South of Nowhere

Season 1 Episode 1

Secret Truths (1)

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 04, 2005 on TeenNick
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After Paula Carlin accepts a new job, the entire family relocates from Ohio to California where they adjust to fast paced living in the city.

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  • another teen drama, but not quite impressive.

    have no idea why I started watching the show in the first place. well, actually, I do have an idea about this one, but have no clue why I continued watching it after such pathetic enough pilot...

    the only thing I kinda like in this episode is super hot Aiden. that's it. nothing to add...

    PS: now, after watching the series till the 8th episode of 3rd season and waiting for the last 8 episodes, I can admit that "South of Nowhere" is kinda cool show, but back then... nothing.

    FAVE SCENE: Spashley in the gym.

    FAVE QUOTE: Ashley: The basketball star, Aiden, can't be the star if another star, that would be your brother, replaces him. Which then means the cheerleading queen Madison can't be the queen if she's not dating the star.moreless
  • This is a series about a teenage lesbian. very cool.

    I think that the show is a good idea. Although a little bit cheesy, it breaks the silence on the issue of sexuality. I like the factg that the show focuses on the hardships of identifing as a gay person and doesn't sugar coat the issue. I also like the fact that it has other issues at hand, such as the racial discrimination. The fact that there is tension about the race issues gives the show more credibility. Overall i thinnk this is a good show and i am interesting in seeing how the characters evolve and how much the plot twists. Nice Job!moreless
  • The carlins arrive in Los angelas and arent ready for the rough lifestyle it comes with

    I really liked how the episode started out with spencer talking and them showing up at school and clay and spencer still not knowing anyone at their new school and how they introduced ashley she was really mean i didnt think that her and spencer were going to be friends i thought she was going to end up being madisons best friend but she wasnt and spencers re-action to ashleys tatto was also funny! and when aiden told glen this isnt little town ohio it was also funny because ohio is a state not a town so this is the best show premiere ever!moreless
  • awesome show! i will definatly continue to watch!!

    i absolutly love, love, LOVE this show!! i had never heard of it until quite recently, as i do not get the channel in Canada. Once i watched the first episode, i was hooked! there was an excellent story line, a great cast, and it deals with real life situations, that the rest of television is afraid to talk about. They took the leap, and it turned out great. I can not wait to watch the rest of this season and the beginning of season 2. i hope they keep this show on the air for a while, as there is nothing else like it!moreless
  • The ultimate fish out of water tale.

    Actually, there are only a couple of fish out of water, in this family. Clay did not realize that there were challenges in being a black kid raised by a white family i Ohio but he gets it now that he's in Los Angelos. okay. Spencer is a girl who crushes on girls, something that should be easier to do in Los Angelos. Then there's Glen, who's a jock and getting chicks no matter where he is. So far, so good.moreless
Salina Soto

Salina Soto


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Juan Jose Dubon

Juan Jose Dubon


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Aasha Davis

Aasha Davis


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Marisa Lauren

Marisa Lauren


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • The Carlin's attend King High School and the sports team name is the King HS Cobras.

    • In Spencer's opening voice over that introduces this episode she says that they are moving from Ohio. The shot that accompanies this shows three flags. The middle is the state flag of Ohio and it's flanked on both sides by Rainbow flags (Gay Pride flags)

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Ashley: So, did you leave a boy back home?
      Spencer: No one special. You?
      Ashley: No. One should only hit and run. Boys are way too much trouble.
      Spencer: Aiden's cute.
      Ashley: Aiden? What? You've so dropped in cool points.
      Spencer: Well, what kind of guy do you like, then? The bad boy? The skater? Oh, wait, no. You like the tortured poets. That's it! C'mon.
      Ashley: No, they all suck. They all think "hello" means "put your hands all over me" in testosterone.
      Spencer: No, it's the kiss. I so hate the kiss. They try to suffocate you with their tongues. Ew!
      Ashley: I know, I know. And all they do is sit around and talk about themselves forever.
      Spencer: Right. And you have to sit there smiling and nodding...
      Together: you care.
      Ashley: I know. It's a good thing that they're not the only choice.

