South Park

Season 14 Episode 5

200 (1)

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 14, 2010 on Comedy Central

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  • One of the best South Park episodes for a while! I know it says 1 on the score, due to a technical glitch, but it deserves a 8.5 at least!

    The episode starts off with Mr Garrison and the class going to a candy factory, where they see Tom Cruise packing fudge into boxes. After they make this clear to him, he takes it the wrong way and says that he will sue the entire town. Stans dad listens to this and goes with Stan to say sorry, and Tom Cruise says that the only way to stop the lawsuit is if they get him Muhammad uncensored. He also has got together all of the other celebrities that the people of South Park have made fun of before, including Paris Hilton, Mel Gibson and Roger Ebert. However, there is opposition to the celebrities having Muhammad from the gingers of South Park, who threaten to blow up the town if they do not get him. The episode ends on a cliffhanger with the gingers threatening the town, and the celebrities get their best weapon ready: Mecha Streisand...
  • Every South Park fan's dream episode

    This episode is something every south park fan should enjoy, whether it's the jokes, the references to the past episodes, or the dramatic lead-up to part 2, this episode is excellent in every sense. This episode is also the one where the Islam prophet Muhammed is decipted in a Bear Costume, earning the creators death threats (yikes!) The story is great, with references ranging from Tom Cruise and ClosetGate to Mecha-Streisand to the Super Best Friends. I also liked the theme they were putting out that nothing is sacred and if they can show Jesus and Buddha then everything else should be allowed, especially with the contrversy in the weeks following. Overall, this is an extremly good episode that would make any South Park fan smile with joy. Also, like this review if you think the censorship of this and 201 should be stopped. 10/10 A+
  • perfect

    stan insults tom cruise on a field trip, and so cruise and 200 other celebs south park has insulted over the years team up for revene. they plan to sue, but later want muhammed for sinister plans. which wouldn't be too bad if "Gingers" didn't want him to. And cartman learns a shocking secret.

    great 200th episode and great lead up to the next episode. I was either laughing throughout or I really wanted to see what was next. So, my final grade for "200" is going to be, of course, you guessed it, an A+. Really great episode methinks
  • Funny!

    Oh My Gosh, I loved this episode! It was so funny! I love how all the celebrities were back on the episode, particularly Sally Struthers. In the episode, it starts off with Mr Garrison talking his fourth grade class to a fudge factory. to their shock, there was Tom Cruise. Stan, who had previously insulted Tom Cruise in 'Trapped in the closest' by saying he wasn't a decent actor, insults him again, by calling him a fudge packer. Tom decides to round up all the celebrities who had been mocked in south Park to get revenge! And old secrets involving Cartman once again come to light! I loved this episode, and can't wait for the next one! :D I rate it 10 out of 10! :D
  • 200 episode

    it took then over 13 years but they made it to the 200th episode of South Park. You know if they add more episodes in each season it could of been done years ago. in this episode the south park gang meet Tom Curise again and he gets every celebritie thats been involve with South Park and Gingers also want to destroy South Park. Then Cartman wants to find out who is Father that means that Cartman's mom isn't a hermaphroditic and then dymicac parts happen in the rest of the episode who could be cartman's dad and will South park destroyed
  • Wow, 200 episodes, it's almost hard to fathom that a cartoon whose pilot revolved around an anal probe inserted into an 8 year old boy, could run for almost 13 years?

    Wow, 200 episodes, it's almost hard to fathom that a cartoon whose pilot revolved around an anal probe inserted into an 8 year old boy, could run for almost 13 years? A lot has changed over the seasons and although South Park remains crude and abrasive, it has matured to include some not so subtle, but rather intelligent satire and social commentary, specifically on celebrity culture and religion.

    In the 200th episode we are treated to a look back at every celebrity and public figure that the show has mocked and ridiculed, as the disgruntled characters decide to band together behind the litigious strength of Tom Cruise. It's actually quite incredible to see all of these characters on-screen at the same time and it's astonishing that Trey Parker and Matt Stone have managed to get away with it for so long. But this is the genius of their deceptively satirical creation. If the show was not so outrageous and uncompromising, then it would have never have succeeded. Its brilliance lies in the fact that no one is safe. It does not discriminate; South Park persecutes everyone.

