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South Central

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South Central was a serio-comic series about the struggles of a family residing in South Central Los Angeles. Joan Mosely, an independent-minded single mother, must find a way to make ends meet while still keeping a close eye on her teenage children, Andre and Tasha. In addition, she has taken in Deion, a five-year-old foster child with special needs: he was born addicted to crack and does not speak. Already reeling from the recent death of eldest son Marcus in a gang-related shooting, the Moselys are dealt another blow when Joan is laid off from her job at the school district. She is forced to take a minimum wage job at a local co-op. A critically acclaimed but extremely short-lived series, South Central is now perhaps best remembered as one of the earliest acting roles for Jennifer Lopez, who had a recurring role as Joan's co-worker at the co-op. FOX Broadcast History April 1994 - June 1994: Tuesdays 8:00 PM
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  • The truth

    I'm watching the series now from America knew this show sent to many strong messages out to the black family. At that time on the boob tube they were setting up many in that generation to crash. And to bring this type of show to the forefront would have woke up the target demographic for that show to see what they were doing behind the scenes when it came to the black image. Especially if the right messages were told.

    White washed images of blacks who were loyal to whites where not portrayed in that sitcom. Especially with a co- op like Ujama headed by Clifton Powell chanting messages that had a black solidarity overtones in them.

    Having that message alongside Mia' Cambells uppity parents showed easily swayed mindsets what not to pursue as a black person in America. Back then you had brothers like Dr. Amos Wilson and Dr. Khalid Muhammad dropping words of insight exposing white America and the like. And for that type of mixture to be in the same room together meant whites would have to take 10 steps backwards while attempting to undermine our survival among them. Something they had no interest in doing. Overall it was an insightful show that I was very upset to see it go off the air.moreless
  • I miss this show

    South Central was a groundbreaking show for 1994 where the era of political correctness on TV was dominating. This show displayed the single mother raising children in a rough neighborhood. One of the kids was an adopted crack baby. One of her children was killed in a driveby shooting previously.

    This show dealt with the complexity of the American Family and was not given a chance to excel. Harsh realities such as peer pressure, gangs, money problems and drug dealing were plot lines on the series. One episode involved a girl with low self-esteem whom almost was taken advantaged of by male looking for sex.

    The name, South Central, borrowed from the movie of the same title turned many potential viewers off as it did not relate to the movie. The timeslot was horrible as Roc was struggling and facing cancellation for dismal ratings. If this show was placed alongside New York Undercover or other successful shows, it could have made it for a few seaons.

    South Central, truly ahead of its time!moreless
  • They didn't give this show a chance because

    if they had, it would've stayed on the air longer than one season. There were some great actors employed in this series, including Larenz Tate and Maia Campbell-and the topics were very edgy and relevant to the current day (sex, drugs and racism). Although this show had a heavy dose of drama in it, there was more comedic moments on the show than that.

    Unfortunately, it seems- dramas with African American leads don't seem to make it that long in primetime. Oh, well-if we go back and look at this show and others, we'll see that this was a step in the right direction. A single Mother trying to raise her children despite the tough neighborhood they live in, that's not entirely original, but the way they did it was completely new and fresh.moreless
  • Fairly good, but lacking a certain something.

    I remember watching this show when it first aired, I was a kid and my mother would turn it on. I don't really remember anything from the first run, but I saw a couple of episode recently and I thought I would submit a review. From what I saw, I think this was a fairly decent program, but unfortunately, it lacked something. To me, it lacked balance and the drama felt a bit forced at times. Tina Lifford was great as the struggling mother and the actors playing her children were good as well, but another thing I think it lacked was a stronger supporting cast, with the exception of Paula Kelly's character, Sweets. The scenes at the food co-op were interesting, but fell flat at times. All that aside, it still was good and embodied a classic sitcom feel and portrayed the characters in a positive, yet realistic style. I think it deserved more of a chance and could have been successful had it been given one.moreless
  • WOO-hoo, first topic!
    Wow, I vaguely remember this show, but I remember it was pretty good. Jennifer Lopez was in this series, she was the sassy checkou...