South Beach Tow

Wednesday 9:00 PM on truTV Premiered Jul 20, 2011 In Season





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  • Do we need another towing show?

    This is simply ridiculous plain and simple. We already have at least 3 towing shows on TruTV, and now another one has been made? What is so popular about these shows now? South Beach Tow is yet another show about towing people and their job. It's basically the same thing as Operation Repo, and the other towing shows. All the towing people act snobbish and jerks like in Operation Repo, there's nothing interesting, and it's so stupid. I understand that being shown how hard it is for a towing person, but this is just stupid, and I know it's staged, but the actors could at least give actual effort. There's no reason at all to see this show at all. It's just Operation Repo once again, and it should just not have been made. I hope these type of shows stop very soon. I am getting tired of seeing shows like this pop up out of the blue. If you want to see a towing show so badly see Lizard Lick Towing. That show is actually great at showing a tower's life. I can only hope this show is towed to some junk yard, and left to be scrapped.