    There is however one individual who has escaped South Parks' wrath. One person who is protected from offense and the reason behind the only episode to be heavily censored before it could be broadcast. This is the premise of the 200th episode. The angry celebrities threaten to sue the town unless it's citizens can show them the Profit Mohammed so they can steal his anti-ridicule power. It is classic South Park, an incredibly complex and provocative issue presented in a kind of Televisual reductionism: If Mohammed is the only person in the world who people cannot mock, then he must therefore have some kind of special power.

    The employment of childish logic is at the heart of the majority of South Park episodes and highlights the ridiculous nature and hypocrisy found within many contentious issues. At one point Jesus and other religious profits are discussing the issue of Mohammed and explaining that there is nothing different about Islam and that no religion will tolerate offensive material towards them. At this point Jesus turns to Buddha and asks: 'Oh Buddha, are you taking coke in front of kids again'. In one small sentence the show highlights the extreme double standards that exist within our freedoms of speech.

    The episode itself does not actually stand out a great deal. It played like a retrospective look at some of the best moments in the show's history and presented the opportunity to work over the likes of Tom Cruise and Paris Hilton once again. Numerous references to past shows are present and there is even a cameo from Mr Garrison's long lost partner as well as the return of Barbra Streisand, who is looking as beautiful as ever.

    Most of the jokes revolve around how much of Mohammed the town can show. Repeatedly people turn to one another and as if talking to the camera, ask if they think they are allowed to show him in a bear costume or a coat of armour, the response being: 'I guess we'll see'. Not as funny as last week which had me crying with laughter, but there are several moments when I did laugh out loud, often because I couldn't believe they were walking the line so precariously. Overall

    A good episode that is definitely worth watching if you've followed South Park from the beginning. It's great to see all the past characters and the show's premise is cleverly worked into their obvious dig at censorship. There are several moments of genius within the mandatory Jew jokes and many references to Tom Cruise's sexuality, but the cliff-hanger at the end has been done before and was a frustrating tease the first time, broken up by a Terrance and Phillip special which was probably the worst episode in the show's history.

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  • Oh my God next week needs to happen immediately.

    So last week I said that You Have 0 Friends was the best episode of South Park in years. Well that opinion lasted all of about a week, because then this episode came on. All I have to say is wow. I loved all the references to previous episodes, all the recurring gags, the use of Muhammad and Tom Cruise's all out craziness and insanity. It was incredibly clever how the show used the celebrities talk about people no longer being able to make fun of them to actually make fun of them. It was brilliant. The subplot is awesome too, the return of Mitch Connor, who was one of my favorite characters that Cartman made up. I can't wait to see where they go with that plot, the cliffhanger was just so perfect. This season of South Park has really blown me away, I've been continuously impressed by the quality of each new episode, and I can't wait until next week for part 2 to come on.
  • All I have to say is wow...

    South Park has never been more epic then this. The episode starts off with the kids in a fudge packing factory and they spot Tom Cruise. They call him a fudge packer and in anger, gathers 200 celebs to sue the town. But then he decided if they can get a certain censored person to show up in South Park. Hilarious, smart, epic, ballsy, and just plain awesome. I think its safe to say that South Park is back into perfect form. With the past few episodes being some of the best. Btw, the end of this was mindblowing. I love you Matt and Trey =)
  • Best South Park Episode ever.....Part 2 better be even more amazing (if possible)

    While on a school field trip, Stan accidentally insults Tom Cruise again and sets off a chain reaction. 200 previously ridiculed celebrities stand strong in a class action lawsuit against the town of South Park. This could be the thing that destroys South Park forever. So it is up to Stan to come with a plan to sort out this predicament or they are all doomed. South Park is an American animated sitcom created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone for the Comedy Central television network. Intended for mature audiences, the show has become infamous for its crude, surreal, satirical, and dark humor that lampoons a wide range of topics. The ongoing narrative revolves around four children-Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman, and Kenny McCormick-and their bizarre adventures in and around the fictional and titular Colorado town.
  • A walk down "Memory Lane" just isn't enough!!

    Nothing could've been better for South Park's 200th episode than the wide scale recap they did. But it just misses so much.

