South Park

Season 14 Episode 6

201 (2)

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 21, 2010 on Comedy Central

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  • who's Cartman's dad

    After all of the events from the last episode tom curise order the Mecha-Streisand to attack South Park and its some serious Sh#t thats happening man. then to find out who is Cartman's dad he goes to a ginger HQ were we me that Fu##ing F#ggot Scott Tenorman again.The fight between the Super Best Friends, celebrities, and Gingers spills over into the Ginger lair. And we finlly find out that Cartman's dad is Jack Tenorman(Fu##ing Scott's Dad)
    that means Cartman killed his Own Father that's Bada#s and the war finlly ended and cartman is upset that he is half Ginger maybe that's why people make fun of Cartman
  • One of the best episodes ever, written chiefly for fans.

    It is easy to get caught up in censorship surrounding this episode (and episode 200). Recently, and quite accidentally, I found out where one of the writers lives. Like most of us, comic writers are not surrounded by bodyguards 24-7, and considerations must be made for the safety of their surrounding families (if not their individual selves). How important is it really to sacrifice our own lives (and others) in lieu of a joke for which a moron is likely commit his own for the sake of revenge; it isn't so much an issue of freedom as one of pragmatics. This being stated, the revised 'censored' version purposefully went over the top so as to parody the level of censorship committed to this trivial issue, and is quite funny. What ultimately makes this episode so good are the throwback references to earlier episodes. This is for the fans. For example, the ending is far funnier when the fan viewer makes an erroneous mental link with a closing statement made by Stan (a loose reference connecting Season 11, Episodes 10, 11, and 12), but are then floored with a Season 9, Episode 13 reference. The point being, the brief final joke derives the most humor for the viewer who has lived through (watching) all of the above mentioned episodes. If one has watched South Park consistently, this episode is one of the best.
  • perfect

    south park needs to find a way to make both the ginger population, and the angry celebs, happy. and cartman learns the shocking truth of who his father really is (or rather.... was).

    great conclusion to part one of the 200th episode. lot of referenes and jokes to past episodes, and a unique plot in its own. nothing i did not really dislike or anything, and so because of all of this, my final grade for "201" is going to be an A+, which i think is more than fair. Well done South Park. Here's to more episodes in the future!
  • Don't be mad at South Park for censorship

    For all of you out there who are mad about the censorship, don't be mad at south park. The original episode that was created had very little censoring. Because of threats by a radical muslim group comedy central added most of the bleeps before the original airing. Also, they will not allow the episode to be shown on the south park website.

    As for the actual episode review though, I thought it was great, it was a great flashback of all the old characters, wrapped up the story of the previous episode, and had a hilarious ending with Tom Cruise.
  • what happened here?? they censored the whole thing...

    on the "i learned something today" scene at the end, everything got bleeped out, and it looked like it was on purpose.. what a horrible way to do it.. were they trying to prove that not being able to make fun of muhammed is ridiculous? atleast they got that right..

    what really happened to barbara strai* *however you spell her\its name*, she was singing and then she was gone?? i was really expecting muhammed with his power of flame to come through..

    this might be the worst south park episode ever, and thats just because beeps really pisses me off, even more than gingers ;)
  • So here it is; the conclusion to the eerily familiar cliff-hanger of South Park's 200th episode. Will we ever find out who Cartman's Farther really is, or is it just another cruel trick played by Trey Parker and Matt Stone?

    So here it is; the conclusion to the eerily familiar cliff-hanger of South Park's 200th episode. Will we ever find out who Cartman's Farther really is, or is it just another cruel trick played by Trey Parker and Matt Stone?

    To be blunt, yes we do. Even more surprising is, that of all the directions the mischievous writers could have chosen to take this irritating little mystery, the revelation turns out to be as unexpected as it is hilarious. I had braced myself for another terrible Terrance and Phillip fartathon or maybe just an unsatisfying 'it's chef' scenario, but without spoiling it, the actual result left me grinning like a masturbating chimp and laughing like any woman who's ever seen me naked. There's a stroke of genius in the reveal and everything about it was groin-grippingly brilliant. If the whole episode had followed Cartman's quest for the truth, it would have almost certainly gone down as one of my favourite of all time. Characters we haven't seen for years return like long lost Uncles (the kind that don't bounce you too gingerly on their knee) and it's strange how happy I was to see their return.

    The Geneticist Dr Mephisto and his strange pet/friend Kevin are back and they are still putting an unnaturally large number of asses onto lab animals. In fact, almost all the old faces are their, albeit in often fleeting glimpses and these references to the past make the viewer strangely nostalgic even amongst the increasingly ridiculous circus like extravaganza. The majority of the jokes have links to past episodes and long time fans are rewarded with a depth not usually present in the episodic world of South Park.

