South Park

Season 15 Episode 12


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 02, 2011 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

A spokesman for the President's Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition is speaking to students of South Park Elementary. The results of last week's fitness make the school the worst in the country. All because of one fourth grade student who performed so in all the tests has brought the entire school's rating down. It is against policy to single out the individual so everyone at the school is classified as a "bunch of fat f(beep)king pigs." As a result, for the next four weeks everyone will have to give up recess for PE class. Cartman starts taking shots at everyone doing the rope climb, Stan calls him out with the fact that everyone knows that he is the reason they are all there. Everyone starts ganging up on Cartman; he's the 1% and they are the 99%. Clyde tells him to go home and cry with his stuffed animals. At home Cartman is doing just that. He complains to his stuffed animals and Peter Panda tells him that Cartman can't be blamed for something that was President Obama's fault. Cartman's afraid everyone is going to be talking about him behind his back. When he arrives to the school cafeteria late the next day that is just the thought that he has. He accuses them of having a 99% rally. And that gives Butters and Jimmy the idea to start a 99% club. They even get an offer of support from some 5th graders. Butters and Jimmy go to see the spokesman for the President's council. They want him to change the system and if he doesn't, they warn him it could turn real ugly. Cartman goes to his bedroom only to find it has been ransacked. He's convinced the 99% have taken Clyde Frog. He goes out to search for Clyde Frog and finds him nailed to a tree in the backyard. At Clyde Frog's funeral Cartman eulogizes his frog and accuses Kyle of murdering Clyde Frog. The 99%ers (Butters and Jimmy) are outside the Red Robin, protesting the unfairness of the President's Council's policy. A reporter on the scene of the protest calls the event "Occupy Red Robin," even though the boys are clearly outside the restaurant.

Cartman and his stuffed animals are having a tea party. He gets his mother to join them and they all accuse her of allowing Clyde Frog to be kidnapped and killed. The 99% protest is growing, not in the number of protesters, that's still at two. It's the circus of media, police and etc surrounding the protesters that is growing out of hand. It's quadrupled in size since the morning. Cartman wakes to find his room is on fire and Peter Panda is burning to death. The Occupy Red Robin movement is still growing. Michael Moore is on the scene and has joined the protesters. Kyle, Stan and Kenny confront the 5th graders who they think might be responsible for messing with Cartman's stuffed animals. The 5th graders say that maybe they are and maybe they aren't. They've got big plans for taking care of the situation. Cartman and his mother move in with Token and his family. Cartman believes they will be safe there because no one will want to mess with a black families' home. Meantime, in some Breaking News, the Occupy Red Robin movement has split in half as Butters has splintered off to form the Occupy Bathroom movement. After Butters has had his movement, he returns to the picket line.

Much to Token's dismay Cartman has taken over the television. When an alarm goes off, Cartman gets all paranoid. Cartman tackles Kyle lurking around the backyard. Stan and Kenny come out of hiding and reveal what they know about the 5th grader's big plans. Cartman warned Token to close the door on their way out. He returns to the bedroom to find his stuffed animals are gone. At Occupy Red Robin, the 5th graders have joined the protest as the 83%. The 4th and 5th graders begin debating what the percentages really are and it is officially declared that class warfare has broken out. In the kitchen, Cartman finds Muscle Man Mark in a pot of boiling water. Then in the living room he finds Rumpelstiltskin strung up above the fireplace. He hits a tripwire that causes the stuffed animal's head to explode. And who's been behind this all? It's Polly Prissy Pants. She gives Cartman her reasons for doing it all. Cartman realizes he needs to grow up and get rid of his stuffed animals and he fires several shots into Polly's head. Class warfare has torn apart the 99%, the 99% Occupy Red Robin movement is no more. Everyone has down the street to Occupy Macaroni Grill.