Soul Train

Season 10 Episode 4

Rick James / The S.O.S. Band

Aired Saturday Oct 11, 1980 on

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  • soul train episode summer 80- with rick james and the s.o.s band.

    this to me is one of the more exciting episodes, the dancers looked like they were just having fun and you can feel the energy, the music chosen was great. songs like "pop what you got" and "love don't always make it right", a beautiful ballad "love-making music", and the soul train line song "wide receiver" was just....FUN! the s.o.s band did "take your time" and "s.o.s" which i think the audience liked "s.o.s" better. rick james? this episode should be put on classic status just for his performance of "big time" and the interview afterwards...(lol) and his second song was mary had a what? he's got a LOVE for "mary jane!" (r.i.p. rick james) this is one of the best!