South Beach

UPN (ended 2006)


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  • Season 1
    • I Always Tell the Truth Even When I Lie
      In the two-hour series premiere, best friends Matt and Vincent leave their lives in Brooklyn behind as they set out for the glamour and adventure of Miami where Matt hopes to rekindle the flames with his aspiring model ex-girlfriend, Arielle.
    • I'm Not Your Baby
      In the second hour of the two-hour series premiere, the rap singer Pitbull gets robbed during a video shoot, and Matt investigates the situation. Meanwhile, Vincent starts working for Robert Fuentes, a shady businessman.
    • I Want What's Coming to Me
      Elizabeth must ask Fuentes for help when a dirty cop tells her that he'll only stay away from her club's business if she pays him protection money. Meanwhile, Arielle sets out on impressing a very well-known modeling agent.
    • Every Day Above Ground is a Good Day
      Charlie (Matt's father) feels bad about gambling away Matt's college savings, so he hunts him down to apologize for his behavior. But when Vincent receives a troublesome phone call from New York, he begins to suspect that Charlie is up to no good.
    • Who Do You Trust
      Who Do You Trust
      Episode 5
      Elizabeth thinks about mixing business and pleasure with her old flame Warren Stella, who's become a major fashion designer. Arielle's friendship with Brianna is put to the test as the two roommates compete for the last runway slot in Stella's highly anticipated Miami Fashion Week show at the hotel.
    • I'll Do What I Wanna Do
      Elizabeth is distracted and busy hosting a wedding, prompting Alex to make secret plans for Fuentes at Nocturnal. Unfortunately a shooter attempts to kill Fuentes, and a showdown breaks out between mother and son over control of the club.
    • The S.B.
      The S.B.
      Episode 7
      Matt finds out that Maggie is a really good singer and gives her CD to a well-known music producer. Meanwhile Alex becomes Arielle's manager and employs aggressive tactics in order to protect her.
    • It Looked LIke Somebody's Nightmare
      Alex thinks that Elizabeth is trying to undermine his recent management of Arielle's modeling when she asks Arielle and Brianna to be models for her new Soleil clothing line. Meanwhile, Vincent asks Matt to help him get a job at Soleil when Fuentes starts to cross the line with his behavior, but Vincent's last errand for Fuentes puts him in a dangerous situation with Rivera. Also, Maggie tells Matt about her shady past with Alex.moreless