South of Nowhere

Season 2 Episode 1

The Morning After (1)

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Sep 29, 2006 on TeenNick

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  • I loved this epesode. It was a stron start to the season.

    I loved the epesode. I thought the previews were misleading but it was great. Although the premere focused more on Ashley that on Spencer and her family it was fine. Spencer and Ashley are such a cute couple. I thought it was so sad how the writers showed Ashley and he dad having fun and then her seeing from the t.v. that he dad died. I glad Spencer was there for her the whole epesode. Spencer is a great friend. I understand how Ashley needed space but I am glad she came to Spencer. I loved the "service" Ashley held. It was great and really really sweet. She has a sister, wow. THis is a lot for Ashley to handle in one epesode. I hope that Ashley and her sister can have a relationship. I feel bad for Ahley' sister. She's home sick and no one is really nice to her. I am glad that Aidan is trying but things will now be really akward. I really like Clay and Chelsea. They are really cute. I think it is great that Clay filled peoples reaction. We didn't see much of Glen dealing with his injury but that was o.k. Aidan is an @$$ for hooking up with Madison. I am gld he told her the truth but why did ne do it at school. I think we are starting to see Madison more as a person that just a major b1!(h. I have never seen a person cry so weirdly (even if it was fake). I like watching Paula and Aurther fight. Honestly I know Paula is trying but I really don't like her. She is so anti-gay. I would hate to have her as my mother but I think Aurther is a great dad. I am glad they are trying but there marage is really on the rocks. I can't wait for next week. I think this season will be even better than last season with way more drama. Although there was lots of drama this epesode it still felt real. I think this was a great way to start of the season.
  • Another awesome start, to a new season!

    i absolutly love, love, LOVE this show!! i had never heard of it until quite recently, as i do not get the channel in Canada. Once i watched the first episode, i was hooked! there was an excellent story line, a great cast, and it deals with real life situations, that the rest of television is afraid to talk about. They took the leap, and it turned out great!! I will definatly continue to watch as this new season unfolds, and can not wait to see more with Ashley and Spencer!! Great job, and i hope they keep this show going for years to come!
  • Very well done - definitely satifies!

    After eagerly awaiting this for way too long, I was so happy that it wasn't a dissapointment! Just like last season, it was engaging and I was immediately roped in. I thought that the characters actions were believable without being predictable and the storyline was mostly interesting. The only down-side from my point of view was that there wasn't quite enough of Spencer and Ashley's relationship to completely satisty me, but I realise that there is more to that show than just the two of them, so that's fair enough. There seemed to be a lot of character development in just one episode, but not enought so that they're no longer recognisable as the people we originally fell in love with. All in all, very well done, can't wait for more!!!!
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