South of Nowhere

Season 2 Episode 4

Guess Who's Coming "Out" To Dinner

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 13, 2006 on TeenNick

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  • no one is coming out to dinner.

    spencers mom sets her up on a date. and ashley gets really mad. when paula asks if she is dating someone, spencer says no. you can see the hurt on ashleys face, cuz she wants her to admit they are going out. but the date doesnt go so well, since the kid already has a girlfriend. ooh. and a funny line, the kid rings the door bell. ashley answers. he goes, are you spencer?? and she says, nope, but you better come in. because she is not coming out. hehe. i really like this episode. and hate paula. she is soo pushy on her daughter. and at the end, glen sees ashley and spencer kissing. that cant be good...
  • In this episode, Spencer\'s mom sets her up on a blind date and Ashley gets made that Spenc is not coming out. Things heat up between Clay and Chelsea and Aiden and Kyla. At the end Glen sees Ash and Spenc kissing, Uh-oh.

    This episode actually shows difficulty in Spencer\'s life. I loved the reality and the little bit or slight humor in this episode. Like most of the episodes though, it is very straight foward about issues that effect people. The ending kind of keeps you wanting to find out what happens next. The whole episode makes you want to sue commercial breaks. This is an amazing episode. And it still faces real life issues. This episode has lots of romance in it. Clay/Chelsea relationship gets a little edgy in this episode as well as the newly formed Aiden/Kyla. And like always, the Spencer/Ashley relationship is on MAJOR edge and it keeps you wanting more. I HIGHLY reccomend you watch this episode.