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  • After watching some episodes, I came to the conclusion that I love SoN

    In the mid-2010s (2016 in particular), I am starting to watch some very old shows on tv and YouTube. And when I had nothing to watch on YouTube, I found South of Nowhere and began to have enthusiasm for it. Unsurprisingly, this is not the very first teen show I saw. There were other teen dramas besides it. Anyways, I fell in-love with this show since I first saw it on YouTube. My favorite characters on the show are: The Carlin siblings, Aiden, Kyla and Sean. I can't wait to see more of SoN on YouTube, and I'd like to thank Thomas W. Lynch for creating this show. Even though it ended 8 years ago.
  • Not Only Great Writing but the Acting is Stunning.

    This show is so well written. South of Nowhere is by far one of the best I have ever seen because of not only great writing but the acting is stunning. The main characters Ashley (played by Mandy Musgrave) and Spencer (played by Gabrielle Christian) nail the parts. Through flawless dialogue, amazing chemistry, both physical and facial expressions you fall in love right along with both of them. The show deals not only with sexuality but race, fame, loss, divorce, drugs, so many issues and is so realistic you get totally engaged. It is so important to see a show that speaks realistically to the audience. Watching this show catch fire warms my heart. They are bringing so much needed understanding to not only their age group but to many others. I first became aware of this show because of the L Word boards where the girls were raving about it. From the first show I saw I was hooked. From what I have read of the second season it looks to be as cutting edge as the first. Another amazing thing to see is how well loved these actresses are outside of these roles by their fans. How kind they are to them, that surely makes watching the career of these talented ladies even more special. I would keep an eye out for these two and the rest of the cast you will be seeing a lot more of them in the future. Certainly this is entertainment with a message.
  • One of the greatest shows. Hands down.

    South Of Nowhere is an original, Fantastic, Addictive show that gets you hooked immediately.

    The main character in the show is Spencer Carlin, A - now 18 year old - shy, Sweet girl who is gay.

    The show is about a varying of things, But it's main focus is defiantly homosexuality. Mainly Spashley, Spashley being a popular word used by fans to talk about the couple Spencer and Ashley (-SPencer-ASHLEY). A couple that can't get enough of each other.

    Their relationship will at times make you laugh, Make you go 'Awww..', And sometimes make you cry.

    If you enjoy a great show with a ton of drama and laughter, South Of Nowhere is a must to check out.
  • South! South! South!

    Yay for South of Nowhere!
    Two more days left until South is back. Although I'm sad to see it end I'm still glad that we get to see what happens to the characters. I've been watching the Degrassi Marathon for the past five days and every time there's a commercial they air the SoN promos and I gotta say it looks like it'll be interesting. As if SoN ceases to amaze me. I just can't wait though, I mean everybody has been dying ever since those French episodes came out and it killed to watch them and not know what was being said. YaY Spashley! I know there were previews of both girls from Spashley kissing other girls but we all know in the end they'll be together. Really though I can't believe they're still using Aiden's "I was suppose to die" theme, it's getting old and nobody really cares (he's still hot). Can't wait!
  • Now almost ended, South of Nowhere, a very well known and culturaly diverse television show dealing with the main topic of teenage homosexuality is setting to premiere it's final 8 episodes. I'm gonna miss it.

    This show is really a stepping stone in the new age of television. Yeah there is gossip girl, 90210, and SOT sister show Degrassi, ut none can top south of nowhere. None of the other shows can show the nitty gritty of what a relationship goes through. No other show details what coming out gay really feels like. South of Nowhere has opened doors to show teenagers that it's ok to be gay and you will get through it. True love is just true love. It premiered almost three years ago and now it's over. I remember when my cousin was telling me about a new show that was coming on about a girl who didn't know if she was gay or straight and that most likely, she was gay Little did we know, the show had already been on for a year. But we got hooked and now, three years later, it is about to end, which makes me sad, but is now selling the dvds, so I never forget this show!:)
  • I love this show!!!

