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Season 19 : Episode 8

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Based on a Christmas card by the now-producers, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, called "The Spirit of Christmas"; South Park is a show about four boys; Eric Cartman, Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, and Kenny McCormick. These four little fourth graders live in one messed up town. From talking poo to un-dead celebrities, to a mystical land of imagination, they see it all. All there is to say, is that... No one is safe. Black, white, Jewish, Christian, Scientologist, and everything in between, this show covers it all, and makes light of just about everything.

Trey Parker

Trey Parker

Voice of Stan Marsh; Eric Theodore Cartman; Randy Marsh; Mr. Garrison

Matt Stone

Matt Stone

Voice of Kyle Broflovski; Kenny McKormick; Leopold 'Butters' Stotch; Gerald Broflovski

Isaac Hayes

Isaac Hayes

Voice of Jerome 'Chef' McElroy

April Stewart

April Stewart

Voice of Liane Cartman; Principal Victoria; Sharon Marsh; Wendy Testaburger; Various Other Females

Mona Marshall

Mona Marshall

Voice of Sheila Broflovski; Various Other Females

Eliza Schneider

Eliza Schneider

Voice of Mayor McDaniels; Liane Cartman; Mrs. McKormick; Wendy Testaburger; Sharon Marsh; Various Other Females (1999-2003)

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  • i have mixed feelings about this show so i'll make a pros and cons list

    Pros: the art looks cute the characters are ok some of the jokes are funny Cons: that terrible theme song too much potty humor its too preachy
  • South Park Failed When It Stopped Trying to Be Funny

    Many believe that what made this show funny was (1) its irreverence, the way it went to absurd extremes, and (2) the way it lampooned various issues. Not true: it was funny because (3) it used creative comedic devices to be funny; the issues were hit-and-miss, and the absurd extremes put a delicious edge on the comedic devices. However, the show's creators seem to have bought into the idea that the first two things made the show golden, and abandoned the third; they seem to think that in order to be funny, all they have to do is go to extremes lampooning subjects, and that's all they need to be funny. And it's obviously not working.

    In essence, they've allowed their politics to take over the show. As Matt Stone attested, they loathe liberals; this clearly shows in their episodes. Where they let politics in, they usually flounder; "ManBearPig" was a confusing mess, for example. What kept the show funny was that the boys got into hilarious escapades. However, now the entire show has become the politics, and the boys have faded into the background. So, instead of the boys believing they are Anime characters, or Cartman believing he's dead because everyone is giving him the silent treatment, or the boys getting lectured on porn when they think they're trying to return a "Lord of the Rings" DVD, we get episodes that essentially are based upon extremist libertarian/conservative memes, magnified into exotic realms of near-psychotic unreality, and then beaten the death like the straw men they have become.

    Which would be okay... if the show's creators remembered to be funny. They forgot that part, so now all you have is a bizarre mess that looks like some radical Tea Party whackjobs took control of the show and are holding Parker and Stone tied up in a basement somewhere. It's not the orientationit would be just as much a failure if it were doing the same thing pointed in the opposite direction. It simply needs comedy to be appealing again. Current rating: 2/10, for a show that used to be at least 9/10. Sad to see it disintegrate; maybe they'll remember what made the show funny and return to it at some point.moreless
  • Ehhh PC South Park sucks monkeys balls

    This PC South Park sucks big time. Loved it. 14 season was aaaamaazzzing !
  • South Park Bounces back in episode 4

    After being extremely disappointed in the first 3 episodes of Season 19, I was glad to see the boys start to get back on track in Episode 4. The introduction of "PC Principal" and his friends and the build up of a trendy restaurant district, in addition to the serial links of the episodes were all poor decisions in my view. Frankly they all seem out of place. Episode 4, in which "Yelpers" and their restaurant reviews take over the town, unfortunately continued the season-long theme but at least Parker and Stone got back to their edgy ways, especially the slightly immature but hilarious "buggers and cum" closing song.

    As someone who has greatly enjoyed this show since the start I can only hope Principal Victoria is restated, with PC Principal and pals chased out of town. Likewise I'm hoping the owner of City Wok soon blows up the entire trendy district.

    While attacking the politically correct . is a great idea, I just don't care for the way they've done it, and the episodes certainly don't need to be In other words, if it isn't broke (which it wasn't the first 18 seasons), don't "fix" it.moreless
  • What the Fuk has happened to Cartman?!?!

    South Park has been in my top three favourite shows of all time since it started in 1996; but there's something very wrong with Cartman!! He does NOT obey the rules - when ppl tell him off, or try his patience, he has their parents killed & eaten or whatever! Cartman's inimitable, & utterly unapologetic, outrageousness is what makes him one of the absolute most hilarious characters in the history of Entertainment & the Arts! I hope ardently that his inner psychopath comes back up to the surface before the season's out; otherwise South Park runs the serious risk of actually losing its way - & a world without South Park would be a terrible loss indeed!

    PS - in reply to 'benderisgreat': No, of course SP is not for kids - that's why it's on at 10 o'clock! If your son is too young to watch South Park, then put him to bed well before it starts!moreless
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