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    [1]Mar 26, 2006
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    I would like to see all dancers listed with pictures and they could have dancer names for current shows and previous
    shows with some statics on each one such as age, race, length
    of time on show, favorite outfit, type of dancing, this could encourage others and you promote these positive actions, along with maybe a monthly dancer spotlight contest,
    maybe even allow voting by the public, along with paying some
    bills by sponsoring outfits and eye candy for certain designers and business and just continue to expand this cite
    to get more youngsters involved and some of the dancers could be like on a hot line to help others out with problems,
    you could be the start of some big movement, also a better
    way to make comments and suggestions of more ideals then what you offer now so you can become more diversified and involved in shaping the younger generations and promote this on the shows to let everyone know, you could really be amazed with the results along with getting some of the artist
    involved in different ways. So how about it?
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    Wow. That is a HUGE run on sentence. Where is the punctuation?

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