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  • Season 1
    • Date
      Episode 10
      In the hopes of having the house to herself for a date, Joan sends Deion to Disneyland with Sweets. She also pushes Tasha to go to a teen social night with Andre. Andre ignores Tasha when he and Rashad hook up with two older women, but she quickly makes friends at the gathering. Andre is stunned when he returns to the party to see Tasha performing onstage with the musical guest.moreless
    • Dog
      Episode 9
      Deion becomes enchanted with a stray dog that begins hanging around the house. The usually emotionless boy smiles, laughs and imitates the dog. Joan fears that the dog has health problems and orders the kids to get rid of it. Andre and Tasha try to follow their mother's instructions, but Deion throws a fit. Andre gets into a fist fight with Rashad after he catches him making out with Tasha's friend Janelle in the Mosely house. The commotion upsets the dog, which bites Janelle. Meanwhile, Andre still can't get Nicole to give him the time of day. The co-op has a "black dollar day."moreless
    • Gun (2)
      Gun (2)
      Episode 8
      Andre pulls his gun on a boy who bumps into him at a party. A mortified Nicole decides that her parents were right about Andre. She breaks up with him. Andre insists on accompanying Nicole on the bus to ensure that she makes it home safely. She refuses to say a word to him for the entire ride.moreless
    • Gun (1)
      Gun (1)
      Episode 7
      Nicole and Andre continue to see each other behind her parents' backs. Tired of being pushed around and threatened, Andre begins carrying a gun in the hopes of gaining respect around the neighborhood. Although Andre tries to hide it in the upper reaches of his closet, Deion quickly finds out about the weapon.moreless
    • Dad
      Episode 6
      Tasha is overjoyed when her father, James, unexpectedly shows up for her 14th birthday party; but her mother and brother are less than thrilled. Despite Nicole's pleas, Andre refuses to behave civilly toward his father. Andre confronts a group of gang members who try to crash the party. He is furious when James comes off as the hero by defusing the situation peacefully. Andre tells him off and starts a shoving match. After James criticizes Joan's parenting skills (and suggests that she might be responsible for Marcus's death), she screams at him and throws him out of the party. Tasha follows her father and spends the rest of the day with him. Andre discovers some surprising information; although he had assumed that James abandoned the family, Joan actually ended the marriage. When Tasha returns, Joan tells her that she doesn't have to turn her back on her father, but could show her mother some appreciation.moreless
    • Men
      Episode 5
      Joan and Isaiah meet up again at the co-op, and have a much more pleasant encounter than their first meeting. Sweets invites him to a party, and Tasha later catches them kissing. Andre is enraged. He had encouraged Ray to ask her out, and believes his mother should give him a chance. Joan declares that she and Ray are only friends, and orders Andre to mind his own business. However, she tells Isaiah that she cannot get into a serious relationship because her life is already too complicated. Andre sneaks out of the house to see Nicole.moreless
    • Co-Op
      Episode 4
      While working as a cashier at the local co-op market, Joan appears in a television news segment about black-owned businesses. Bobby, her boss, publicly declares himself a hero for providing employment to a down-on-her-luck woman who had been forced to go on food stamps. Joan is completely humiliated, and lights into Bobby for sharing her business with the whole city. Bobby insists that he simply wanted to generate good publicity for the co-op, but later apologizes for his insensitivity. Isaiah comes to the store and tries to take back the items Ujamaa is stocked with but Bobby talks him out of it. Tasha is distressed that she cannot attend track meets or hang out with her friends because she must watch Deion every day. He refuses to obey her, and begins to scream and physically attack her at one point. When Tasha takes Deion to a therapy session, his psychiatrist senses her frustration and gives her a chance to get some things off her chest. Tasha is happy when Deion reaches out to her, if only momentarily.moreless
    • RTD
      Episode 3
      After Andre brings home a terrible report card, Joan orders him to attend a session with his mentor, Ray. Andre goes against his mother's wishes by taking the bus (RTD) to Ray's office. Andre and Rashad have a confrontation with a gang member, who tries to steal their radio. Rashad jumps out the window, but the guy pulls a gun on Andre. The gunman's friend recognizes Andre as Marcus's brother and defuses the situation. Andre becomes smitten with Ray's secretary, a smart and wealthy girl named Nicole. He decides to go to church with Ray that Sunday in the hopes of seeing her again. While riding the bus, Andre has a run-in with the same guy, who beats him and steals his basketball shoes. When Andre shows up for church with a black eye and no shoes, Nicole's parents conclude that he is a thug and forbid her from seeing him. Nicole and Andre spend hours talking on the phone.moreless
    • Money
      Episode 2
      Embarrassed by the prospect of going on welfare, Andre takes a loan from a gangster who was friends with his older brother Marcus. Joan is furious, as she fears that Andre is becoming involved with the same activities that led to his brother's death. She returns the money to the young man, and is outraged when he says that he thought of Marcus as family. She blames Marcus's gang lifestyle for his death, and declares that his fellow gang members cannot possibly understand the Moselys' pain. Joan is also disturbed by the fact that the man's mother is proud of him for hustling and dealing drugs. The woman doesn't care where her son gets the money, so long as he provides for her.moreless
    • Pilot
      Episode 1
      Joan objects when Andre purchases a beeper. Although he insists that he needs it to keep his social life in order, Joan believes the beeper will make him a target for drug dealers or gang members. She orders him to get rid of it. Joan finds herself out of work after a series of layoffs by the school district.moreless