South of Nowhere

Season 2 Episode 12

Too Many Girls, Not Enough Aiden

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Dec 21, 2006 on TeenNick

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  • this was a great episode expecialy when spencer was talikng about how adien alreay had his chance with alshey

    this is one of the best shows on tv it's a classic it has alot of drama in it it has a these lesbiens and drug addicts its very popular i would just really like it if more people watched it so that it might be able to get into the top ten or something so that it doesn't get cancled and can at least have a fouth season to it i basicly just6 truly love this show its so amazing i love the characters i was afraid that there would only be like one black guy but it wasn't
  • the best show EVER

    this series was absoltely amazing and i really enjoy watching this show just for the reason and quality this episode had. I love it so much!! It has potential and i think this show has just about every emotion possible in it and that is what is great and what really counts about a show movie whatever... this show has it all and is so so so great! I wish this show was on alot more and went on longer but guess you can\'t have your cake and eat it too. ha ha. But, like i said before this show is absolutely amazing!
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