    • Madison: (to Spencer) You know, it doesn't surprise me you know Ashley. Everybody does, in the most intimate ways.
      Ashley: It is so good to see you Madison. You know, I was actually just telling Spencer here yesterday about how you are the queen cheerleader, you know, King High royalty. But that isn't exactly true, is it? You're more like a royal bitch!

    • Madison: Honey, you're new here, so let me speed your education along. My man, Aiden, is the only point guard worth mentioning on this team.
      Spencer: Well, doesn't the coach play two of them?
      Madison: Yes, but there's only room for one star. And it's not gonna be some farm boy who gets in the way of Aiden's 8-figure deal. Got it?

    • Aiden: You aren't in Kansas anymore, we've only got real ballers in the big city.
      Glen: Ohio, O-H-I-O, big boy. Why don't you look it up on a map while you're sitting on the bench?
      Aiden: I aren't gonna to be the one with splinters in my ass.

    • Ashley: (to Spencer) So, you're a basketball fan? Or do you just like watching guys pat each other on the ass?

    • Spencer: (about Glen) He's hoping he'll get to play, and if he doesn't, his world will end.
      Ashley: And I thought I was dramatic. Well, for his sake, I hope he's not too good.
      Spencer: Meaning?
      Ashley: Meaning that the basketball star, Aiden, can't be the star if another star, that would be your brother, replaces him. Which then means the cheerleading queen Madison can't be the queen if she's not dating the star.

    • Aiden: (about Glen) You're brother's an ass.
      Spencer: Yeah. That's why we had to leave Ohio.

    • Spencer: Wow! You live here?
      Ashley: Just me, mom and number 4 who, I think, is soon to be ex-number 4.

    • Arthur: Do you have any idea where your sister is?
      Clay: Dad, I don't even know where my classes are.

    • Spencer: So, are you going?
      Ashley: Wait to the dance, uh no, never been to one, not gonna go.
      Spencer: Well that could change, I think my brothers going to ask you, he thinks you're hot.
      Ashley: Yeah he's got that right.
      Spencer: And hot chicks can't resist basketball players.
      Ashley: Shut up he said that. (Spencer nods) Please tell me he's not the brains of the family (Spencer laughs as the bell rings) well are you gonna go.
      Spencer: I have to, cheerleading thing
      Ashley: Right. Well good, you can tell me how much it sucks. See ya later.
      Spencer: Bye.

    • Ashley: No, I'm not. Hey, I freaked you out yesterday didn't I?
      Spencer: No, not really.
      Ashley: Come on.
      Spencer: Yeah, you did.
      Ashley: I knew it, sorry. My shrink thinks it's because I like to be different, I just think it's because I like to uh well, freak people out.
      Spencer: Well, you succeeded.

    • Ashley: At King High, as in life, it's all about being somebody.
      Spencer: And who are you?
      Ashley: Today I haven't really decided yet. Ashley Davies.
      Spencer: Spencer Carlin, nice to meet this version of you.
      Ashley: Yeah, sorry about this morning. Stepfather number 3 came by, which pissed off stepfather number 4, and they got in this whole parental argument over my... tattoo. You like?
      Spencer: I thought they were illegal for minors.
      Ashley: Everything cool is.

    • Spencer: Question. Are you on meds?
      Ashley: Actually no, my mom fired my last therapist after he hit on her and the new one believes in a holistic approach to my mental health.
      Spencer: So you are crazy?
      Ashley: They think I am, gives them a reason to justify my behavior, but no I'm not. Are you?
      Spencer: No.

    • Spencer: This is where I live now, Los Angeles, A week ago my two brothers and I were in small town Ohio, where I knew the rules, now we're in this huge city where everything moves faster, harder, and there are no rules, I feel like something is different with me, but that's good right?

    • Sherry: Hi, I'm Sherry.
      Spencer: Oh, hi.
      Sherry: Don't mind Madison, the day she was born, she thought someone said the world was her's.
      Madison: And it should be!

    • Glen: (about Ashley) She's hot. I'm hot. It'd be hot.

  • NOTES (4)