South of Nowhere

Season 3 Episode 3

Can't Buy Me Love

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Aug 10, 2007 on TeenNick



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    • Glen: We are recording it until Spencer feels emotionally ready to watch it.
      Chelsea: Yeah, I was kind of on the fence myself until today.
      Glen: I get it. But I don't know, he was my brother too and it seems unfair to him. Like she's just blocking it all out. What turned it around for you?
      Chelsea: Oh, maybe when I felt the baby kick. Or when I went to the memorial this morning. I don't know, I just thought to myself "What am I afraid of? Getting emotional?" Besides maybe it will give me some closure.

    • Ashley: It's perfect.
      Kyla: Really, but you haven't seen all of it yet.
      Ashley: I can tell.
      Kyla: How can you tell?
      Ashley: (yelling) Mom!... Christine can you hear me?... (normal voice) It's perfect.

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