South of Nowhere - Season 2

TeenNick (ended 2008)




Episode Guide

  • 11/10/06
    Arthur and Paula are out for the weekend, so Glen thinks it's the perfect time to have a party right? Think again. He got put into jail for buying drugs. Now, after finding out she's pregnant, Chelsea really doesn't know what to do. Clay's trying to be supportive, but Chelsea's just pushing him away until she figures out what to do. In the meantime, Spencer thinks it's finally time to tell her parents that she's in love with Ashley, but will they approve?moreless
  • That Is So Not Mom
    Episode 6
    Clay's life is ripped in two by his past and his future.
  • 10/20/06
    Spencer gets caught in the middle of homosexuality intolerance at school, and at home. Meanwhile, there's something going on between Aiden and a girl he met at the gym.
  • 11/17/06
    Mrs. Carlin walks in on Ashley and Spencer making out, and completely freaks out. Will the truth about Spencer destroy the Carlin family?
  • The Morning After (2)
    Spencer and Aiden are throwing a surprise birthday party for Ashley. VH-1 is making a documentary on Ashley’s dad which at the beginning makes matters worse for everybody.
  • 10/13/06
    Spencer's mom sets her up on a date, and Ashley is not happy that Spencer has not told her parents about their relationship yet. Ashley wants Spencer to tell her parents about them or she is going to stop waiting for her.
  • Behind the Music
    Episode 3
    Ashley has only had Kyla as a sister for a few weeks, and she's already sick of her. Things get ugly between the two, and a VH1 special about their dad makes the situation even worse. Plus, fact that Aiden is crushing on Kyla isn't helping much either.
  • 12/21/06
    Aiden's under pressure from Madison, Kyla, Ashley and Spencer over friendship and relationship issues. It seems that in order to make one of them happy, he has to break another one's heart
  • Trouble in Paradise
    Episode 13
    Arthur and Paula Carlin revel in the prom excitement as their kids prepare for their next high school milestone. Clay and Chelsea cherish their last moments of teenage freedom and Glen drops a bomb with the announcement of his unexpected career path. But the evening's festivities are cut short when Aiden reveals his not-so-secret secret that changes his relationships with his female friends forever.moreless
  • The Morning After (1)
    Spencer wakes up with Ashley and they talk about what happened the night before. Ashley and Spencer go out to dinner with Ashley's father and afterwards find out he died, and at his wake Ashley find out she has a half-sister.
  • 12/8/06
    As the Carlin family try to reconnect they try out Paint ball in an effort to get their feelings out. But as Spencer grows closer to her family, Ashley feels she and Spencer are just moving apart
  • Spencer & Ashley won't let Paula keep them apart. So they're out on the road! But will it have a happy end? Elsewhere another Carlin family member's secret is out.
  • 12/15/06
    As happy as Spencer and Ashley are together, Spence suspects that Ash was happier when she and Aiden were a thing.
  • The Morning After
    Episode 1
    It's a new day. Ashley and Spencer wake up from their first night together fully committed to each other, just in time for the worst day of Ashley's life. Aiden, meanwhile, wakes up next to Madison wondering what he got himself into. Glen faces the days after a debilitating injury, while Clay copes with life after meeting his birth mother.moreless