South of Nowhere

Season 1 Episode 8

Under My Skin

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jan 13, 2006 on TeenNick
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Ashley makes a new friend named Josie, only to learn that Spencer doesn't approve. Clay's term paper makes him struggle with his identity, and Glen and Aiden arrange a wild poker.

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  • Insiteful, in a mild way.

    Clay is so emasulated, that he can't even stay angry. He's so cute when starts to realize that he's a black kid raised by a white family.

    I will be so glad when Spencer and Ashley finally make out. They are so totally teenagers with a healthy dose of dykedrama thrown in.
  • This was a great epesode with lots of drama, emotion, and good acting.

    Glen and AIden hold a pocker night to see who is better and Aurther wins all the money from everyone. I find this extremely amusing. Clay gets a bad grade on an essay that has to do with his culture. He got a C- and is giving himself a hart time and thinks he know nothing about being black. Chelsea helps by talking to him. She is really sweet. Jossie is an auful stealing freeloader. The food was bad enough but tons of clother, her ipod, and a cd. I liked watching Spencer and Ashley fight, they have amaizing onscreen chemestry making all scenes with the two of them fun to watch. I loved how Spencer cares about Ashley so much and can see she is a good person, totally shrink. I like how Spencer defended Ashley to her mom. I loved watching them make-up at the end. It was great to see Paula and Spencer spend time together, and talk. It was different for viewers becasuse we know Paula was pregnant with Glen when she got married and Spencer did not. I liked how Paula tried to be nice to AShley at the end. It was really sweet. Both Ashley and Spencer looked amaizing and Aiden was so hot. The epesode was great to.moreless

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    • Aiden: What'll it be? Wash and wax? Clean your leather, shine your rims?
      Ashley: Is that code for something? Cause I already told you, you're not my type anymore.

    • Madison: What are you doing here? Cause I know you're not here supporting the Cobras.
      Ashley: Got me! I'm here for the wet tee-shirt contest. But I'd have to say I'm so disappointed.

    • Ashley: That's why I like new friends. You can re-invent yourself, edit out the bad and just start fresh.
      Spencer: Wait, does this mean you're gonna kick me to the curb cause I know too much?

    • Spencer: You hook up with people for no reason at all.
      Ashley: I like what I like. And I go after it.
      Spencer: You like too many people.
      Ashley: Relax, okay? She [Josie] is just a friend. It's nothing to get all jealous over. It's not like you're my girlfriend. And wasn't it you that said I'm allowed to have other friends?
      Spencer: Fine, have other friends. I don't care. And I'm not jealous.

    • Ashley: What are you doing later? Wanna hang out?
      Spencer: Why? Is Josie busy?
      Ashley: I don't know.
      Spencer: I can't. I've plans.
      Ashley: Tell Aiden I said "hi".
      Spencer: It's not with Aiden. Not that that's any of your business anyways.
      Ashley: You're absolutely right. What you do is none of my business and what I do is none of yours.
      Spencer: Exactly.
      Ashley: Perfect.

    • Paula: Alright, so what's going on with Ashley?
      Spencer: She's just got a lot going on right now. I mean, she's my friend, mom, and that's not gonna change. I can't help it. I just know that she has a good heart.

    • Ashley: I'm sorry. You were right. My parents do suck. And I do like attention. And I do try and get it the wrong way sometimes.
      Spencer: Everybody makes mistakes.
      Ashley: Not you. You live in this great home, with your great brothers. Okay, one great brother, Clay. And your mom kisses you and lets you hang out with teenage lesbian freaks.
      Spencer: You're not a freak. You just act like one sometimes.

    • Spencer: I'm glad you came back tonight. I couldn't handle another night without talking to you.
      Ashley: Me too. I love... these brownies.

    • Ashley: Okay, you are not even trying to give me the silent treatment, are you?
      Spencer: You've got a problem. You picked up a complete stranger.
      Ashley: How else are strangers supposed to become friends?
      Spencer: I don't know. You could start with coffee or a movie or something.
      Ashley: Yawn. Josie's cool, okay? We have things in common, unconventional families and lifestyles.
      Spencer: I think maybe you need attention because you're not getting enough of it at home.
      Ashley: Great. Another shrink.

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