South of Nowhere

Season 1 Episode 6

Girl's Guide to Dating

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Dec 09, 2005 on TeenNick
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Spencer and Ashley sneak out of the school while its under lockdown. While sneaking out, Spencer reveals her feelings towards girls, and Ashley tries to help but it hurts Spencer in the process.

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  • Spencer tries to figure out her sexual orientation and concludes not to be gay 'coz it'll make the life much more difficult. oh, c'mon, Spence, do you really think you'd care about other stuff while dating Ashley???moreless

    pretty interesting episode...

    first of all, we can see there are some problems between old Carlins and, hey, is that cute doctor the reason of their moving to LaLaLand? though, not sure this storyline will get us somewhere...

    second of all, lockdown. here we learn that Madison and Sean were kinda friends like in 3rd grade. though, pretty sure they'll never mention it again in the later episodes...

    and finally, the most important part (and I'm not only sure, but I know it will last till the end of the series): Spencer becomes gay well, they tell, people don't become, they're born gay so finally, Spence figures out she's kinda into girls. not surprised she does it when meets Ashley, such a hottie :)))

    and one more big plus: first time they shoot scenes on the beach. I mean, c'mon, L.A. and the beach -- they are like equals :) (trying to remember if there would be more beach in the later episodes and, you know, come to the "no" conclusion).

    FAVE SCENE: Ashley gives Spencer "Girl's Guide to Dating Girls".

    FAVE QUOTE: Ashley: Sometimes you have to lie to live. Sometimes you don't.moreless
  • King High has a lockdown and Spencer is coming out to Ashley

    This episode is one of the reasons I watch South of Nowhere, it was great from beginning to end.

    I loved Spencer and Ashley chatting at the beginning and then Ash just showing up outside to take Spencer to 'school.' I can't believe that Paula and Clay wouldn't notice her bikini top though, it was pretty obvious that she wasn't going to school.

    The lockdown was incredible and very believable and that's not something that you usually see with shows that take place in this setting. I loved the discussion with all of them and Madison and Sean talking about third grade. It was nice just seeing the banter back and fourth and how for that time they all managed to get along.

    Ashley and Spencer and their beach time was great. It was nice to see that Spencer told Ashley that she thought she was gay It was absolutely perfect and it's good to have a friend that can understand you on some level like that. And I loved Ashley's Are You Hot for Girls quiz!!

    This episode was completely amazing.moreless
  • Ashley convinces Spencer to skip and go to the beach, while the school is under lockdown.

    OMG! This was the first episode ever I saw! It got me hooked on the series. It is a total South of Nowhere classic, I realize now of course since then it was the only episode I had ever seen! But Spencer talks to Ash about liking girls, it was so like well ummm... believable! I loved this episode so much and highly recommend it to viewers of South of Nowhere. It is funny and exciting. It is also so many other things. It is believable and heart felt. It is exciting and fun as well. It is everything a good drama should have and then some. I give this episode 1 billion thumbs up. It is a viewer personal favorite!moreless
  • This was great.

    it is always fun to see what happens when a bunch of people who are completely different and do not all get along are stuck in a room together. i wish we learned more about whey the lockdown happened but sometimes things are better this way. it leaves you woundering. i really liked watching them bond. clay and glen seem like good brothers. i really liked the pledge of allegence thing. i say it and all but i think separation of church and state is important. its good to see some politics. the real reason i loved it was the bonding thing.

    i like watching ashley and spencer bond. its great to see the gay storyline to a knew level. i also thought it was interesting hearing ashley compare dating guys and girls. it really leaves u thinking. i love ashleys out fit, the brown top with the blue and brown skirt. i totally wan't it. that was off topic. i wish we saw spencer get busted. this should be a two part epesode.

    i was not to wildabout finding out why the Carlins really moved. i would much rather watch and learn more about the whole history of paula and aurther as a couple. overall this was a really good epesode. not my favorite but close. this show is great. it leaves mt thinking AND wanting more.moreless

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    • Will: We have a place down the road with a hot tub.
      Ashley: Ooh, I'm in.
      Spencer: We should go.
      Will and Max: Great!
      Spencer: No, Ashley and I should go home.
      Ashley: Wait, I just wanted you to have fun today.
      Spencer: Well, I'm not! All day long I've been trying to tell you the most important thing, and all you want to do is hang out with boys!
      Max: (to Ashley) I though you were kind of into me.
      Spencer: Honestly, she's not!
      Ashley: Yeah. I like girls.
      Max: That is so hot!

    • Ashley: Sometimes I have this fantasy that I get on the first plane out of LAX going anywhere. As long as it's away from here.
      Spencer: I ditched for the first time today, I'm not sure if I'm ready to flee the country yet.

    • (About what's expected to happen)
      Clay: It's usually the angry loser kid who shoots the mean popular kids
      Sean: So Glen and Madison will get killed first.
      Madison: Why am I on everybody's first to get shot list?