    The N really needs to show this more!!! This show has become highly addictive and it's really sad that I have to watch it online because it's never on! South would be so much better if it was on a different network I truly enjoy watching this show because it explores something that not many other shows even touch on and it's done very realistically. I love the relationship between Ashley and Spencer they are so adorable together and perfect, and their relationship is real.

    Paula is such a great character too because of her homophobic nature, and how she handles Spencer's relationship with Ashley. The way she handles Spencer's sexuality is real and that reaction is why many are so afraid to come out about their sexuality.

    I love this show because it's so real, but I think recently it's taken a turn for the worst, but considering that it's a show on the N I blame the network not the show itself!
  • A family's move to Los Angeles from Ohio compels each of them confront various issues. SON poignantly captures the harsh realities of sexuality and race, but does so in a way that is sensitive and offers a wonderful sense of hope to its viewers.

    South of Nowhere is unique. I've never seen anything else on tv before that paints such an honeset and genuine portrait of sexuality and the adolescent experience. The issues south of nowhere deals with are so important and universal, yet rarely touched upon in other shows. And these matters do not solely deal with sexuality. The feeling of not really knowing exactly who you are during high school, the desire to forge an identity of which people will be accepting of, the sense of loneliness even experienced sometimes by those who are popular, and the heartache of abandonment. Also, South of Nowhere's tendency to reverse both racial and sexual steroetypes if refreshig and should be rewarded. South of Nowhere's character development and character complexity is also excellent. Spencer, who is initially rather insescure about her sexuality truly grows to accept it, as well as be proud and open. Ashley, despite her mistakes and shortcomings, and sometimes ill-tempered nature is still caring and sensitive at heart and comes to realize that Spencer is who she truly wants. Over time, Madison becomes more accepting as well and we come to realize that's there may be more to her than meets the eye. As a bisexual male, who is now more comfortable with his sexuality (in part due to south of nowhere) I will say that I felt rather trapped in high school in the sense that I felt I really couldn't reveal my sexuality to anyone. But then, all of a sudden, south of nowhere came along and just seemed so unconditionally supportive. I realized that there are other people who truly realize (ie- the writers, etc) how nervewracking it can be to acknowledge that one is gay or bi and how scary it can be to come out to one's family and friends. Not only has this show helped me feel better about myself, but it has also altered the opinions of various parents and people who initially harbered homophobic sentiments.

    As much as I love south of nowhere, I sometimes wonder if I should actually like the show as much as I do conidering that I'm male. I then think, however, that so many of the issues that Spencer and Ashley deal with apply to anyone who is gay or bisexual- male or female. While not all gay or bisexual males may hold this view, I personally have derived immense satisfaction from this show. I am so grateful that the creators of south of nowhwere were corageous enough to tackle such an edgy topic and of the-n to air this. Overall, they have created a show in which it is evident that being gay or bisexual is not a choice and it does happen to good people. I do wish more people, especially those who are gay bi, or questioning knew about the show. I'll always cherish south of nowhere and if I'm ever have some self-doubts about my sexuality, I like to think I've found a sort of retreat in south of nowhere to return to :)
  • I love this show its awesome Go Spashly!=]

    I love this show its awesome I love how its so really and has life long lessons in it i was so sad when clay died and i just can not believe that clay and chelseas baby died before it was even born and it was going to be a girl! just so sad i like cried chelsea seems to have lost so much but she still keeps going strong going on with her life thanks to her firends and clays parents this show is almost kinda like degrassi but not to much though i really have nothing else to say but this show is my favorite=]
  • South of Nowhere is about a family who moves from the midwest to L.A. Each family member has something to deal with. Clay must deal with racial issues while Spencer deals with her sexuality, and the eldest Glen shoots to stardom in the school.

