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South of Nowhere

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The Carlin Family arrives in Los Angeles and finds themselves unprepared for L.A.'s fast paced, ethnically diverse- "anything goes" environment. Sixteen-year-old Spencer Carlin never felt like she fit in small town America and now she's beginning to question everything. Glen Carlin is a handsome, outgoing 17-year-old. He's an awesome basketball player, popular with the girls, the guy everyone wants to be around. Glen seems to have the world in his pocket. Spencer and Glen are joined by their adopted brother, Clay. Clay Carlin is 17, smart, sarcastic, and African-American. He is looking forward to forging his own identity, but finds that "being black" in L.A. is a test he may not pass. South of Nowhere, Its not where you've been, its where your going. South of Nowhere is a show that deals in honest, authentic and compelling ways with issues all families and adolescents confront including: identity, self-discovery, sexual identity, racial identity, family, faith, parental expectations and peer pressure, among others.moreless
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  • Not Only Great Writing but the Acting is Stunning.

    This show is so well written. South of Nowhere is by far one of the best I have ever seen because of not only great writing but the acting is stunning. The main characters Ashley (played by Mandy Musgrave) and Spencer (played by Gabrielle Christian) nail the parts. Through flawless dialogue, amazing chemistry, both physical and facial expressions you fall in love right along with both of them. The show deals not only with sexuality but race, fame, loss, divorce, drugs, so many issues and is so realistic you get totally engaged. It is so important to see a show that speaks realistically to the audience. Watching this show catch fire warms my heart. They are bringing so much needed understanding to not only their age group but to many others. I first became aware of this show because of the L Word boards where the girls were raving about it. From the first show I saw I was hooked. From what I have read of the second season it looks to be as cutting edge as the first. Another amazing thing to see is how well loved these actresses are outside of these roles by their fans. How kind they are to them, that surely makes watching the career of these talented ladies even more special. I would keep an eye out for these two and the rest of the cast you will be seeing a lot more of them in the future. Certainly this is entertainment with a message.moreless
  • One of the greatest shows. Hands down.

    South Of Nowhere is an original, Fantastic, Addictive show that gets you hooked immediately.

    The main character in the show is Spencer Carlin, A - now 18 year old - shy, Sweet girl who is gay.

    The show is about a varying of things, But it's main focus is defiantly homosexuality. Mainly Spashley, Spashley being a popular word used by fans to talk about the couple Spencer and Ashley (-SPencer-ASHLEY). A couple that can't get enough of each other.

    Their relationship will at times make you laugh, Make you go 'Awww..', And sometimes make you cry.

    If you enjoy a great show with a ton of drama and laughter, South Of Nowhere is a must to check out.moreless
  • South! South! South!

    Yay for South of Nowhere!

    Two more days left until South is back. Although I'm sad to see it end I'm still glad that we get to see what happens to the characters. I've been watching the Degrassi Marathon for the past five days and every time there's a commercial they air the SoN promos and I gotta say it looks like it'll be interesting. As if SoN ceases to amaze me. I just can't wait though, I mean everybody has been dying ever since those French episodes came out and it killed to watch them and not know what was being said. YaY Spashley! I know there were previews of both girls from Spashley kissing other girls but we all know in the end they'll be together. Really though I can't believe they're still using Aiden's "I was suppose to die" theme, it's getting old and nobody really cares (he's still hot). Can't wait!moreless
  • Now almost ended, South of Nowhere, a very well known and culturaly diverse television show dealing with the main topic of teenage homosexuality is setting to premiere it's final 8 episodes. I'm gonna miss it.moreless

    This show is really a stepping stone in the new age of television. Yeah there is gossip girl, 90210, and SOT sister show Degrassi, ut none can top south of nowhere. None of the other shows can show the nitty gritty of what a relationship goes through. No other show details what coming out gay really feels like. South of Nowhere has opened doors to show teenagers that it's ok to be gay and you will get through it. True love is just true love. It premiered almost three years ago and now it's over. I remember when my cousin was telling me about a new show that was coming on about a girl who didn't know if she was gay or straight and that most likely, she was gay Little did we know, the show had already been on for a year. But we got hooked and now, three years later, it is about to end, which makes me sad, but is now selling the dvds, so I never forget this show!:)moreless
  • I love this show!!!

    The N really needs to show this more!!! This show has become highly addictive and it's really sad that I have to watch it online because it's never on! South would be so much better if it was on a different network I truly enjoy watching this show because it explores something that not many other shows even touch on and it's done very realistically. I love the relationship between Ashley and Spencer they are so adorable together and perfect, and their relationship is real.

    Paula is such a great character too because of her homophobic nature, and how she handles Spencer's relationship with Ashley. The way she handles Spencer's sexuality is real and that reaction is why many are so afraid to come out about their sexuality.

    I love this show because it's so real, but I think recently it's taken a turn for the worst, but considering that it's a show on the N I blame the network not the show itself!moreless

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