    The premis is awesome, all the celebs that the show made fun of over its 14 year run are made fun of once again. The storyline is good but the lake of new ideas killed it fast. As a muslim, I was not really offended by their Muhammed joke cuz I frankly don't think of SP's Muhammed as my prophet, just another wachoo character on a wachoo show!! I was just annoyed by the fact that they ran out the cencorship joke REALLY fast!! And that's been a major problem of SP for recent seasons. It comes up with great ideas but ends up ruinning them by brutal over-use!!

    The Cartman sub-plot was good, although it felt a bit out dated!! He's re-thinking what we were told almost 14 years ago!! A cool way to relate to the origins but is that really what we need!? Garrison was awesome, so was the long missed Mr. Hat.

    There point of view on how religious figures must not be mocked on TV was clearly shown on the scene where Buddah was doing cocaine!! That got me LoLing hard!!

    Another down side of the episode was Cruise!! He was plain annoying simply because all the jokes made about him were OLD.

    Really dissapointed with SP's 14th season so far. And 200 didn't add new. I'm not so excited about the clif hanger either cuz as the IGN dude said, next week we should expect a "Terance & Philip" filler.
  • South Park's 200th episode is one of the best of all time.

    When I first heard of this episode, it sounded great but ended up being flat out epic. From the boat load of celebrity's, to Muhammed dressed in a bear suit, this episode was a top notch, thrilling episode with more suspense than jokes to it. First of all, I loved the countless amount of celebrities they threw in this episode. Kayne West, Sarah Jessica Parker, Steven Spielberg, Tom Cruise, Indiana Jones (Wow.), and a HUGE, staggering amount of others. There were several roles to this episode which were all enjoyable. From Stan's and Kyle's brief 5 minute individual role trying to get Muhammed to come to South Park, to the ginger role, and then we come to Eric's role. I LOVED how they brought back the Jennifer Lopez thing from Season 7 into this episode. Not to mention we had plenty of returns of characters we haven't seen in YEARS like Mr. Hat and Officer Barbrady.

    Matt and Trey are on one hell of a streak. Can't wait for a part 2!
  • The 200th episode is a blast!


    Grade: A*

    This episode of South Park looks like it was trying to bring back many past episodes and references of South Park all in one and in my opinion it succeeds, but it also manages to stay quite fresh and the cliffhanger at the end was amazing. It was nice to see Mr Hat return and also alot of the celebrities and old characters that were in the show, as well as some old jokes that worked and a revisited mystery of who really is Cartman's father? And the return of a newly built Mecha Streisand! I don't know how or if there will be a part two but it was just plain awesome nevertheless and a thrilling episode, especially the 2nd half! It will make most of the people who've watched the series since the beginning such as myself proud.
  • Very impressive tribute to the series. Full of the best gags one can ever imagine. Just watch this and let yourself to be amazed:-)

    This is the best episode in many years. It was already said but it's not a cliche. I can't even remember the last time I was laughing so much. The 200th episode is so much full of references that one could hardly count them all. But let me name a few of them: Tom Cruise, the closet, seaman, portrayal of Muhammad, Barbra Streisand, Cartman's father, Mr. Hat, ginger kids and so many others. This is so impressive that I have a tear in my eye. And that's not the case only for this stand-alone episode. For me, it indicates the high quality of the whole season, or at least the first half of it. So not only that I can hardly wait for the next week for the cliffhanger to be solved but also maybe I'm enjoying a quality climax of South Park. Anyway this is a milestone and I can hardly imagine better way to celebrate 200th episode.
  • After Tom Cruise is called a fudge packer while working at a fudge factory, a class action lawsuit is against South Park if the Muslim Prophet Mohamed does not appear. The actors (and later the gingers) want to steal his power of not being made fun of.

    WOW. What a great episode. I haven't laughed so hard since the episode where Scott Tennorman eats his parents. This episode was non-stop laughs and had so many satirical yet true themes running through it. All the best made-fun-of celebrities including the Mecha-Streisand appear and create one of the best cliff hangers in the history of television, in my opinion. This season has been non stop laughs and the South park staff has to be proud of what they have accomplished in this episode. I just can't wait to see the conclusion of the story next week. UNLEASH THE STREISAND!!!!
  • Best cliffhanger in cartoon television history!!!

    I hope there's a part two, but don't think there will be one. I didn't understand the hype of this episode until I fully finished watching it, the gags were gr8 a lot of characters returned except for darth chef, but maybe he'll be in part two.