    South of Nowhere has something for everyone, a hot guy with a heart of gold, well, maybe just silver, it also has real family issues, drama, and relatable characters. Even if your not gay you can still understand the confusion of being a teenager and falling in love or thinking your in love with someone. I personally could relate to some of the characters and I'm as straight as an arrow. Honestly, I think this show is amazing and there is no other way to describe it. I hope everyone who sees it will love it as much as I do.
  • South of Nowhere is a teen drama television show about a group of teenagers, as they go to high school and face dilemmas. The show mainly focus of Spencer Carlin, a lesbian teenager, and her relationship with Ashley Davies, a bisexual experienced rebel.

    South of Nowhere is a great show! It is perfect for teens who are questioning their sexuality, need advice and guiding about coming out of the closet, or need to know the how to deal when they come out of the closet.

    Main character Spencer faces those obstacles, but eventually overcomes them. Her relationship with Ashley is the subject of the show. They go from friends, to best friends, to being more than friends, to being a couple, to being ex-girlfriends, to then becoming a couple again. Their relationship further complicates and becomes difficult because of Aiden Dennison, friend of both Ashley and Spencer.

    Aiden use to be Ashley's boyfriend, but when they broke up, they became friends. Then when Spencer came to town, she kind of had a thing with Aiden, but it didn't work, and they became friends. Next Ashley and Spencer became girlfriend and girlfriend. After that, the relationship complicated. There was drama with Spencer being in the closet. Drama with Spencer's mother not liking Ashley. And drama with Spencer coming out of the closet. They eventually got over all of this, but there was one more obstacle they couldn't: Spencer jealousy with the relationship of Ashley and Aiden.

    Ashley and Aiden use to be a couple, but were now friends, and Spencer, at that point of the show, was uncomfortable with it. Spencer sometimes didn't like that Ashley went to Aiden to talk instead of her. Then at the most brutal point of the show, Aiden confessed he still loved Ashley and that Ashley felt the same way. Ashley then went to Europe for the summer and the three never talked. Except for Ashley and Aiden. She called Aiden, but not Spencer. When she got back, things were rough, and it ultimately lead up to Spencer dumping Ashley. They stayed friends though. Ashley and Aiden then had a brief fling, but it was ended by him because he take Ashley. She was gay when it was convenient, and was straight when she wanted him around". Without realizing it, she was just using Aiden to fill the void of Spencer. Spencer met someone new. They hit it off, but it ended because she was to controlling. In the end, Spencer and Ashley seem to get back together (in the last episode the have sex), but there are more episodes to come, so we don't know if the new relationship will last.
  • Just about the show

    It nice to see a show where people see close to reality. That there are actually teenage pregnancies (good ones), different kinds of relationships, not just guy/gal. It is really hard for some people to accept it but it happens... and if everybody you grow up, get off their high horses they could see that it is not a horrible thing. And by the way, A.) No where in the bible does it say that marriage is between a woman and a man.. B.) and even if it did, the bible was written by MAN, not by GOD and C.)I was always told that GOD loves all his children, not just the straight ones. People are just absolutely ignorant...
  • South of nowhere is about a family who moves from Ohio to Los Angeles where everything seems really different.Spencer Carlin is a sixteen year old who finds it difficult to get used to her new life in L.A.

    Soon she creates a close relationship with her new friend Ashley Davies who is a lesbian!The close relationship between the girls eventually led Spencer to question her own sexuality.She also gets close with Aiden Dennison the most popular basketball player of the school who happens to be Ashleys ex.Glen Carlin is Spencers 17-year-old brother who is a very talented basketball player and very popular with girls.Clay Carlin is an African-American 17 year old who is Spencer's and Glen's adopted brother and finds it difficult to deel with racism at the new school.

    This show has tackled edgy and realistic subject matters for a teen drama such as homosexuality,adoption,racism,teen pregnancy,sex,abortion and drugs.

    "It's not where you"ve been,it"s where you"re going"
  • This is the story of when a small town family moves to the big city...

