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  • South beach is about two friends who move down to miami from thier home town.While in miami matt see's his exgirlfriend Arielle and see's that she has a new man named Alex.Elizabeth alex mom gives matt a job at a club she owns and it all starts from there

    South Beach is one of my favorite shows on upn.One day when I sat down to watch south beach America\'s next top model was on and I was devasted.I like shows like south beach just because it got a low rating does not mean anything.Some people have no taste in shows whatsoever.If you bring south beach back on the air it will make my day.I have never loved a show like this one now stop being stubborn and bring this terrific show back.I'm sorry that some people dont like the show but the people thats tryimg to get it back must love the show and i'm one of those people just think about it. the only reason most people didnot watch south beach was for the simply fact of a show called lost. now that lost is on season finale more and more people will watch south beach trust me on this one that's all I ask.
  • What is wrong with some people!!!

    Why would anybosy say that this show is bad??? this show captured me from the previews first to begin it has Vanessa Williams anything with that woman in is is a sure hit! secondly just the story line is great , the way that the previews made the show sound is just amazing. i dont care what anybody says this show is HOT!!! and i would really appreciate it if prople would just look at the show with an open mind cause it really is good. Since Alias announced their cancellation in november i have been looking for a show that would capture my heart like alias did and i found it here. This show is trully my new best friend!!! Bring it BACK
  • i love this show. they need to bring it back. who do i have to talk to or better yet scream at cause i timk thier not listening or looking. i am very angry they took it off.

    i love this show i give it a perfect 10 so you go j.lo i hope that you bring back with all them sexy men this show was one of the best i seen so bring it back please. i don\'t understand why people don\'t like it i love the show it had everything in it from love to whatever. i watch it on any channel.
  • My family, friends, and I love South Beach!!! I want; can't wait to see more shows.

    I give UPN's television show "South Beach" a perfect 10!!! It has action, fashion, and style. I love this show. I am a big huge fan. I don't know why its not coming on. Holpefully after America's Next Top Model is over, South Beach will continue its season and many more.
  • South Beach is basically a drama which takes place in the setting of a hotel.

    South Beach is the best newly aired show on UPN. The fact that they took it off the air and replaced it with America's Next Top Model frustrates me, although I love that reality show as well. Because I am an avid watcher of UPN, I realized that they also air America's Next Top Model on Tuesdays as well. This to me is an unfair move. They need to keep America's Next Top Model on Tuesdays, and put South Beach back on Wednesdays at 7, the way things used to be!
  • Great Show, Good spot on wednesday. Take off top model and put this great show back on.

    I think the visuals are great and well as the story line. Keeps you wanting to come back for more. Vanessa williams is great in the part as the hotel owner. She is sexy as well as professional in the role. This sitcom has the making of along running hit.
  • i really liked the show i think you should bring it back .

    great show i enjoyed wathching it and don\\\'t understand why it not been on. there are far worse shows on but you keep showing them. i think south beach should be given another chance because its a reaaly good show bring it back dont leave us hanging things was just getting real good
  • I know everybody says S.B. is a drag, but I think it's a great show! I really hope this show gets out of the hiatus situation...

    UPN is about to make a wrong move, again - the same they were going to do with Veronica Mars - - Except it was saved last minute, thanks to a bunch of dedicated (and yeh, a bit addicted) fans, such as myself.

    I don't know why Americans always like reality shows, forensic shows and nothing more.
    What is wrong with South Beach?

    The cast is OK (and I mean that as a compliment),
    the writing is witty, and yeah, it's less complicated than the OC - but why should I bother?
    This show is like a sea breeze - not too hot, not too cold - and yet very refreshing!

    And the views... oh yeah, the viewes... (:

    If you are a UPN official and you're reading this - tell your bosses - South Beach WILL succeed - just give it enough time...

  • I had never been a UPN or WB viewer before South Beach. I was so angry when I tuned in to see South Beach only to find Top Model. If South Beach isn't brought back I will never tune in to this network or the new UPN/WB network again.

    South Beach is an ecclectic mix of glamour, action and drama that has made it one of my favorite television shows. This smart and sexy drama with a racially diverse cast is not only entertaining but refreshing. After every episode I can't wait to see the next.

