Soul Train

Season 13 Episode 14

Ray Parker Jr. / New Edition

Aired Saturday Feb 11, 1984 on

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  • soul train review by uzipolo

    "Action" (Evelyn "Champagne" King)"Joystick" (The Dazz Band)

    Performance and interview: New Edition "Candy Girl"

    Soul Train Scramble Board, record: "Say It Isn't So" (Hall & Oates) this is the time period not only did they play alot of white acts during the segment of soul train but also played the them in music videos after the soul train scramble board

    Music Video: Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson "Say, Say, Say"

    Midpoint song, record: "Keepin' My Lover Satisfied" (Melba Moore)

    Performance and interview: Ray Parker Jr. "I Still Can't Get Over Loving You"

    3rd song "Nubian Nut" (George Clinton)

    Performance: New Edition "Jealous Girl"/ bobby brown on lead vocals

    Soul Train Line,: "I Wanted Your Love" (Luther Vandross) when i saw this i got out of my seat i loved this song for real this is from his best albulm busy body actually its the first song off the albulm i was shocked when they played this..

    Performance: Ray Parker Jr. "In The Heat Of The Night" ironically ray parker jr would later produce/perform on new edition albums along with micheal siembello but lets get back to bobby brown.....this is why he is the best new edition and he had the It factor bobby brown is the truth this great performance on soul train was aired on 2/11/84 season13 epi14 show#436 this is the time when the remix of the o bryan intro was being played also this is when soul train was doing the soul train history book when they played back great memorable performances of the show this is also when they NOW played/showed the music of who was coming on beginging of the episodes in 5-7 second clips also to note....Ralph said in an interview that a lot of people don't realize that New Edition started recording "The Candy Girl" album in 1982 just before Ralph Tresvant and Bobby Brown hit puberty and their voices started changing. When the songs and album were released then New Edition went on tour it was almost a year old so they had to lip sync a lot on television performances and with live performances they struggled thorough on notes and keys they could not hit as easily.