    This is one of the best shows on The-N! I love every moment and every second of it. Although i must say that the show has gone downhill since it's third season began last August. People are saying that they are dying for Season three part b to be good or at least decent enough to match up to the shows usual standards. However i will continue to watch the show because this is one of my personal favorites. They should definetely bring this back for a fourth season. What can i say? I love this show! It is truly a guilty pleasure!
  • This is the best show in the world and I can't get enough of it...Go Spashley! :]

    I love this show and is one of the best things that I have ever seen. I love the relationship between Ashley and Spence which is better known as Spashley. They have great chemistry and are my favorite couple on TV right now.This is one of the first shows on network television to feature gay/lesbian characters openly and that's another reason I love this show. The new season is starting in April of next year and I can't's way too long. I also love the other story lines like Aiden and Madison's relationship, the stuff with Chelsea and losing her baby after already losing Clay, Glen trying to figure out what to do with his life, and the Carlin parents trying to work out their relationship. Basically, this is a great show and you're not to fall in love with it when you watch it.
  • I gave it a shot but....

    after the OC gone.. i thought this show could be the replacement... well, i have to rethink about that.... a lot in this show that isn't click.... the storyline is not that interesting... they mainly talk about how hard it is to becoming gay in high school and they add other storyline evolving high school....the typical teenage problem like pregnancy, drugs, and of course love... the different is they add the bisexual aspect in a weird way... the jealousy between Aiden, Ashley and Spencer is too dramatical... and i think they make Spencer's father like Sandy Cohen in The OC, adopting child, always be there for his kids... meanwhile... the mother is like Kirsten Cohen... a little bit uptight... well, overall, i don't know if i still want to keep watching this show...
  • Spencer and her family move to LA from Ohio, When starting at their new school Spencer and her brothers Clay and Glen. They soon realise that LA and Their School King high is filled with drama, Basketball and rivalries.

    I love this show. I am so glad i found it as it is truely a show that pushes the boundries and explores many areas that can sometimes be neglected in mainstream tv. The charcters are believable and the acting at a high standard although the writing can be at times unbelievable and a bit corney. The show is truely addicted ever since i started watching it i cannot stop. The story line is both predictable and Unpredictable which is a reason to keep watching you may not no what is coming up but you no you will be satisfied. SPASHLEY 4EVER :)
  • Great show about an Ohio native family that move to LA.

    I love this show!! i definately think it's a cutting edge drama that deals with everyday problems like moving to a new city, life changing subjects like lesbianism, racism, and just typical high school drama. Spencer and Ashley are awesome as are the actors. They make every scene seem so real. Great series in showing just how hard it is to be a teenager going through changes and realizations. i love how they never stereotype and the writers do a great job in making spencer and ashley's relationship real, just like any other you would ever see. All in all, i adore this show and i'm definately hooked to watch every single week.
  • I love this show!

    I remember when South of Nowhere first premiered like it was just yesterday. When Spencer was an innocent little girl from Ohio crushing on Aiden! How cute. I'm glad to see how Spencer has matured over the series. I can't believe how Ashley and Kyla are suddenly celebrities though, that was a great plot twist. I mean, they were already famous because of their dad, but that was famous-by-relation, now they're really famous. Aiden is a total hottie, and I was SO sad when Clay died! I seriously cried! They should've killed off that b__ch Madison! Okay not really, because they wouldn't have a show without her =] Hhaha. Yeahh and I just don't like that Carmen chick. Anyway. This show has like a lot of same-sex kissing so if you don't like that don't watch (Not that I'm gay but I just don't mind.)... BUT it has a lot of drama so if you love that watch this show
  • this is one of my fav. drama shows and i cant wait till the new episode comes on.