    When will the networks realize that when an audience reserves an hour to watch a certain show every week viewers are essentially arranging their lives around their television show of choice. When the show doesn't air it is disruptive in the lives of committed viewers. I am not a viewer that will just tune in to anything that the network or networks throw out. If the show that I want to see is not on I will find something else to do or just watch CNN or Fox news. For a long time a stopped watching network television and primarily only watched cable news because I got tired of being jerked around by the networks. If your going to run a show run it. If not, don't bother me.
  • Did they aeriously take it off???????????? Write hella revies to bring this show back

    Man i hella loved this show, i loved this show as much as i loved the OC. Bring the show back. this show had hella good menaing and i liked the sceneray. My favorite character is Vincin and Mr. Fruentes. This show is good guys, post notes to bring it back
  • why did they take the show off

    why did they take the show off it was a pretty hot show and alot better then some of the shows out there like scrubs and some others if anyone agrees with me tell me so i kno iam not the only one who thinks it was a great show
  • This is one of the few shows I really enjoy watching on t.v.

    I really love this show. I hope UPN isn\'t going to cancel it. I look forward to watching it every Wed. nite at 8:30. I think the actors are beautiful and the views are breathtaking. Seeing everbody in swim suites in the middle of winter really makes me feel wonderful.
  • Terrible.

    It's hard to believe this show is still on the air. The writing is ridiculous, the plot is pointless and the acting is dreadful. Not one character is likable, they are all either whiny or too proud or just plan awful human beings. Fuentes has got to be the worst character in the history of television. A santeria obsessed mob boss type? Really?! Absurd! The only reason this show is still on is because of Jennifer Lopez and Vanessa Williams. Honestly, they should have stuck with music.
  • This is a big turkey. South Beach is a major dissappoinment.

    When I Think of tv shows set in Miami, I Think of Miami Vice and CSI: Miami, but this show is not one of them, this is a pathetic waste of time, the acting is horrible, the writing is trash, the teleplay looks like it was borrowed from Gilligan's island.

    The Only thing that's good is the music and it's beautiful production.

    That's about it, this is a terrible show.
  • Loved the show!!!!!!!!!! Cesares is my favorite charachter. I'd love to see alot more of him in the cast. In a world of reality TV it's nice to have a show where there is no contest involved with greedy contestants. We have seen every episode and enjoyed

    Very fun show with a great cast. I enjoy the energy of the cast and scenery. Cesares ( Michael Francis) is awesome and a gifted actor. Vanessa Williams is as stunning and talented as ever. Keep up the great work we've watched all 3 episodes. Looking forward to Wednesday night tv and watching South Beach!!!
  • I thought the show this week was great. The show has a lot of potential and seems to be picking up nicely.

    I thought the show was way too slow at first, but then I was happy to see that it picked up. The episode this week was fast moving, didn't spend too much time on one character and was exciting. This is the way it should be.

    Also, The character who was wearing the sling & who Vanessa Williams slaps needs to have a bigger role. I hope they keep him. He was extremely hot!! I thought that he was awesome in the scene where he got shot. Very Believable.

  • I really enjoy watching this program. I find the Michael Francis character Ciseros (sp) especially entertaining. H elooks like he would be such a "bad ass". In reality he just wants a little love. I look forward to the evalution of the program.

    I really enjoy watching this program. I find the Michael Francis character Ciseros (sp) especially entertaining. He looks like he would be such a "bad ass". In reality he just wants a little love. I look forward to the evalution of the program. Keep it on the air, thank you.
  • As a freelance writer from NJ I must say that South Beach is fading fast, Why? Because there is not enough action, you all are drowning the audience with characters that are not interesting as I said before be love drama, drama, drama!

    Micheal Francis, Gianni Carlo, & Vanessa Williams need at least a good half & hour to pull this show together. Take Vanessa Williams put her in danger have Francis & Carlo to be her rescuers have Vanessa thank them for saving her from danger, then split the scenes jumping from one story to the next but showing less of the two main stars and the female sadly to say that I can't remember their names because they are getting to much air time and they are not delivering...step up the game let's get going while the getting is good!
  • 2 friends that come from brookland to south beach and run in to matt's ex, ariel. ariel's boyfriend(rich off of his mom) which is a hotel and club owner is fighting over ariel's affection. who will win her love? its just all the crime and drama. welcolme

    this show is breath taking. i thought i could only love 5 shows but south beach proved me wrong. its so similar to the recently cancelled show the north shore. i love the chemistry between matt and ariel. i'm not a big fan on j-lo but you are doing your thang. i just cant epress enough how i love that chemistry. come on everybody give it a chance because i wouldn't want it to end up like the north shore
  • Absolutely a hot show. Great actor/actrices, very good location scenes, very good story, and most of all, an all action series.

