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  • This is another very unusual anime that makes very little sense.

    The show follows Kyosuke Date a young man who is stabbed to death by his own mother. However, he doesn't die and instead awakes to find he can transform into a terrifying monster. He then sets out to find a sister he didn't know existed, discover why nhis mother stabbed him and find out whjy he isn't dead.

    The plotline is one of the most difficult to follow I have ever watched and the characters are laregely irrelevant. But the visuals are great and the fight sequences are amazing. In short if you don't mind not understanding anything that happens then this is for you.
  • Amazing story, amazing art, overall amazing show.

    Out of all shows that I have ever seen Soul Taker is easily up there on the "unnoticed" scale. This was an amazing show, I was so engulfed with the story that actually at times I wished it was real (sad I know, but still true). I was in love with this show at the opening song, which I stand by as one of the catchiest openings in the history of anime. This art is so beautiful it is unbelievable. And pretty much every character in this show is good and none stood out as a stand alone "I'm just here to anger you" character. Overall this was one of the best shows ever.
  • a great dramatic show with a real draw

    This is one of the greatest shows that in my opinion has ever been produced. the storyline of the show is amazing even if sometimes a bit confusing. but the real draw of the show is the great animation used. the design of the landscape and buildings and how they are used is some of the best i have ever seen. the character designs are amazing. The way that the characters are shaded and shown is extremely vangard and dark as is the storyline. the action of the show is also well done. combined with a great set of voice actors like Brad Swaile from X-men Evolution as the lead and Gary Cole as well as a great soundtrack, this show is one of the better anime shows. the only problem is that it only lasted 13 episodes and due to some of its more adult themes the show is only shown on channels like techtv later at night.