South of Nowhere

Season 1 Episode 5

First Time

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Dec 02, 2005 on TeenNick
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Ashley makes a video involving revelations of people's first time having sex. As Clay's first date with Chelsea nears, he is forced to face a lot of unwanted attention and even advice as everyone finds out he is still a virgin. Meanwhile, Ashley decides to get back at Madison and Sherry for spreading rumors about her.moreless

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  • Ashley is running all over the school trying to tape on video people's stories about their first times having sex... personally, I would tell this girl everything, and in details ;)))moreless

    kinda hard to call this episode "informative" 'coz I could live without knowing about characters' first times having sex... though I decided this classification is more suitable.

    a lot of Ash, many funny moments, few interesting stories -- that's what make the episode of "SoN" good enough for me. OMG, actually, it's the first time I'm writing the review to the "SoN" episode and have nothing to say almost in the beginning. guess, this epi didn't get me...

    FAVE SCENE: Ashley finds out about the naked picture of her, "Yeah, that's right, it's me! Woo! Are we all happy?"

    FAVE QUOTE: Chelsea: I'm working on trying to become the woman of my dreams.moreless
  • ashley goes around school filming about peoples 1st time and some r sad some r funny others well just are

    there\'s not 1 reason u shouldn\'t like this episode

    !! i mean besides the fact that glen was an a$$ isn\'t he always?????? u get to hear evrybody\'s 1st time and aiden cracked me up when he said she was like 25,26 i dounno but she was smokin hott like a california 10 i luuuuuuuuuv aiden
  • For Ashely's documentary, people reveal infront of a camera their first time having sex. Everyone seems to have had a sex except for Clay, who by the end of the episode does loose his virginity. You get to learn more about the characters by how they lostmoreless

    I loved this episode. You get to learn so much about the characters. The episode proved how much of a moron Glen is, how innocent Clay really is. Spencer's first time wasnt all that and how she regrets it. Ahsley's first time with a girl, and how she would like to do the same for someone. We all know she was refering to Spencer.
  • This episode was great. I personally liked it.

    This episode told us a lot about the charaters and made seem more real. Although i still wonder Ashley was making the movie but that's why we love her. We find out about everyone's first time. Aiden's was with a twenty-five year old. Glen was annoying when he said he couldn't remember. We found out that when Ashley asked Spencer's parents, in front of the kids, they both said their wedding night. But it was actually in a car and that's how they got pregnant Glen. I guess that's why they look so young but it is LA. When Spencer talked about her's it seemed so realistic.moreless
  • This was great. We got to know the charactors much better.

    This was deffinatly my favorite epesode so far. I love learning more about each charactor. That was knida weird for Ash to make a movie of but I loved it. What Spencer said was really realistic and she sounded like it was really true. Spencers was probaby my favorite. Its good they had at least one main charactor be a virgin, Clay. I liked watching Clay on his date. I love his honesty. Glen was so annoying when he could not remember his first time. It must have been weird for Aiden talking about when he lost his virginity infrount of his ex-girlfriend. I can not belive it was with some old lady or at least sort of old, 25 or 26. The look on Madisons face when Ashley asked her about her first time having sex was pricless. Madison was such a jerk but the pay-back was great. I love photoshop. It was weird when Ashley asked Mr. and Mrs. Carland. There kids were right there too. Mrs. Carland got pregnant before they were married. Wow. I would love to watch there kids find out, especially Glen. Maybe this is why they look so young but it is t.v. I loved watching Spencers face when Ashley was filming. Ashley sounded really meaningful.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (4)

    • In this episode, we learn that everyone has lost their virginity except for Clay. We learn that Ashley has slept with a girl before, and that Spencer didn't really enjoy her first time. We also learn that Aiden's first time was with a 25-year-old woman. And that Glen can't necessarily remember who his first time was with. Mr. and Mrs. Carlin's first time was in car together, which was how Glen was conceived.

    • During Ashley's filming of her first time with a girl, you can see an Instant Star picture of Tim Rozon, Alexz Johnson, and Kris Turner from season 1. Instant Star and South Of Nowhere are filmed by the same company, Epitome.

