South Beach Tow

Wednesday 9:00 PM on truTV Premiered Jul 20, 2011 In Season





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  • what a lot of pish

    this is got to be the worst load of crap i have ever seen,,,the fat fake dude and bernice the rotweiler are the worst actors i have ever seen,,,but thats yanks for you,,,big fat gobshits clowns,,,,,,what a they get payed for this pish
  • best show ever

    I love this show will it ever come back on. I miss it a lot.
  • Insulting Peoples Itellegence

    Certainly TRU TV can come up with a new show that is entertaining. Every time I switch over to see what is on TRU TV, and this pathetic show is on I get sick to my stomach!!!! There is nothing real about this show and you claim to call this channel real TV.
  • Fakest show EVER!!!

    I don't know who comes up with this smut but it's exactly that... Seriously, doesn't take much to entertain me but this is the definition of crap!! I wonder if this is even a real tow company..
  • set up with people who cant act.

    I love reality tv this is not it is a stupid set piece by people who can not waist your time watching although it is so bad there may be a market for it,but not here cringely embarresing
  • Beyond worse show ever

    I dont understand how idiots like this even get a TV show. I cant stand watching their promo let alone the show.
  • Worse show ever

    This is the worst show I have ever watched. The "script" is horrible. The actors suck. At least train your "random" actors off the street first before you put them on camera. The whole show is a freaking joke. Not enjoyable to watch at all.
  • Bernice

    For years I thought Bernice was a man. I found out a week ago she's a woman.
  • Stupid

    I cannot believe after watching one show how in the world a tv show like this is even on air, talk about no class jerks making people think that this is real, taking people that are down on their luck and making money from it, it bet it really makes them feel real good about themselves, and here did you find these losers, under a rock or sliding on their fat bellies like the snakes they are, the ratings on this jerk show is a 6? It should not even be 0.1, pull this show and Truetv, find something to put in its place, believe me anything will be better!!! also any one who thinks this show is good, well you and the producers at Trutv must be brain dead, nothing but total CRAP!!!!
  • uncaring folks at Tremont

    I made the mistake of calling upon Tremont for support a few weeks back. I got Robbie on the phone and I asked how I could get them to autograph some do rags and cancer totes for us to raffle off we raise money for MD Anderson Cancer research, he hung up on me. I called back and asked before you hang up on me again how do I get help. he said to call the production company, so I said okay how do I contact them, he said no clue and hung up on me again. Don't expect anything but rude treatment from this place. I was not asking for money I asked for help to raise money for cancer research. I hope and pray they are never touched by cancer like I was. I am BRCA TWO Positive and I am doing everything I can to help out a end to this horrible disease. you would think they would want to help. guess they are above giving back and helping out a solid cause. Shame on Robbie for how he behaved. no longer a fan nor will I watch any more shows. I know I wont be missed by them but I wont miss how awful I was done either. very sad behavior that's for sure.
  • could be a good show

    pretty good show but Jr ruins it... the son is a total screw up,, doubt if he uses more than a dozen brain cells. no son and more Bernice please
  • A clever title goes here!

    Lmfao! I can't believe this show has a 6!!

    By far the worst show I have ever had the unfortunate

    How can anyone stand watching a bunch of filthy, overweight, scumbag animals who couldn't act for shit if their life depended on it. If you watch this show, this speaks wonders.

    This show is not entertaining in the least, and worse anyone who could actually believe it's not scripted should be shot dead in the head.

    Those who watch this crap are the ones to blame for TV being so shit these days.
  • bernice

    bernice ur my excuse my french m.f. dawg keep knocking them fools out i had to us my wifes page to hit you thats how much i wanted to tell you you fukn rock stay up lil sis from ur boy k p.s.i have never wrote to any shows thank yu for being raw
  • This isn't me, it's me niece Val, but that's okay.

    I love this show, went to Miami, partially just to meet them. All you haters out there haven't traveled to Miami to see them. So, F you! Tremont rocks! And Christine, post my damn picture! Went you see you, your dad, and Bernice at Deuces. Waited to see our pic that you took! Thanks. Jeanne Roberts.
  • South Beach Tow

    Love the Tremont family, they have more dignity and self respect than: Operation Repo and Lizard Lick. I watch it every chance I get, it's entertaining.
  • Do we need another towing show?

    This is simply ridiculous plain and simple. We already have at least 3 towing shows on TruTV, and now another one has been made? What is so popular about these shows now? South Beach Tow is yet another show about towing people and their job. It's basically the same thing as Operation Repo, and the other towing shows. All the towing people act snobbish and jerks like in Operation Repo, there's nothing interesting, and it's so stupid. I understand that being shown how hard it is for a towing person, but this is just stupid, and I know it's staged, but the actors could at least give actual effort. There's no reason at all to see this show at all. It's just Operation Repo once again, and it should just not have been made. I hope these type of shows stop very soon. I am getting tired of seeing shows like this pop up out of the blue. If you want to see a towing show so badly see Lizard Lick Towing. That show is actually great at showing a tower's life. I can only hope this show is towed to some junk yard, and left to be scrapped.
  • Worst portrayal of a tow company EVER. If this were a real tow company operating in ANY city in the USA, they would be shut down and fined and possibly imprisoned

    Having worked at a tow yard in various capacities as well as in security, I can say without a doubt, this is the - by far - WORST representation of a tow company EVER. There is NO professionalism at all from any of the "employees", there is no regard for any state laws. I realize that some spice has to be added to make the show interesting, but - please... tow companies have a bad enough rep as it is, do NOT continue to portray them as bumbling, unprofessional car thieves.
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