    • (During Lockdown)
      Aiden: I bet Sean, Clay, and Madison will go down first.
      Madison: Why do I get lumped in with them?
      Sean: Snowball's right color folks are always fair game, cops'll probably shoot us in the back by mistake
      Glen: Man it's the cops that make it safe for your skinny ass to come here everyday.
      Clay: Stop it! Nobody's getting shot! Statistically most school rampages happen in small towns.
      Aiden: Like Ohio?
      Glen: Ohio's a state, not a town jockstrap!

    • Spencer: How do you know if you're gay?
      Ashley: How do you know if you're not?
      Spencer: I thought that was the easy part.
      Ashley: Nothing's easy.
      Spencer: Well, it's like this. Say, I see Aiden. He's cute, I'm attracted to him. But then I notice the girl he's with and I'm more interested in her. That's what scares me.
      Ashley: Okay, and botox scares me. Look at my mom. Yet people still do it. That doesn't make it wrong, it's just different.
      Spencer: I don't want to be different. I just, I want to be normal, like everybody else who knows who they are, and what they want, and who they love.
      Ashley: Stop worrying about it. Look, whatever people consider to be "normal", it never is.

    • Ashley: What you're feeling, the whole gay thing, it's so important, and so scary, and that's why I wanted today to be special for you, kinda like the last day of the old Spencer you know?

    • Ashley: Look, if you want to know if you're gay or not, you just have to take the "Are you hot for girls?" quiz.
      Spencer: Yeah, right.
      Ashley: No, it's a hundred percent.
      Spencer: Okay. Ready.
      Ashley: First question. Who's hotter, Avril or Lindsay?
      Spencer: Avril, of course. I mean, she's way cooler and much better than Lindsay when it comes to vocals.
      Ashley: Great answer! Second question. Movies. Which one did you like better, Blue Crush or Thirteen?
      Spencer: Thirteen was more real.
      Ashley: Passing on girls in bikinis. That could affect your score. That's okay, there's a bonus round. For two tickets toThe Ellen Degeneres Show and a box set of the first two seasons of The L Word...
      Spencer: Okay, not funny.
      Ashley: Tom kisses Katie, who do you make out with?
      Spencer: Make out with? Wait a minute.
      Ashley: Answer the question.
      Spencer: Well, I liked Dawson's Creek, so Katie. I mean, hello, she was naked in The Gift.
      Ashley: Okay, last question. In the girl's shower after gym class, do you sneak a peak or turn away?
      Spencer: I guess I look.
      Ashley: Hey, there are a lot of reasons to look. Comparison of self to others, inhibitions about one's own body, natural curiosity.
      Spencer: Wow, you've had a lot of therapy.
      Ashley: Mother's tried keeping me from being anything but… Well, take your pick, "an emotionally scarred child of divorce", "a good-for-nothing musician", "a teen experimenting with her sexuality", a.k.a. a lesbian.

    • Spencer: You so don't care about how I feel.
      Ashley: This whole day has been about how you feel!
      Spencer: Oh please, come on, all you care about is having a good time. My mom was right about you!
      Ashley: Oh good now you and mommy can finally have something to agree on.

    • Ashley: (After boy tries to kiss her) Boys are so predictable.

    • (During lockdown)
      Madison: All I wanna know is which one of you pissed somebody off?
      Sean : Why
      Madison: Because I don't wanna be standing next to you when the shooting starts.

    • Clay: Where's the teacher for this class?
      Aiden: Probably hiding in the supply closet, scared of getting shot.
      Glen: I mean It's no wonder the school's full of thugs just waiting to go gangsta
      Sean: You know for the record the last time we had a lockdown it was on account of your crew.
      Glen: What?
      Sean: Yeah, dumb jocks. Some fool basketball player called in a bomb scare, so he wouldn't have to take a test. He was too stupid to pass.

    • Spencer: So, I need to tell you, I think, I think I like girls.
      Ashley: Like, Like?
      Spencer: I think so but, how do I know if I'm…
      Ashley: Gay?
      Spencer: Yeah.
      Ashley: I need to process this.

    • Spencer: We're gonna get so busted.
      Ashley: We better not; I'll get suspended if I get caught again.
      Spencer: Then let's go back.
      Ashley: Uh no let's not get caught. (Ashley hands Spencer note)
      Spencer: (reading note) Please excuse Ashley Davies from class today for an appointment with…
      Ashley: I see so many I didn't know which one to put, her shrink, her gynecologist, her hypnotist
      Spencer: You signed your mother's name?!
      Ashley: There's almost a zero percent chance that she'd call the school looking for me, I'd just say I'd be with my dad
      Spencer: I always feel a little funny lying to my parents
      Ashley: Sometimes you have to lie to live, and sometimes you don't.

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