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  • Looking for an episode

    Looking for pre syndication episodes perhaps pilots with blues entertainer Lonnie Brooks aka Guitar Junior aka Lee Baker performing a song called "The Flip"
  • Catch up on music with SOUUUUL Train!

    My few quick peeks of this show makes me assume that it was always for people who wanted to dance with the best music the trend had to offer.
  • This is the kind of show that you have to watch Season one I didnt catch IM glad I did because

    This is the kind of show that you have to watch a season at a time. Season one I didnt catch till the DVD release. IM glad I did because now I have to wait 6 weeks between episode 9 and 10 on season 2 and its just torcher to have to wait this long to see what happens next.
  • the soul train episode 1 !

    for me the best episose because it\'s the first . I never don\'t see because I\'ve only 39 years . I\'ve a passion for the black & of specially for the soul train show who\'s the storie of soul disco funk music with the big more **** . the best dancer & the revelations same in 80\'s jody watley & jeffrey daniel (shalamar) I don\'t studed this episode but I hope see a faboulous show . I\'m french I born with the culture black music & I listen only the soul disco funky musicccc !
  • Im Tim Fahey aka Slim and i am a dancer on Soul Train. I am the tall white guy, you can see me on the line or on top of one of the risers. Soul Trains Not cancelled so keep watchin check me out at or

    Im Tim Fahey aka Slim and i am a dancer on Soul Train. I am the tall white guy, you can see me on the line or on top of one of the risers. Soul Trains Not cancelled so please continue to watch, we really appreciate everyones support and love dancing for you guys. Soul Train has been an inspiration for me and my dance team ever since we were very little and we hope to put that same inspiration into younger kids today. I have been on the show now for about two years and all the people there are very professional and many of them have potential for very large things. If you guys enjoy watching me on Soul Train please check out my web site or hit me up on myspace My entire team dances on Soul Train so check out the website.
  • Soul Train is a Classic

    Soul Train is a Classic because he highlights an era that had so many entities involved with it in regards to human right struggles. The entertainment it provided to a hard working stuggling society provided many moments of exciting, and interesting classical R&B artists and their musical repertoires.

    Everything about Soul Train tells today's world about a society that changed the world through it's music. From the highlights of the Jackson 5 to the Temptations and The Supremes; adding, Sly & The Family Stone and Issac Hayes (to name a few). The dances were for this generation but the style and the music is for everyone, always.
  • Blew Bandstand out of the water in the 70's.

    Bandstand was good, but the year Soul Train came on the air it made the dancers on Bandstand look goofy. The Soul Train Line was tight! You got to see the latest dances and fashion. And the guest were always cool. It was the first time we got to see R&B singers on tv on a weekly basis. I have to say it lost it's soul completely in the 90's. They started bringing anybody on the show. And the girls standing around dancing look pretty stupid in the 90's too, more like strippers. But from the beginning up until around 1985 it was a good fun dance show. Bandstand was good too, but in the 70's Soul Train blew it out of the water. Would like to see reruns of both shows on TVLand.
  • I watched episode #1094. with Vivian Green/ Cuban Link featuring Mya/ Pretty Ricky and i Liked it. Pretty Decent but i was wondering what is the name of the song that they played at the end before it ended with Vivian Green. During the song they had peopl

    If anyone can help me email me at and let me know the name of the song

    the song was played right before Vivian Greens last song I Like It (But I Don't Need It)

    I like the Song Ciara Feat. Ludacris- OH and the Pretty Ricky- Grind With Me
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