South of Nowhere

Season 2 Episode 9

Objects May be Closer Than They Appear

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Dec 01, 2006 on TeenNick

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  • As Spencer and Ashley take a road trip, Paula tries to deal with Spencer's love life and Chelsea's surprising secret.

    When I first started watching South of Nowhere, "Objects May Be Closer Than They Appear" was the second or third episode that I watched. What I liked about the episode was how Spencer and Ashley went on their road trip to get away from everybody, mainly Paula, who was trying to keep them apart. One of the things I found comical about their time together was how hyper Spencer was after she ate so many donuts.

    It was also nice to see Arthur trying to talk some sense into Paula that the reason why Spencer and Ashley ran away was the way she was treating her daughter after finding the girls together that night in Spencer's room. I also thought it was nice the way he vowed to protect Ashley and Spencer once he found them in that diner.

    Other than Arthur looking for Spencer and Ashley, it was nice to see how Paula kept Chelsea's pregnancy a secret from her parents so she can tell them in her own time and the way Clay went to the hospital to comfort her; it was nice to see their interaction together. In a way, it seemed that Paula decided to begin accepting Spencer's love life while watching Chelsea being comforted by Clay.

    In all, I thought that this was a really great episode.
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