Soul Train - Season 20

(ended 2006)




Episode Guide

  • B Angie B/ Tony Terry/ Small Change

    --B Angie B "I Don't Want to Lose Your Love" and "So Much Love"
    --Tony Terry "Head Over Heels" and "When I'm With You"
    --Small Change "Why" and "Teardrops"

  • Damien Dame/ Jodeci/ Lisa Fischer

    Damien Dame - "Exclusivity" and "Believer."
    Jodeci - "Gotta Love" and "Stay."
    Lisa Fischer - "How Can I Ease the Pain."
  • Junior/ Cheryl Pepsii Riley/ Ed O.G. & Da Bulldogs

    --Junior "Stand Strong" and "Step Off"
    --Cheryl Pepsii Riley "How Can You Hurt the One You Love" and "Ain't No Way"
    --Ed O.G. & Da Bulldogs "Be a Father to Your Child" and "Stop (Think for a Moment)"

  • Boyz II Men/ Ex-Girlfriend/ Omar Chandler

    Boyz II Men "Motownphilly" and "It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday."
    Ex-Girlfriend "Why Can't You Come Home" and "Fellas in the Area."
    Omar Chandler "Do You Really Want it?"

  • Surface/ Keith Washington/ Victoria Wilson-James
    --Surface "The First Time" and "Never Gonna Let You Down" --Keith Washington "Kissing You" --Victoria Wilson-James "Through" and "Bright Lights"
  • Christopher Williams/ Five Star/ Tara Kemp

    Christopher Williams - "I'm Dreamin'."
    Five Star - "Treat Me Like a Lady" and "Shine."
    Tara Kemp - "Piece of My Heart" and "Hold You Tight."
  • Al B. Sure/ K-9 Posse/ Color Me Badd
    --Al B. Sure! "No Matter What You Do" and "Hotel California" --K-9 Posse "Get Wild Go Crazy" and "I Got It" --Color Me Badd "I Wanna Sex You Up"
  • Sheena Easton/ Altitude/ Nikki D
    --Sheena Easton "What Comes Naturally" and "You Can Swing it" --Altitude "Work it Like a 9 to 5" and "Silly" --Nikki D "Lettin' Off steam" and "Daddy's Little Girl"
  • Keith Sweat/ Shawn Christopher/ Brand Nubian

    Keith Sweat - "I'll Give All My Love To You" and "Make You Sweat."
    Shawn Christopher - "Another Sleepless Night" and "The Right Thing."
    Brand Nubian - "Slow Down."
  • O'Jays/ Chubb Rock
    O'Jays/ Chubb Rock
    Episode 24
    --The O'Jays - "Don't Let Me Down" and "Emotionally Yours (R&B Version)" --Chubb Rock - "Treat 'Em Right" and "Ya Badd Chubbs" Music Video: Jasmine Guy "Another Like My Lover"
  • Run D.M.C./ Ice-T/ Oleta Adams
    --Run D.M.C "What's it All About" and "Faces" --Ice-T "New Jack Hustler" and "O.G. Original Gangsta" --Oleta Adams "Get Here" and "Circle of One"
  • The 5th Annual Soul Train Music Awards
    Smokey Robinson is being honored with this year's Soul Train Heritage Award. M.C. Hammer is being honored with the Sammy Davis Jr. Award. The winners of this evening were:
    Best R&B/Urban Contemporary Single, Female: Mariah Carey, "Vision of Love"
    Best R&B/Urban Contemporary Single, Male: Johnny Gill, "My, My, My"
    Best R&B/Urban Contemporary Single, Group, Band or Duo: En Vogue, "Hold On"
    Best R&B/Urban Contemporary Album of the Year, Female: Mariah Carey, Mariah Carey
    Best R&B/Urban Contemporary Album of the Year, Male: Johnny Gill, Johnny Gill
    Best R&B/Urban Contemporary Album of the Year, Group, Band or Duo: Bell Biv Devoe, Poison
    Best Rap Album: M.C. Hammer, Please Hammer Don't Hurt Em
    Best Jazz Album: Najee, Tokyo Blue
    Best Gospel Album: The Winans, Return
    Best R&B/Urban Contemporary Song of the Year: M.C. Hammer, "U Can't Touch This"
    Best R&B/Urban Contemporary New Artist: Mariah Carey "Love Takes Time"
    Best R&B/Urban Contemporary Music Video: Janet Jackson, "Alright"moreless
  • Johnny Gill/ Gerlad Alston/ M.C. Trouble

    --Johnny Gill "Fairweather Friend" and "Wrap My Body Tight"

    --Gerald Alston "Slow Motion" and "Getting Back into Love"

    --M.C. Trouble "I Wanna Make You Mine" and "Get a Grip"

  • Today/ Joey B. Ellis & Tynetta Hare

    Today "I Got the Feeling" and "I Wanna be Back Home."

    Joey B. Ellis "Thought You Were the One for Me."

