South of Nowhere

Season 3 Episode 1

The Valley of the Shadows

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Aug 10, 2007 on TeenNick

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  • OMG Clay such a sad episode

    This episode was so incredibly sad! I hated seeing Clay die it was the worst! I loved Clay and seeing him go was really bad.

    All of them being on camera to talk about the shooting on prom night was great, yet sad at the same time. I loved Spencer nearly falling apart was sad too. Madison was even good on camera too and I loved her later during her cheerleading tryout. Ashley mentioning that they had all gotten buried somehow was very touching and perfect. Chelsea talking about Clay and all was beautiful.

    Glen playing Guitar Hero in the middle of the day was pretty funny. I actually found Paula to be entertaining when she told Glen to get a job and all. I was curious to see what happened with Glen signing up to join the army.

    I hated seeing Spencer and Ashley ready to break up, it was really sad to watch. And Ashley and Aiden was even more painful to see! I hated Aiden in this one after his close encounter with death. It was awful seeing Ashley talking with Paula and Spencer trying to ignore Ashley.

    Ashley trying to make up with Spencer was so beautiful, but I think Spencer eventually rejecting her was for the best at least for the moment I think Spencer needed to gain some control but it was so heartbreaking to watch!
  • Its been three months since the prom incident.

    I thought this was a horrible season opener for such a great show. I think and most fans probably think that "South of Nowhere" could have done tons better than what they delivered. There were many flaws about this episode, One that gets on most fans bad sides is the "Spashley" break up. Yes it was painful to watch them split, but it was also very and i repeat very painful to watch them talk to each other face to face. "South" season three part A was a big disappointment, hopefully part B will be better. South of Nowhere can deliver something way better than what the finishing product was.
  • Everyone Is Back At King High, After The Prom Shooting And Spencer & Ashley Break Up Due To Ash Neglecting Spencer During The Summer Holidays.

    Everyone Is Back At King High, After The Tragic Shooting Of Spencer's Brother At The Prom Before The Summer.
    Spencer And Ashley Break Up Because Spencer Thinks Ashley Needs To Think About What She Wants, Despite Ash's Protest Of : "I Want You & Only You".
    Spencer And Ashley, Before Breaking Up, Shared A Pretty Passionate Kiss :), I Think It Was Great To See The Chemistry Between The Two Girls, Even Though They Did Break Up, I'm Just Hoping That They Get Back Together By The End Of Season 3!! Spencer And Ashley = True Love! ¢¾ God, I Love Spashley! :)
  • Wow!! what a season opener!! We find out who dies, whether or not there will be more SPASHLEY, and unfortunately more aiden!!

    I love the opener. The begining had me balling like a baby but i just couldn't stop watching. this season definately promises to be a great one. I loved the Spencer and Ashley interaction in the end. there definately needs to be more of that this season. but i'm not so sure this will go on for the rest of the season... one can only hope. So we are left with many sad, pivotal plot twists, and an ending to the episode that leaves you wanting more. the writers definately stepped it up a notch in the intensity department. Season 3 definately seems like its going to be a great season.
  • this was about what happened after the shooting. Who survives and who doesn't.

    i was so happy when the show came back. but when i seen it i had thought that some of those things would happen. i knew that she was gonna run away. she always does that. aiden is just making worse. spencer is just being spencer. but i'm surprised that kyla is not mad shes taking it the best out of everyone. i think that madison is gonna great this season. i dont't think that i am gonna like aiden this season maybe later. chelseea. i don't really know what to say. i don't know yet. this season will be great.
  • Ummm...don't really know what to say, but I so sad that Clay had to die...with him and Chelesa about to have a baby. Ashley is so confused...I hate the fact that she has Spencer and Aiden in a silly situation. I think Glen is so hilarious!

    Basically, Clay dies and three months later...everyone is back at King High. Madison is still self-centered. Spencer is taking Clay's death hard but she's helping Chelesa out, who is four months pregnant. Glen enlisted in the army...but got out thanks to his dad. Ashley still can't help it but to feel safe and confused in the Spencer-Aiden-Ashley love triangle. Kayla and Ashley finally got their inheirtance. In the end of the episode Ashley decides to go to Cabo, while talking on the phone with Spencer, with Aiden laying next to her. The Carlin family is deling with Clay's better than expected.
  • that episode was crazy clay died, adien got shot in the heart and lives spashley no more and glen saves his dumb but from the militay. then ashley look like she was confuse and spencer was depressed about her and ashley being over

    that episode was crazy clay died, adien got shot in the heart and lives, spashley no more glen looked like a total loser playing guitar hero and even more when he used his fake id to sign in to the military. spencer and ashley were a nice couple but they had to end hopefully they get back togetheir and also theres always carmen to cheer up spencer and there will be spangs watch and you'll find out anbout spangs soon carmen girl with bangs so spencer and carmen make Spangs. then ashley look like she was confuse and spencer was depressed about her and ashley being over.
  • i loved the epi!!! spashley most come back !!! lol ah yah and ashley is the best caracter ever!!!

