South of Nowhere

Season 2 Episode 3

Behind the Music

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 06, 2006 on TeenNick

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  • I loved this epesode. The new season is great.

    I really liked it. I though things started to settle down and things from the premere were worked out. I love watching Spencer and Ashley. I thought the video scare was great but I would have been mad if the video had aired on t.v. I really want to see Spencer tell her parents, not then finding out else were. I like how Chelsea is part of the family and I love the scene when Spencer tells Chelsea. Clay is such a good brother. I am glad there is so little Glen because he gets on my nerves, even when he was trying to be protetive. I think it was sweet that Aiden and Spencer threw Ashley a party, even if it was a month early. I like how at the end we got to see Ashley and her sister bond a slight bit. I love it when Ashley says our dad, it says everything. I dont mind Aidan and Ash's sister dating but I just want them to wait a few epesodes before things are more steady. Overall I really liked this epesode, even if there was less drama. So far I love the new season and I think it is really consistant in it's greatness.
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