South of Nowhere

Season 3 Episode 1

The Valley of the Shadows

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Aug 10, 2007 on TeenNick
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Season 3 begins in tragedy following the prom-night shooting. Spencer and Ashley try to come to grips with the situation and Ashley makes a fateful choice that puts even more unwelcome pressure on Spencer. After a summer apart, the students gather for another school year at King High with new attitudes as they reflect on what happened in the shooting and how it has changed them all.moreless

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  • OMG Clay such a sad episode

    This episode was so incredibly sad! I hated seeing Clay die it was the worst! I loved Clay and seeing him go was really bad.

    All of them being on camera to talk about the shooting on prom night was great, yet sad at the same time. I loved Spencer nearly falling apart was sad too. Madison was even good on camera too and I loved her later during her cheerleading tryout. Ashley mentioning that they had all gotten buried somehow was very touching and perfect. Chelsea talking about Clay and all was beautiful.

    Glen playing Guitar Hero in the middle of the day was pretty funny. I actually found Paula to be entertaining when she told Glen to get a job and all. I was curious to see what happened with Glen signing up to join the army.

    I hated seeing Spencer and Ashley ready to break up, it was really sad to watch. And Ashley and Aiden was even more painful to see! I hated Aiden in this one after his close encounter with death. It was awful seeing Ashley talking with Paula and Spencer trying to ignore Ashley.

    Ashley trying to make up with Spencer was so beautiful, but I think Spencer eventually rejecting her was for the best at least for the moment I think Spencer needed to gain some control but it was so heartbreaking to watch!moreless
  • Its been three months since the prom incident.

    I thought this was a horrible season opener for such a great show. I think and most fans probably think that "South of Nowhere" could have done tons better than what they delivered. There were many flaws about this episode, One that gets on most fans bad sides is the "Spashley" break up. Yes it was painful to watch them split, but it was also very and i repeat very painful to watch them talk to each other face to face. "South" season three part A was a big disappointment, hopefully part B will be better. South of Nowhere can deliver something way better than what the finishing product was.moreless
  • Everyone Is Back At King High, After The Prom Shooting And Spencer & Ashley Break Up Due To Ash Neglecting Spencer During The Summer Holidays.

    Everyone Is Back At King High, After The Tragic Shooting Of Spencer's Brother At The Prom Before The Summer.

    Spencer And Ashley Break Up Because Spencer Thinks Ashley Needs To Think About What She Wants, Despite Ash's Protest Of : "I Want You & Only You".

    Spencer And Ashley, Before Breaking Up, Shared A Pretty Passionate Kiss :), I Think It Was Great To See The Chemistry Between The Two Girls, Even Though They Did Break Up, I'm Just Hoping That They Get Back Together By The End Of Season 3!! Spencer And Ashley = True Love! ¢¾ God, I Love Spashley! :)moreless
  • Wow!! what a season opener!! We find out who dies, whether or not there will be more SPASHLEY, and unfortunately more aiden!!

    I love the opener. The begining had me balling like a baby but i just couldn't stop watching. this season definately promises to be a great one. I loved the Spencer and Ashley interaction in the end. there definately needs to be more of that this season. but i'm not so sure this will go on for the rest of the season... one can only hope. So we are left with many sad, pivotal plot twists, and an ending to the episode that leaves you wanting more. the writers definately stepped it up a notch in the intensity department. Season 3 definately seems like its going to be a great season.moreless
  • this was about what happened after the shooting. Who survives and who doesn't.

    i was so happy when the show came back. but when i seen it i had thought that some of those things would happen. i knew that she was gonna run away. she always does that. aiden is just making worse. spencer is just being spencer. but i'm surprised that kyla is not mad shes taking it the best out of everyone. i think that madison is gonna great this season. i dont't think that i am gonna like aiden this season maybe later. chelseea. i don't really know what to say. i don't know yet. this season will be great.moreless

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