    okay this show has just as much drama just like degrassi. and i was hooked the first time i saw and that also happend to me for degrassi. This show has has stuff about sexuality, and the love triangle between ashley, spencer, and adin. Its jsut the one of the best dramam shows ever. And if you dont watch it then you need to cuz its almost just like degrassi. Well i have to keep this going to 100 words and im on 84 so um let me see. there is in season 2 drug use and stuff but im all done so BYE!!!!!!!!!!!
  • about a family who moves to l.a. and deals with all sort of drama and problems.

    i personnally love this show. it has so much family drama the mother who is loving but strict, the wonderful dad, the confused adolecent daughter, the adopted son, and the jock gone addicted to drugs. it has evrything and the relationship between spence& ashly. and the love triangles with in love triangles. its a teen drama soap opera that is actually better then any teen drama or any soap opera. the onli thing is im ttly sad bout ashly betraying spencer after spencer gave up evrything for her. but thats also why i luv it because this show is so real and shows that nothing is realli that perfect and evrything has flaws.
  • A family gets the hell beaten out of them when they move to the city of angels, LA.

    This has to be my favorite show ever. A very close and caring family moves from a small town in Ohio to the insane lifestyle that is LA. The parents struggle to keep their family together. The kids are trying desperately to discover themselves. And everyone around them is just making things worse. You think you know? You have no idea...
  • "I just want to be with her!"

    I was hooked. It's more then some show about teen angest, or about family and friends. It's about love, death, pain, and knowing who you are. The creator of this show just changed a generation... or 5. With his AMAZING cast of Mandy Musgrave, Gabrielle Christain, Matt Cohen, Chris Hunter, Maeve Quinlan, Danso Gordon, and Rob Moran, this show has truely changed and helped people. A rare thing to do in TV. Intense story lines of trust, lose, friendship, sexuality, and so much more has created a world that kids, teens, and adults can completely relate to. You get to watch these characters struggle with so many things in a REALISTIC manner. It's not over powered with soap drama. It has a realism that we need today.
    South of Nowhere had deffintaly changed people!
  • awesome show about a family trying to make it in a big town with a daughter who figures out shes gay and a big time mean lady for a mom

    i come from canada so pretty much none of my friends know about this show.... when i was away at school i started watching it alot and easily became obsessed... i made a few other people from my dorm watch it too and they all loved it too... it just sucks because it isnt available on dvd and is hard to find because of the whole not living in the states thing.... one os my favorite shows and i have seen every episode like 10 times... obsessive!!!!!!
  • A show that tackles the many issues teens in the American society go through today.

    From the very beginning, it had me hooked with the new girl, Spencer, coming into the tough streets of LA with her bi-racial family; trying to fit in. Drama had struck within the first few minutes of it all with all three of the Carlin kids attended school. It deals with the real hardcore issues that not many TV shows touch on, (though if they do, they make it glitzy and glamorous) but in SoN, it's like you're in their shoes feeling the emotions they go through.
  • Not bad.

    The-N has developed a reputation for being a network aimed toward Teens that is not afraid to push the envelope in telling their stories the way life is. Degrassi, the network's most popular show, is another example of this type of truth in storytelling. It has never sugar coated the truths that some teens live, no matter what the subject may be. And because of that, it has won awards.

    Following in this tradition, we now have South of Nowhere. It is a story of a family uprooted to Los Angeles. The three brothers and sisters now have to deal with a life that is far different from what they were used to.

    So far, the show has dealt with racism, questioning sexuality, and fitting in. And no, it is not afraid to deal with these subjects honestly.

    So far it has been very careful to offer both sides of a story where two opinions exist. The sibling's parents come from both sides of the spectrum, one being very liberal, the other conservative.

    I don't believe it is the producer's intent to push a specific agenda for teens, as much as it is to provide them with an honest look at the typical teenage existence, which from what I remember, is not as cut and dry as some would like it to be.
  • Awesome show ever !!

