South of Nowhere

Season 3 Episode 4

Spencer's New Girlfriend

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Aug 24, 2007 on TeenNick

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  • Spencer gets friendly with the artsy new girl. Ashley learns that Aiden won't always be there forever.

    The show starts off with Kyla and Ashley overlooking their hollywood view from their awesome new pad. Aiden shows up shortly after, thinking he is going to help move them in, but ashley has alterior motives, just wanting him for morning sex. He's somewhat annoyed, but like any guy.. he doesn't mind so much. Annoying Kyla screws it up when she walks in and is insistent to show ashley their new webpage some stalker dudes have made of them. In another scene, you see spencer talking to ashley on the phone, and ashley is not so into the conversation, showing that ashley is so self-involved with herself that spencer is second priorty. The next scene, Aiden drives Spencer close to the Chelsea's studio/home. Spencer and Aiden makeup and become friends again. Spencer walks away and a gorgeous new girl (who looks like megan fox) comes up to Aiden and says she recognizes him. She goes to UCLA. They hit it off and are about to go get coffee when good ole' Ashley calls him and needs him to move her stupid bookshelf. Of course Aiden goes and reschedules with this new girl. In another scene, Carmen walks into Chelsea's studio to say hi. Chelsea is on her way out to go help Glenn move her stuff. Chelsea sets up a place for Carmen to paint. Shortly, after everyone but Carmen is left in the studio. Spencer comes in, not knowing Chelsea would be gone.. and they start talking. Immediately they hit things off and waala.. a new girlfriend is born. Chelsea walks in on them making out. Earlier during Spencer and Carmen's "date", Ashley calls spencer when it is convenient for Ashley, and tells her to get over to her house and go hottubbing with her... Ashley unfortunately hears Carmen in the background and Spencer hangs up rather abruptly from Ashley to get back to Carmen. The nerve-wracking part is when Ashley calls Aiden over again to go to Ego with her that night and Aiden is not ready at all. He sees Ashley for who she truly is, a selfish brat who has always had people at her beckon' call.. The straw that breaks the camel's back for Aiden is when he goes into ashley's room and sees a picture of him and ashley resting comfortably next to a picture of spencer. He then goes out to Ashley and gives her an earful of what she deserves, leaving her in her beautiful pad in her lovely dress all alone, proving that her life isn't so amazing as she makes it out to be... WATCH THIS EPISODE.. it's FABULOUS