South of Sunset

CBS (ended 1993)


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  • Season 1
    • Chalk Lines
      Chalk Lines
      Episode 7
    • Remember Me
      Remember Me
      Episode 6
      Cody and Ziggy help a clear a guy who is accused of murder.
    • Newspaper Boy
      Newspaper Boy
      Episode 5
      Cody is hire to find out why a young man was killed by the cops when his parents know he's a good kid. Cody tries to talk to a kid who sells drugs to get info. Cody gets arrested because cops believe he's trying to buy drugs from him. When he is out on bail, he saw the kid go into a mysterious car. He tries to chase it, but gets shot at. He went to a nearby house of a lady cop to get some water and when he looks out the window, he sees the exact same car he was just chasing. The lady cop tries to kill him, but fails. It turns out that she is running a drug business with the young man working for her. When the young man was asking out on the job, she shot him.moreless
    • Family Affair
      Family Affair
      Episode 4
      Cody helps a girl, Maya, who believes her father is somebody other than who her mother had convinced her is. It turns out Maya's biological dad is a jewelry thief. Cody convinces the dad to tell her he's not her real father. Then, Maya's dad (not the jewelry thief) steps in and tell her how he stepped in and took care of her mother when her biological dad left and said he will always love her.

      Meanwhile, he pretends to be Gina's significant other to satisfy her marriage-minded mother.moreless
    • Custody
      Episode 3
      Gina posts as bait to a Aerobics instructor who has a suspicious wife. It turns out he never cheated on his wife, but consider it with Gina. Meanwhile, Cody and Ziggy takes in a case to find a mother's kidnapped daughter, who was kidnapped by her dad. They went into the bar, get into a fight, and snatch the little girl. When the father and the mother argue, Cody steps in and explain that it's the child's happiness that's most important.moreless
    • Dream Girl
      Dream Girl
      Episode 2
      In this episode, we find out Cody's mom travels in a motor-home and met a friend, Lou. Lou believes he saw his perfect woman in his dream and wants Cody to help find her. Desperately needing money, Cody takes the job. He takes Lou to the fortune teller and the modeling agency and find out that the girl in his dream is on a TV ad for hair replacement. However, by the time Lou finds out, he had already fallen for the fortune teller. In another plot, Gina finally gets her major acting role and starts to flirt with her co-star. Cody is suspicious of her co-star and starts to do a background check in him. Gina finds out and is furious with Cody. Cody finally decides to stay away from her private life and throws a going-away party for Gina when she is about to leave for the Caribbean to film the movie. However, Cody and Ziggy finds out that Gina looks just like her co-star's wife. He is about to kill Gina and collects insurence money, claiming Gina is her wife. Cody and Ziggy arrive to save the day.moreless
    • Satyricon
      Episode 1
      In the pilot episode, Cody McMahon's friend asks Cody to help out his daughter. His daughter was drugged, taken to a hotel, and was taken some nasty pictures of her. Following the clues to right to the hotel, he gets physical with the dest clerk and made him spill out the truth. It turns out the daughter's mother was behind all this. Since her mother was having marriage problems with her husband, she wants to make some money before she will eventually loss everything after her devorce with her husband.moreless