South of Nowhere

TeenNick (ended 2008)




Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • 11/4/05
      After Paula Carlin accepts a new job, the entire family relocates from Ohio to California where they adjust to fast paced living in the city.
    • Secret Truths (2)
      Spencer's unexpected friendship with Ashley continues to blossom as tension arises between Glen and Aiden. Meanwhile, past secrets are revealed destined to change everyone's life.
    • Ashley is shocked to learn that her rock star father is back in town and receives support from Spencer and Ashley. However, problems arise when Spencer and Aiden get closer. Sean and Clay continue bonding, and Glen and Madison's relationship intensifies.
    • 11/18/05
      Ashley is not too impressed with Spencer's new gal pal. Meanwhile, Clay finds common ground with someone he least expected and Madison puts Glen and Aiden in a possibly dangerous situation.
    • First Time
      Episode 5
      Ashley makes a video involving revelations of people's first time having sex. As Clay's first date with Chelsea nears, he is forced to face a lot of unwanted attention and even advice as everyone finds out he is still a virgin. Meanwhile, Ashley decides to get back at Madison and Sherry for spreading rumors about her.moreless
    • 12/9/05
      Spencer and Ashley sneak out of the school while its under lockdown. While sneaking out, Spencer reveals her feelings towards girls, and Ashley tries to help but it hurts Spencer in the process.
    • 12/16/05
      Spencer and Ashley have a friendly competition for Aiden’s affection, which gets a little out of hand. Clay and Sean have a night from hell as they are on their way back from the movies. When two dead bodies come into the ER, Paula and Arthur are forced to deal with the harsh realities of living in Los Angeles.moreless
    • Under My Skin
      Episode 8
      Ashley makes a new friend named Josie, only to learn that Spencer doesn't approve. Clay's term paper makes him struggle with his identity, and Glen and Aiden arrange a wild poker.
    • 1/20/06
      Ashley and Madison have another clash in the girl’s locker room. In a little tussle, Madison discovers Ashley’s cell phone that has fallen out of her bag and the mischief begins. A basketball scout from a major University is interested in recruiting Glen and tries to persuade his decision with some expensive gifts. At home, Arthur finds a suspicious email. The Carlin family experiences their first California earthquake, which shakes the foundation of their friendships and marriage.moreless
    • 1/27/06
      Spencer accepts a date with Aiden, which ends up confusing her even more. Clay faces trouble while searcing for his birth mother, while Paula and Arthur try couple's counseling as a way to deal with their issues.
    • Play Me or Trade Me
    • 2/3/06
      After nursing Ashley through a rough night, Ashley and Spencer are closer than ever. Meanwhile, Clay borrows Sean’s car and heads to Arizona for a personal mission and Glen is on a rollercoaster of his own, with some great news from a college recruiter… followed by an event that may change his life forever.moreless
  • Season 2
  • Season 3
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