South Park

Season 14 Episode 5

200 (1)

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 14, 2010 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

The kids are on a field trip at a candy factory. Butters notices Tom Cruise working the line. Stan comments that Tom Cruise is packing fudge, which is in fact what Tom Cruise is doing on the line. Tom Cruise denies it and becomes incensed and threatens to sue the entire intolerant town. Tom Cruise calls a meeting of all his celebrity friends; he wants them all to join forces with him in taking on the town. Subway Jared is looking for a bathroom in Tom Cruise's home, but all he finds behind every door is a closet. At school Stan is called into the principal's office, where his parents, the principal, the mayor and many others have gathered. They need to figure out a strategy, the town is being hit with a class action lawsuit by all of these celebrities. Randy takes Stan to the candy factory in the hopes that an apology to Tom Cruise might help. Tom Cruise is still incensed that he has been called a fudge packer, but yet there he is, still packing fudge. Tom Cruise says he and his friends will drop their lawsuit if the town can get the Prophet Muhammad to make an appearance. At the South Park Community Center, the townsfolk talk about what might happen, should Muhammad appear. Stan tells them all that he's seen Muhammad once. He recounts the tale of the David Blaine cult and meeting The Super Best Friends, of which Muhammad is a member. At Tom Cruise's home, he tells his celebrity friends about his intention to harness the power that Muhammad has to not be ridiculed. Cartman arrives on the scene, he is escorting J-Lo, and she still like tacos and burritos. Stan and Kyle go to visit the Great Hall of The Super Best Friends, but find that things have changed since they last met them, Muhammad can no longer be seen by anyone, ever.

"Later, at the Hall of Super Best Friends", Kyle and Stan give suggestions on ways that Muhammad could make a trip to South Park. Kyle suggests that they transport Muhammad to South Park via a U Haul. Tom Cruise shows his friends the machine they are going to use to take Muhammad's ability. Rob Reiner knows that everyone is made of goo, and this machine is going to let them extract it. Cartman is disappointed that they aren't going to sue and get a bunch of money, whereas J-Lo is okay with that plan. Cartman excuses them and confronts J-Lo about her position, he reminds her that he knows her secret, that she is really Mitch Connor. Mitch Connor has a better plan for Muhammad's goo. Stan and Kyle successfully bring Muhammad back to South Park via the U Haul. The boys find out that Muhammad is supposed to go into Tom Cruise's limo. The townsfolk try to figure out how to disguise Muhammad, Randy suggests covering him in a mascot's uniform and Muhammad is okay with that. The celebrities get ready for the arrival of Muhammad, while Cartman is having an argument with J-Lo. In town the limo arrives and Muhammad is disguised in a bear suit. Threats from extremists are brought to light and made real when the limousine explodes. The extremists responsible for the bombing are the ginger kids and they want Muhammad for the same reason the celebrities do. Meanwhile, Cartman is done with Mitch Connor's stupid plan, but Mitch tells Cartman that he knows the real truth about who Cartman's father is.

The town is being evacuated and the mayor finds she has no choice, she has to give Muhammad over to the gingers. Tom Cruise calls her office, wondering where Muhammad is. The situation is explained to him, but when he hears that the only reason they want to give in is because the gingers are threatening violence, he says they are going to retaliate with violence of their own. An excited Tom Cruise jumps up and down on the couch next to Oprah. The celebrities are worried that violence would hurt their careers. Rob Reiner suggests that have her do it. The celebrities go and power up her, Barbra Streisand, who looks more terrifying than ever. When they tell Barbra Mecha-Streisand that they are taking on the town of South Park, she is more than ready to help them out. Meantime, Cartman goes to Mr. Garrison's house to ask if he was lied to about his father; he wants to hear the real truth from Mr. Hat. Mr. Garrison puts on Mr. Hat and the two hand puppets start to have a conversation. Back in town, the gingers demand proof that Muhammad is in the costume; otherwise they won't hand over the detonators. Mr. Hat starts to reveal that there was a cover-up, the test results were tampered with; Cartman now more than ever, wants to know who his father. Mecha-Streisand prepares to attack...

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