    Joey B. Ellis & Tynetta Hare - "Go For It (Heart And Fire)."

    Music Video: Big Daddy Kane f/ Barry White - "All of Me."

  • Howard Hewett/ Monie Love/ Another Bad Creation

    Howard Hewett - "I Can't Tell You Why."
    Monie Love - "Monie in the Middle" and "It's a Shame."
    Another Bad Creation - "Iesha" and "Playground."
  • Pebbles/ Hi-Five
    Pebbles/ Hi-Five
    Episode 18

    Pebbles "Giving You the Benefit" and "Backyard."
    Hi-Five "Just Can't Handle it" and "I Like The Way (The Kissing Game)."
    Music Video: Bell Biv DeVoe - "When Will I See You Smile Again?"

  • Bernadette Cooper/ Big Daddy Kane

    Bernadette Cooper - "I Look Good" and "Stupid."
    Big Daddy Kane - "Cause I Can Do It Right" and "It's Hard Being the Kane."

    Music Video: Al B. Sure - "Misunderstanding."
  • Freddie Jackson/ Tracie Spencer/EPMD

    Freddie Jackson - "Love Me Down" and "Do Me Again."
    Tracie Spencer - "Tender Kisses" and "This House."
    EPMD - "Gold Digger."

  • Loose Ends/ Jeffrey Osborne

    Loose Ends - "Don't Be a Fool" and "Love's Got Me."
    Jeffrey Osborne - "Only Human" and "Sending You a Love Song."
    Music Video: Vanilla Ice - "Ice Ice Baby."
  • Teena Marie/ Rude Boys/ LL Cool J
    --Teena Marie "Here's Looking at You" and "Just Us Two"
    --Rude Boys "Written All Over Your Face" and "Come On Let's Do This"
    --LL Cool J "Around the Way Girl" and "Mama Said Knock You Out"
  • Ralph Tresvant / Samuelle

    Ralph Tresvant - "She's My Love Thang," "Sensitivity" and "Do What I Gotta Do."
    Samuelle - "Black Paradise" and "So You Like What You See."

  • Z-Looke/ Maxi Priest
    --Z-Looke "Girl Danz With me" --Maxi Priest "Close to You" and "Just a Little Bit Longer" Music Video: Whitney Houston "I'm Your Baby Tonight"
  • Father M.C./ Levert
    Father M.C./ Levert
    Episode 11
    --Father M.C. "I'll Do For You" and "Treat Them Like they Want to be Treated" --Levert "Rope a Dope Style" and "All Season" Music Video: Jasmine Guy "Try Me"
  • Guy/ Thelma Houston
    Guy/ Thelma Houston
    Episode 10

    Guy "Wanna Get With U," "Teddy's Jam 2" and "Tease Me Tonite."
    Thelma Houston "Out of My Hands" and "High."

  • Snap/ E.U./ Jasmine Guy

    Snap - "The Power" and "Ooops Up."
    Jasmine Guy - "Try Me."
    E.U. "I Confess" and "Got To Be Wherever You Are."
  • Salt-N-Pepa/ Mac Band/ Brenda Russell
    --Salt-N-Pepa "Expression" and "Do You want me" --Mac Band "Someone to Love" and "Love U 2 the Limit" --Brenda Russell "Stop Running Away" and "kiss Me With the Wind"
  • Whispers/ The Boys/ Terry Steele
    --The Whispers "Innocent" and "My Heart, Your Heart" --The Boys "Crazy" --Terry Steele "King of Hearts" and "Prisoner of Love"
  • D-Nice/ Al B. Sure/ Black Box
    --D-Nice "Call me D-Nice" and "Crumbs on the Table" --Al B. Sure! "Misunderstanding" and "Had Enuff?" --Black Box "Everybody, Everybody" Music Video: Johnny Gill "My, My, My"
  • Listen Up! Tribute
    Listen Up! Tribute
    Episode 5
    Soul Train pays tribute to the Listen Up! movie about the great producer Quincy Jones and what he has done to music over the years.
  • Body/ The Afros/ Midnight Star

    Body "Touch Me Up" and "Body."

    The Afros "Feel It."

    Midnight Star "Luv U Up" and "Red Roses."

  • Force M.D.'s/ Lakeside/ Mellow Man Ace

    Force M.D.'s - "Are You Really Real?" and "Somebody's Crying."
    Lakeside - "Party Patrol" and "You."
    Mellow Man Ace - "Mentirosa."
  • Lalah Hathaway/ Tevin Campbell/ Tony! Toni! Tone!

    --Lalah Hathaway "Heaven Knows" and "Baby Baby Don't Cry"
    --Tevin Campbell "Tomorrow" and "Round and Round"
    --Tony! Toni! Tone! "The Blues" and "Feels Good"

  • J.T. Taylor/ Kwame/ The Time

    J.T. Taylor - "8 Days a Week" and "Master of the Game."
    The Time - "Jerk Out" and "Chocolate."
    Kwame "Ownlee Eue."