    The show started by introducing the actors and
    actrices to play the major roles. The place where
    this filming took place could have never been any
    better, the cast, that is, Vanessa, Odette, Matt,
    Alex, Giancarlo, and Chris made it all possible to
    combine what this show needed in order to make it
    a perfect 10. It is my review, that South Beach
    should be able to obtain much better ratings than
    the average, and that as time goes on, this show will prove it self as one of the most exciting among the others. Not to mention, that it has what most viewers are looking for, that it, drama,
    music, good lookin people, beutiful location, and most of all, ACTION!!.
  • When watching southbeach i love the music score throughout and it was great to see the locations that were selected. The show started off a little slow and i found myself trying to settle into the episode. once i settled in- i enjoyed it very much.

    SouthBeach personifies a place that everyone loves to gravitate to because of the party, sex, drugs and the unspoken happens. The show had a great music score and it was good that they chose to include miami\'s own PITBUL which i think was a good move to create interest and a following to a degree. Vannesa Williams had a solid performance as well as actor Lee Thompson Young. The two main lead actors were good but after awhile lacked a spark im not sure if it was the scripted storyline or the fact that iv\'e never seen them before in anything significant. The actor who played Fuentes at times seemed off in addition to the accent-it didnt sound believable. I did enjoy immensely the whole Santeria thing going on and I have to credit the actor who playes fuentes(Giancarlo Esposito) for taking on that type of role regarding the Santerian religion-thats a huge task because if its not portrayed correctly or in good taste the show would definitly feel a backlash. Please correct me if im wrong the actor who played Casares (Michael Francis) was the same actor who played in BadBoys 2 and I thought his performance was awesome and not to mention us good girls love them bad boys- he\'s hot!!!!!
  • i have one word to say abot this show "great"

    south beach is a guilty pleasure. it has drama, action, plus it\\\'s in miami. i mean what more can you ask for. i think the critics under estimated the show. give it a chane it\\\'s actually good. it has the latin flavor that miami has. its about time miami has a show.
  • I would like to know who the man was with all the tattoos & got shot. He was not only hot, but a good actor. I felt the pain when he was shot. If I'm not mistaken he was also in Bad Boys II.

    This show is a keeper. I admit, at first I thought it was a little slow, but then it picked up. Overall I thought the show was awesome.

    I hope this show will stay on the air. It deserves a chance to shine through all the garbage.

    Please keep Michael Francis on the show. He is going to be a rising star.
  • I think the show is great, amazing, and i wouldn't change anything about it . The guys on it are hot. If i was to rate them from 1 to 10 10 being hot, they are all a 10. The girls are alittle blonde but i love the show

    just wondering if you could be tell me who sang the song on wednesday jan, 18 2006 when the girl is walking out of the building and see her poster being covered up with a different girl picture... that would be great .. i think it's james blunt but not to sure thanks
  • I worked as an extra on the new show South Beach. This is my story, what happened, and how much I enjoyed it.

    Vanessa is incredible. She really is quite the joy to look at. I expected a very "stuck-up" person but was relieved when I found out she was a normal down to earth woman. Her children were there and she happily introduced them to everyone who was around her. Yes, it was a very pleasant experience to meet her.
    I play a photographer. I am wearing a brite yellow striped shirt that will be impossible to miss this wednsday night on U.P.N. I work my way through the crowd at the hotel taking pictures of everone in site. The people are beutifull. I find the whole exercise to be exciting and thrilling.
    Ms.Yustman is gorgeous. She is just as pretty in person as she is on T.V. I find it hard to take my eyes off her even when I'm supposed to be watching the director. She glanced at me with such a beutifull smile that my heart almost stopped. If she ever does that again I'm going to start tap dancing or anything else I can do to hold her attension.
    Unfortuneatly the hurricanes cut the number of shows that were made. I would have liked to star again in any capacity on that show. It truely was a pleasure to work with such good looking and talented people even if I was only an extra. Right on South Beach! Keep on coming.
  • Entertainment Weekly handed out grades for shows premiering as midseason replacemnts.... the magazine gave this one a C, and stated \\\\\\\"its not all that good\\\\\\\". Let\\\\\\\'s hope it has a brighter future than \\\\\\\"Sex, Love & Secrets\\\\\\\".

    Its's nice to see Vanessa Williams, good luck.
    Keeping fingers cross, for the best.

    Entertainment Weekly handed out grades for shows premiering as midseason replacemnts.... the magazine gave this one a C, and stated "its not all that good". Let's hope it has a brighter future than "Sex, Love & Secrets".

  • The show is going to be off the hook!!!

    I think the show is going to be really good. I;m glad that my girls vanessa is going to be on their.I think that vanessa is going to do a good job on the show, I am glad that j-lo pick her for the show....South beach is going to rock