    I just discover this show, and i watch the 2 seasons in like 2 days, it's so original far than the classic teenage show. I love the idea of the love triangle, between Aiden , spencer and ashley. We dont really know if they are friends or more. it really interesting to have shows like that because i was kind of tired of all the shows where the kids are rich and beautiful and party everytime, there's a lot a real problemsin this show, and everybody recognize himself in a character.My mom is a great mom but she have the same reaction as spencer's mom when it comes to homosexuality, i mean we live with it, it's our generation a beautiful generation, we melted together every kind race or sexual orientation we don't care as long that the person next to us is cool!! Sure there's some @ssholes out there but who cares!!!
  • you'll think it's just another teen drama.. but it's so much more..

    this show is absolutely amazing.. all the characters are well written and the story lines are always interesting.. plus, i aplaude them for taking a risk at putting up a lesbian orriented show for teens.. we desperately need more of these shows.. i mean, yeah we have the L word but that show is for the more mature audiences.. I'm glad that I can see lesbians my age on TV.. i hope that the next season gets even bigger success than the last one.. i'm sure there's going to be alot of twist and turns again and we're all gonna be amazed of what's gonna happen next.. Oh! i can't wait!
  • What started as 7 teens trying to live in LA with the daily hardships turned into 8 teens with season 2.

    What can I say, South of Nowhere, is a good show that like degrassi deals with teen issues that people deal with in everyday life. But unlike degrassi, which was filmed in Canada, south of nowhere was filmed in the USA. With each episode you can feel as though you are there with the characters and can relate to their lives in the show. Episode after episode, more drama ensues and more drama unfolds. Every fan is always on the edge of their seats waiting frantically to find out what happens to their favorite charcters; Spencer, Caly,Glen,Aiden.Madison,Ashley,Chelsea and as of seaon two, Kyla. I love this show.
  • The Carlin family moves from a small town in Ohio to Los Angeles where they all start to unravel. Each family member learns something about their self and what it means to be a family.

    This show is a hybrid of "Degrassi: TNG" and "The O.C." It takes the influential and often controversial story lines of "Degrassi" and mixes it with the location and attitude of "The O.C." So far the show has covered lesbianism, homophobia, racism, sex, teen pregnancy, abortion, adoption, drug addiction, infidelity, faith, and school violence. It's amazing how many contemporary issues they have fit into two short seasons. Like "Degrassi" the show tries to present varying views and address the issues head-on, but I think that by cramming it all into a dozen episodes per season, some of the issues are not explored enough, but perhaps it will get better with more episodes. Also like "Degrassi" there is school violence (think Rick shooting Jimmy and also the death of JT) at the season two finale, which may result in a major character's death. Like "The O.C." there are the typical characters, especially with the parents -- the loving, liberal father who is the moral center (and just like Sandy Cohen, Arthur Carlin takes in a boy to his home and adopts him); the pretty mother with the high paying job who has a problem (in this case instead of Kirsten Cohen's alcoholism, it is the mother's strong faith that presents a problem); the absent mother interested in money by marrying rich guys a la Julie Cooper Nichols; and the rich girl's father who steals from charity. Also, like "The O.C." there is independent music featured. Despite the many similarities, the show manages to create its own feel. The actors are all talented and good looking. It will only get better as the show continues.
  • Okay So I never thought me, (being straight as a ruler) would be into a show like this... mainly because the 2 main characters are gay and I mean I never thought that would be interesting what so ever but this is a good show.

    Okay South of nowhere is definitely a guilty pleasure the show is good. watching from season 1 how Spencer basically just gets turned out by ashley lol and its good because of all the drama one of the best parts was hoe spencer was sneaking around wit ash and hoe eveytime i see the chemistry between ashley n aiden i just want them to hook-up lol but yea im feelin this show its cool but I mean they just gay thats the funny part how they dont mean to be funny but it just be funny az h3ll 2 me sometimes but I really like asley character she pretty n she funny az h3ll sometimes (anyway 2 thumbs up)
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