Soul Train

Season 5 Episode 20

David Bowie/ Faith, Hope and Charity/ Jeff Perry

Aired Saturday Jan 03, 1976 on
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David Bowie/ Faith, Hope and Charity/ Jeff Perry

David Bowie - "Golden Years" and "Fame"

Faith, Hope and Charity - "Don't Go Looking For Love" and "To Each His Own"

Jeff Perry - "Love Don't Come No Stronger (Than Yours and Mine)"

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  • soul train review-uzipolo

    With the start of this season, Soul Train instituted a new theme: "Soul Train '75" by The Soul Train Gang. the Soul train Gang would also perform this in the next year on stage (1976) the early 1970s, the dancers on Don Cornelius' hit television program Soul Train were called the Soul Train Gang. But they became the Soul Train Dancers in 1975, when Cornelius and Dick Griffey co-founded Soul Train Records (later Solar Records), home to Lakeside, Shalamar, the Whispers and othersand decided to name an R&B vocal quintet The Soul Train Gang.

    Consisting of Gerald Brown, Terry Brown, Judy Jones, Patricia Williamson (replaced by Denise Smith in 1976) and Hollis Pippin, the Soul Train Gang recorded its debut album, Don Cornelius Presents the Soul Train Gang, in 1975. Produced by Cornelius and Griffey, the LP included "Soul Train '75," one of the many themes from Soul Train. (The previous theme had previously been MFSB's famous "TSOP" on Philadelphia International.)After the quintet disgrouped in 1977, Brown went on to join Shalamar the following year, replacing original member Gary Mumford. Brown appeared on Shalamar's second album, Shalamar Disco Gardens, and the hit single "Take That to the Bank" before being replaced by Howard Hewett in 1979. David bowie was already large as hell when this song "Fame" came out , but the song got over with the black audience as well this was written with the help of John Lennon Don had alot of white acts come on the show during this decade and also on through the late 80's where he flooded soul train with themmoreless
David Bowie

David Bowie


Guest Star

Jeff Perry

Jeff Perry


Guest Star

Faith, Hope & Charity

Faith, Hope & Charity


Guest Star

Jody Watley

Jody Watley

'70's Soul Train dancer, Female singer in Shalamar, Went on to a solo career, Rivaled Madonna.... And is still doing a lot in U

Recurring Role

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    • Don Cornelius: We're very proud to have with us one, who is easily one of the worlds most popular and important music-personalities. A great welcome, gang, for the gifted singer, composer, producer; Mr David Bowie.
      David Bowie: Thank you.
      Cornelius: Hi David.
      Bowie: Hello.
      Cornelius: Nice to have you with us. And I think our folks would probably like to ask you some questions after...
      Bowie: ...I'd adore to answer them...
      Cornelius: ...after I get my dumb ones out of the way.
      Bowie: Oh, yes! I have some dumb answers.
      Cornelius: I understand you just did a film?
      Bowie: Yes. Um...the director of the film is called Nicholas Roeg, who started out as someone I didn't know and ended up as a friend of mine. And it's called The Man Who Fell To Earth, and it's a bit like a Howard Hughes story. But he's... he's sort of an alien. But he doesn't look like a sort of an alien.
      Cornelius: What part did you play in the film?
      Bowie: /.?./
      Cornelius: /.?./, fantastic.
      Bowie: Yeah, but it's one person, but it looks like it.
      Cornelius: Uh huh. And you're also doing a world tour soon that will take you to Russia.
      Bowie: Yes, I hope so. We've asked if we can play in Russia.
      Cornelius: Have any other contemporary music acts played in Russia, that you know of?
      Bowie: No.
      Cornelius: So you'll start in the United States and go around the world probably and among the countries...
      Bowie: ...and end up in the United States again.
      Cornelius: And end up in the United States again, fantastic. Let's see what we've got here...
      Audience member: Hi, my name is Ella Walker and I would like to know; do you plan on doing any soundtracks for movies?
      Bowie: I'm doing the soundtrack for The Man Who Fell To Earth (laughs) with a friend of mine, Paul Buckmaster.
      Audience member: Yes, my name is David Vincent and is it true that you're gonna be teamin' up with Elisabeth Taylor to do a film?
      Bowie: No.(laughs)
      Audience member: Yes, my name is Glen Stafford and I like to know when did you actually start getting into soul music? You know, when did you start wanting to do soul music? I mean you're doin' it know! (laughs)
      Bowie:(laughs) Um...getting into it? Well, back in England you see...when I was a teenager popping 'em you know...I don't know it's a similar expression over here...on street corners, we have street corners in London (David laughs at his own joke but nobody knows what the hell he's talking about)...and we used to go to a lot of clubs and James Brown was very popular...about then...I was about seventeen then.
      Cornelius: OK, David I think we have to move on to your first song, which I believe is your latest single?
      Bowie: Yes, it's called "Golden Years".
      Cornelius: OK, gang, how about it one more time for David Bowie. (audience applaud)

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