South of Nowhere

Season 3 Episode 9

Career Day

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 10, 2008 on TeenNick

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  • Season 3, Episode 9.

    Wow, I loved this episode. Ashley and Spencer are back together! However, Spencer shows up nearly five hours late for school on Career Day. Her mother, Paula, is there to speak about being a doctor. She writes Spencer an excused absence letter on a few conditions. Spencer then says, "I love you, Mom." I loved hearing that so much. Aidan reveals he is interested in UCLA and Psychology to Sasha, and she reveals she is too. Mandy Musgrave is a pretty good singer. Kyla sings terribly, haha. Ashley said, "Maybe we can just give her a tambourine, or something..." LMFAO! I love Ashley. Great episode.
  • It's career day. Spencer and Ashley begin to move on with their relationship, but Lily Zee is cutting into it. Kyla continues to see Jackass, I mean Kyle.

    South Of Nowhere is back! After a year and a few weeks of waiting, the show is finally back on the airwaves! I was so excited for the show's new episode, I was like, jumping out of my seat waiting for that theme song to play! Spashley is back together, but from what I heard not for long. Sad. Kyla and Jackass, are so annoying together! He's making all of her decisions and she's allowing him to. It reminds me of Britney Spears and that one guy. Anyway, he's about to ruin everything for those two. Ashley sees it, but Kyla can't!
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