    i loved it!!!!!!!! ash is awesome but she is definitly making a mistake! i want spashley back!!!! is sad that clay died and my god why aiden had to get shot! that is just wrong and lol ashley sholdnt have go away without saying anything ...

    the episode was in fact pretty great...i love the all idea of ashley and spencer getting back to the friends mode cuz that's what they need to figure out that they belong together!!! lol p.s. i hope spencer comes to her senses and give ashley a chance to prove her she does really love her! and i hope ashley to grow up and stop doing stupid things!!!
  • WOW!!

    finally i've seen it ater months of waiting.. WOW!! was that intense or what?!? i'm so sad for Clay.. but i kind of expected it.. poor Chealsey, going through with the baby alone.. it was really sad at the beginning of the episode but it got really intense when it got to the Spencer Ashley Aiden story line..

    i almost wracked my monitor because I was so pissed at Aiden i kept on banging it... but i couldn't help myself.. i just hate him so much especially in the part when he kissed Ashley in front of her house.. i was like "EWWW!"

    but with all bitterness aside this premier was actually really really good.. definately the best SoN premiere so far.. i hope the rest of the season will be as well made.. well, we can only hope..
  • "I want you and only you." "You Don't know what you want."

    That pretty much discribes the whole season premire in a quote. Eveyone is... confused, hurt... or kissing sargents. Deep, sad, moving, crazy.

    This has been an amazing episode. It's so different from the last two seasons, more dramatic and problematic. Clay is dead, Chelsea has to take care of the baby the love triangle is twisting and that's just the begining. There's Glen and Aiden that are now great friends and having their own problems. Glen is trying to get out of the army and Spencer gives him an idea of how to. As entertaining as it was, it didn't work, Daddy saved him. As for Aiden. He survied, but is so rebound for Ashley. Speaking of Ashley.

    What. The. Hell. She doesn't know how to get Spencer back so she goes and "does" the first thing, the easiest thing. Ashley uses Aiden as rebound and she practicly tells him that at her locker and tells Kyla that she doesn't love him like that. She's in love with Spencer. And I have a feeling that they will eventully get back together when Ashley gets her act together. I do have a bad feeling about a Heart broken Ashley and millions of dollars too though. She's struggeling with who she wants, loves, and what to do. But Spencer....

    Spencer is finally thinking for herself. She's stronger. Not matter how much she wants Ashley, she needs to make sure that Ashley's ready and that she has healed. Spencer's dealing with a dead brother and a ex-lover/girlfriend that she still loves and that still loves her. All I can say is,

    If you think you know what happens, think again.
  • But why no more Clay?

    So season 3 opens with the aftermath of the shooting at the prom. They killed Clay. They killed Clay. I can't even believe it. And Sean is leaving for an internship. Ashley went to Europe and completely left Spencer hanging after her brother died! But Ashley had the nerve to say that she loved Spencer! They kissed, but Spencer wasn't having it. She said that Ashley doesn't know what she wants and Spencer can't be with her. Then Aiden basically said what he was saying at the prom "I want to be with you." And they slept together. That's a fabulous way to prove how much you love Spencer, Ash! Ashley and Kyla's inheritance money is released to them. And they've both decided to leave high school and get their GED's. Does that mean that Kyla's leaving...? SO SAD! Chelsea is heartbroken that Clay's dead, especially considering that she's 4 months pregnant and didn't want the baby in the first place. If we will remember that Clay convinced her to keep the baby (adopted kid issues). It's really horrible that she missed Paris to grieve and grow a baby. HORRIBLE... Breaks my heart. And dumba$$ moment of the episode of course goes to Glenn (as usual). He joined the Army, but when he was ordered to go to basic training what did he do? Try and get out of it. D0UchE! Although he did provide a great excuse: "I just got this really good job at a sporting goods store. And I've been thinking a lot about it and I think I'm going to go that route. You know sales, not war." Pretty awesome! And yes, Glen did kiss his recruiter trying really hard to get out of the army!!!!! hahahahaa... and he signed up for the Army with a FAKE ID!???? oh man, i really don't like Glen, but lord knows he's worth a chuckle or two every now and then. and Ashley is proving herself to be as dirty as they come. a late night love conversation with spencer. and when she hangs up, she turns over and we find out... she's in bed with aiden! so very very wrong!!!!!
    In all, this season is threatening to be a serious REPEAT of last season: Ashley torn between Spencer and Aiden. Glenn is stupid. The Carlin parents are uninteresting and aloof. With random lipstick soft soft core moments every now and then. Unfortunately all of that mediocrity will be without the cuteness that was Clay and Chelsea, and the peaceful Black intellectualism of Sean. I thought I watched the show for Spencer and Ashley but somewhere along the road I came to rely very heavily on some of my favorite (not incidentally positive) African American characters. R.I.P. Clay Carlin... thanks for the memories Danso Gordon (yes, that was intentionally over dramatic)
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