South of Nowhere

Season 3 Episode 2

The Valley Of The Shadows (Part 2)

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Aug 10, 2007 on TeenNick

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  • The end of Spashley?!?! i hope not. definately hoping for a reunion down the road.

    Spencer and Ashley have an intense make out session early in the episode as we continue off from part 1 of Valley of the Shadows. Definately one of the hottest scenes ever. Bravo for the writers for putting more of the hotness early on this season. But it definately broke my heart when spencer let ashley go even though it was extremely mature and right of her. Ashley needs to figure out what she wants in her life and whether or not she is going to be commited to spencer. The Ashden scene had me gagging of course. i liked him so much better in season 2 when he WASN'T in the way. but loved the cute appearance of Ashley at spencers house. all in all, great episode... could've been better.