    • In the beginning of the episode Ashley tells Spencer that she had already made her entry for the video; but later on in the episode we see Ashley making the entry. But this time about first time with girl

    • It is day time when Spencer and Ashley are looking at Ashley's naked picture and plot to get back at Madison, yet when it pans back to Clay and his date, it is night time.

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Glen: Sandy Zine, beautiful, blonde. Oh, no, she wasn't my first. I knew Tyler Emerson before I knew her... Wow, that was a good night. We were by the lake. Oh, no, no, no. Wait, wait, wait...
      Ashley: Dude, do not even tell me that you do not remember your first time.
      Glen: I've been active, okay? Give me a minute.
      Ashley: I'm so glad that I don't have to deal with guys like you anymore.

    • Ashley: Okay, Clay, let's hear it. First time? Go.
      Spencer: Oh God, come one, I can't hear my brother do this.
      Clay: There's nothing to hear.
      Glen: Hey man it's cool. You know, most times aren't that spectacular anyways. I mean, except mine. I was great...
      Ashley: Guess what. Not about you right now. Okay, come on, Clay, give it up.
      Clay: It hasn't happened yet. I'm a virgin.
      Ashley: Cut.

    • Spencer: (talking about the picture of naked Ashley) I was trying to find a good time to tell you about that.
      Ashley: Okay. How about the minute you found out?

    • Glen: And the shirt, it says, you know, "I'm happy not getting any".
      Clay: Oh, is that what it says?
      Glen: What you need is like, "You know I'm cool and relax, and if you're not with me, somebody else will be".
      Clay: A shirt can say all that?

    • Spencer: Hey, look at it this way. Someone's gonna show your naked body to an entire school, at least they'd picked a hot photo.
      Ashley: Why, Spencer Carlin, I think that was a compliment.
      Spencer: Why, you're very welcome. So why all the glitter make up?
      Ashley: Why not? Adds a certain flash, don't you think?
      Spencer: Definitely a touch of class.
      Ashley: You do know that's not me, right? I mean, it's my face, but not my butt.
      Spencer: Ok, that's your story and I'm happy to stick to it.

    • Ashley: My first time with a girl was amazing. My date, a guy, left and took off with some other girl. And just left me completely stranded. And this girl who had worked the door and offered me a ride... Maggie. We ended up at her place over in Beachwood Canyon. I thought it was just gonna be an experiment. And it was that moment between knowing what she wanted and feeling safe enough to go there. She made it gentle, sweet, hot, fun and... just sensual. I hope I can do that for someone else someday.

    • Spencer: (on the tape about her first time) He was cute, and I thought I was in love. I mean, aren't you supposed to be if you go all the way? Anyway, his family had horses, and they lived in this really cool farm. So we went to the barn, and we were excited because we were both virgins. And we knew it's gonna be some incredible experience. I mean, it had to be, otherwise why would everyone be so obsessed with it, right? Well, it wasn't incredible. Not even fun. It was over almost before it began. And I cried. I don't know if I was happy, or sad, or... just relieved. But I cried. I wish I could have a new first time. With someone I really do love. Who gets me. Maybe I will.

    • Spencer: I told you, people don't want things like that on tape. I mean, it might get in the wrong hands.
      Ashley: Okay, only if you're totally lame. I'm not Paris. And you, guys, do know that by denying me of my artistic expression, you could send me down a path of self destruction.
      Aiden: You survived it before, you'll do it again.
      Ashley: Okay, see, this is why having history with people can have its drawbacks.

    • Ashley: Ohhh! Family role playing. I did that with my parents in therapy. It didn't help.

    • Glen: Check your pockets. I slipped you some raincoats - 'cause I'm predicting *thunderstorms* for you, man!

    • Clay: That's it? The woman of my dreams can be described in what… three sentences?
      Chelsea: Okay, hold on. I'm working on trying to become the woman of my dreams.

    • Madison: Ashley? Nude nude?
      Glen: Yea. You could see everything!
      Madison: How long were you staring at it?
      Glen: Uh, very, briefly.
      Madison: That girl's a freak.

    • Ashley: Now, tell us about your first time having sex?
      (Madison is disgusted)
      Ashley: It was that long ago that you can't remember?
      (Sherry starts laughing. Madison gets annoyed)
      Spencer: Maybe you wanna try a more subtle approach?
      Aiden: Like asking them privately.

    • Spencer: No, no way. On tape. Not gonna happen.

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