoubou dispatches Dakki with relative ease, Battle Sibu reverts back to his normal state and Sibu remembers nothing of his short-lived streak as Battle Sibu.

      • Character Description: Fugen Shinjin

        Fugen Shinjin is a tranquil immortal; he believes in peace and harmony in the universe. Although he was a disciple at the same time as Taikoubou, Fugen is already a member of the Immortal Council. When they were still both disciples, Fugen introduced Taikoubou to the idea of the "straight hook" - one who touches many lives but never intrudes on those lives. It is this type of philosophy which defines Fugen's serene existence. He is non-confrontational and dislikes anything that disrupts his placid existence.

        Fugen Shinjin carries the Paopei Taikyoku Fuin, which resembles a miniature world. Although he is unlikely to ever use this weapon, it has awesome powers over the elements.

      • Character Description: Ki Hatsu

        Ki Hatsu is the second son of Ki SHou, the Lord of the West. He is a forthright man, loyal to both his father and the principles of his father's rebellion. Although he can be a bit unyielding in his tactics (like when he tries to strong-arm Su Kokuko into joining the rebellion). Ki Hatsu is a promising young leader. When his father falls ill and dies after the stand-off at Su Castle, Ki Hatsu is stricken with grief and unable to face his destiny as the next Emperor. Shukotan snaps him out of his listless state by charging him to take his place in command of a new world order. Ki Hatsu assumes the name Wu Wang and becomes the first emperor of the Zhou Dynasty.

        Ki Hatsu is brother to Shukotan, Raishinshi and the late Hakuyuko.

      • The Ki family decides to take on the name Zhou. Furthermore, Ki Hatsu is now known as Zhou Wu Wang.

      • Ki Shou dies in this episode.

      • This is the last episode of the series.

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