South of Nowhere

Season 2 Episode 8

That's the Way the World Crumbles

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 17, 2006 on TeenNick

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  • This starts off where the last episode left off. Ashley is kicked out, Clay tells his birth mother about Chelsea , and Glen visits rehab. Paula is trying to, as Ashley put it, "staighten" Spencer out. It ends with Spencer running away with Ashle

    I thought this episode was just so sad. Paula kept pushing Spencer and driving her away. The episode ends with her literally driving away. I swear though, everytime that Spencer broke into tears, I started to cry. It was so sad. I gave it a 9.9 beacause it was not my favorite episode. But I think it was definatly up there. Maybe sometime it will be my fave, I highly reccomend your watch this episode. If you don't mind getting a little sad during it then watch it. It is not for people looking for a funny episode, or easily emotional people. Plus, if you are looking for comedy and not drama, I suggest you try a different network. But I highly, highly, highly reccomend this episode to SoN fans.
  • This epesode was completely heart breaking.

    This epesode was very well written and interesting. I hate Paula. I could talk about the pregnacy or the drug addiction but I wont' Aurther is a great dad but Paula is a sh*ty mom. She is so unaccepting and hypocritical. I don't believe that being gay is a disease or that the guy could turn her back so that bugged me. Paula had three lines that broke my heart. They were (one) when Paula told Spencer that she disgusts her, (two)saying that who Spencer is is anacceptable (after Spencerasked Paula why she could'nt accept her), and (third) when Paula said she didn't know if she could be a part of Spencer's future. I fell so bad for Spencer. She is dealing with things much better than I would have. Paula is so violent. I love what Spencer said about love being unconditional. This epesode was extremly well written and acted. I was crying a lot.
  • perfectt.

    i looved this episode. it leaves off where the last one left paula pulling ashley out of spencers room. she like drags her out and is chasing her down the stairs. spencer is crying and screaming, and it is all so dramatic. they manage to get in one last hug before paula throws ashley out. paula then goes on an anti gay rampage, including calling in a specialist. it was just soo sad how she reacted. she completely blocked ashley out from spencer. they ended up running away at the end, not wanting to deal with spencers mom. also, glenn kinda has an epiphany, and goes to a meeting to get help, after his five minutes in really annoyed me how they treated him so good after what he did and how mean she was to spencer. and clay calls on his real mother(cant remember her name) for advice about the pregnancy. and i think that specialist the principal dude from buffy, very cool, even though he was annoying in oth parts. anyway, really great episode, a must see.
  • Awesome ep!

    Even though I knew the basic plot of this ep before it ever aired, it was still extremely powerful to watch. Spencer's parents continue to play polar opposites (making one wonder how they ever hooked up in the first place) as they finally learn that yes, Spencer is gay, and she's totally into getting Ash out of her clothes. While Dad is accepting, Mom is hellbent on "saving" her daughter and enlists the help of a True-Directions-type, ably played by Armin Shimerman (BtVS's Principal Snyder). Thankfully in this ep we're all but spared the continuing saga of Kyla the Annoying. The focus is back on Spencer and Ashley, where it belongs. Pity we have a bit of a wait before we find out where they're going.
  • This episode changed the way I saw Spencers mom... before I just didn't like her, now I really cant stand her at all!

    I honestly cant beleive Spencers mother! I mean I understand that people take it different ways, but she really called in a corrective therapist? I mean wow! She told her daughter "you disgust me" I mean seriously! Plus I cannot believe she had the nerve to use god in a sentence! I mean the bible says something about adultery right next to what is says about men who sleep with men... anyway, i just cant believe how she reacted... It really upset me! I was really happy when Ashley came to recuse her! :]]

    I cant believe Aiden fell for Madisons lies about Mia (sp) I mean really! Just talk to her! SERIOUSLY! :[ Hmph... But yeah... this is a shorter reveiw... just really wanted to say that I didn't like the way Spencers mother handled the situation! espically without the dads approval!!!