    The episode reaches perfection because of the 3 set ups at the end 2 of which i didn't see coming, the robot thing was obvious. Ginger kids "make him step out" crowd reply "oooooohhhhhh" lol, and cartman/mr garrison had me in stiches, such freaks, both use hand puppets, Mr Garrison could be his dad!
  • matt and trey are on a brilliant spree, 200 was specatuclar.

    Finally the 200th episode of south park has arrived, and this is probably the 2nd most explosive episode yet. [ imaginationland beats its epickness by an inch] This is very different from the usual south park, matt and trey have shown us that their classic ideas are still in their brains and the last few episodes have just proven that. 200 recaps all the great memories south park has given us, and advancing the episode by a crazy plot and hopefully a spellbinding conclusion. All the previous reviews have said the episode was just "wow", well that is totally correct. As this episode probably has the best cliffhanger yet, in the history of south park. Love the idea of all the mocked celebrities creating a clan to sue south park unless Muhammed is delivered to them, so the celebrities could drain his power for intense use. Secrets are on the edge of being revealed as Cartman s subplot will leave you stunned and amazed for more. Next week might be the best episode of south park yet, who knows, all the cliffhangers are amazingly set for a hopefully perfect execution. I know that this episode is one of my favourite south park episode, and i know that season 14 is pounding season 13 and 12.
  • The 200th episode is the best episode yet.

    For it 200th episode South Park dipped into it's now vast history pulling together one hell of a tribute to the past 199 episodes, something which will obviously continue in Part 2.

    The premise of the story is brilliantly simple and leads down an ever twisting path of reappearances and returing storylines. from Cruise to Paris to Mr Hat and from Gingers to Who's cartmans dad is. Its ridiculously funny and delightfully sentimental.

    They seamlessly wove all South Park charecters into the episode, natutrally some didn't speak, but as a two (maybe 3)parter im sure everyone will get a round come the end.

    Its also fair to say its been a very long time since Ive watched any comedy show packed with so jokes. One could argue there was nothing too original about this episode at all however I thinks thats a stupid criticism considering it's a celebration of 200 episodes and considering that it was joked about within the episode. I don't want to over-analyse but it seems to me that was exactly the point, it did everything better than it was done before.

    Even thats unfair to say as everything felt like a natural progession which each recurring theme.
  • In the 200th episode, after Stan accidentally insults Tom Cruise, Cruise assembles 200 celebrities who have also previously had bad experiences with the town of South Park, and launches a law suit. A great 200th episode – but maybe there won't a part 2...

    This review contains spoilers.

    I can't believe it is the show's 200th episode already – it doesn't long ago that we were celebrating the 100th episode.

    Bar a weak start to the season with 'Sexual Healing', the show has really been on a roll of late (the last two episodes, 'You Have 0 Friends' and 'Medicinal Fried Chicken' being classics, and 'The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs' being very good too). So the signs looked good for the 200th episode. And the final result… what an awesome episode.

    There are numerous references to numerous previous episodes, which I shan't even attempt to list here. But it's incredible just how much they squeezed in. My only very minor gripe is that maybe they tried to cram *so much* in that it was slightly unfocused at points – but I can't complain about that, as it is more than made up for by the sheer scope.
    References to past episodes were racing past every few seconds, and for fans such as myself that have been with the show since episode one, it was a total blast.

    Part of me would have liked to have seen mention to Chef (or Darth Chef) in someway (and I was very disappointed that, even after the falling out, Isaac Hayes' passing away was never acknowledged in the series), but I'll forgive that as there is so much else happening in this episode.

    And then there's the impressive climax. BUT... everyone seems to think this will lead on to a Part 2 next week. Call me sceptical, but personally, I wouldn't be surprised there was no Part 2. It would be a classic Parker and Stone trick (remember the non-conclusion to 'Cartman's Mom Is a Dirty Slut' at the start of season two?). Maybe we'll have to wait until episode 300 to get the conclusion of this! Seriously folks, don't be surprised it we get a totally non-related episode next week.

    Anyway, all-in-all, an awesome episode (and much more pleasing that the 100th episode, the slightly disappointing 'I'm a Little Bit Country'). I give it a highly rated 9.5, just short of a perfect 10.