    That being said, 201 does not simply focus on Cartman's crisis of identity and this is where the episode crumbles, very nearly to pieces. The first installment of this two-part episode, revolves largely around Tom Cruise's army of litigious celebrities tired of the mockery and ridicule that the show has subjected them to over the years. The only way they will be appeased is by meeting their demands to present the Profit Mohammed before them so they can steal his anti-ridicule power (which Mr Cruise has deduced he must posses). Now, for whatever reason, this latest episode bleeps out nearly every reference to the Muslim profit, even his name. The situation plays out much as you'd expect, but with a giant black 'censored' box shifting around in a decidedly un-hilarious fashion. This really comes to a teeth grinding crescendo at the conclusion of the episode with the mandatory 'you know, I learned something today' speech which is completely bleeped out, all two or three minutes of it. I should draw attention to the fact, that when I say 'bleeped' I mean an ear piercing tone sounds at a frequency that makes Barbra Streisand's voice sound like the flutter of Angel's wings.

    Clearly, the network had put some restrictions in place and these segments act as a middle finger to the legal department, but it just felt so deeply unnecessary and more importantly, painfully unfunny. We have been here before and the previous episode had pretty much covered this piece of social commentary. I understand that Matt Parker and Trey Stone have justifiably big egos, but to perform an 'if we can't do what we want, then we'll ruin the episode' kind of stunt, was just (for want of a better word) pathetic.


    I don't know, watch for yourself and see if you agree. I may very well be way off the mark and have misinterpreted their intent, but personally if the half of the episode that followed Cartman's exploits hadn't been so brilliantly executed, then it would have been almost a complete write-off. However, bleeping and repetitious themes aside, there is a lot to be said for having a retrospective glance back at some of the forgotten heroes of early South Park. Mr Hat, Mephisto and even Pip are all there and 201 is valuable even if only as a benchmark or page break in the evolution of a show, that when it's not performing ideological point-scoring with the network, is utterly brilliant and in a league of its own.

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  • not bad

    It kept me smiling the whole time, probably until the end with all the 30 second long bleeps, but I don't think I really cracked up like I have with other South Parks. It's pretty amazing that South Park has remained pretty funny, unlike other animated shows for adults. I thought Cartman's story was much more entertaining and funny (and kinda messed up), but the Muhammad thing lacked. It was probably the excessive bleeping. Also, the ending with Tom Cruise on the moon---was that a punch line? I didn't think that was very funny. Overall, not bad, and certainly still one of the funniest shows on tv.
  • A great episode and great tribute to the fans with an interesting twist. Although...

    ...I did not appreciate the censorship of Muhammad, the censorship of Muhammad's name, and the censorship of Kyle's speech about intimidation and fear. Comedy Central (and for that matter, Viacom) are practical anti-constitutionalists as well as politically correct cowards that took the Muslim extremist threats against Trey Parker and Matt Stone WAY too seriously. This was indeed a political victory for Muslim extremism, wannabe terrorism, political correctness, and unnecessary censorship. Censorship controversy aside, this was a very good episode of South Park as a tribute to the fans with revisited subjects, celebrities and rivalries. It is a very good episode aside from the censorship as it reminds us the importance of the 1st Amendment.
  • Tom Cruise and his celebrities are demanding Mohammed, the Ginger kids are demanding Mohammed, and Eric Cartman... is demanding to know who his father really is. A decent conclusion to this adventurous two-parter...

    Last week myself and a few others were being sceptical and wondering if there WOULD be a part two to this story. Well, (thankfully) we were proven wrong, as Parker and Stone didn't pull another 'Cartman's Mom Is a Dirty Sl*t' stunt on us.

    Although I don't usually comment on other's reviews, I would like to thank(!) another reviewer for giving away the identity of Cartman's true father in the heading to his review before I'd even been able to watch the episode! I only came on the site to see if this week's episode would or would not be a conclusion to the story, and with no warning get that glaring at me. Thanks a lot dude (!)

    After the spectacular events of part one, this episode had a lot to match up to. It was never going to be an easy task, tying up all of those threads. Did it succeed? Well, it's no-where as incredible as part one, but it does a decent enough job IMO. It was good to see some more characters and places that we haven't seen for YEARS – notably Mephisto (and Kevin), and Pip – guess we won't seeing *him* again!
    But as with part one, the thing that I really would have liked to have seen, was some kind of mention to Chef (or Darth Chef); he was such a key character for many seasons, and even though there was the falling out with Isaac Hayes over his Scientology beliefs which saw him leave the show, I am very disappointed that Hayes' death has never been marked in the show.

    Anyway, the funniest sequence of this episode for me was when Mitch Connor posed as a black man at the door of Mephisto's lab – it was just so silly that it was really funny. I'm surprised that they didn't throw in a Kenny death, just for old times sake – this would have been easy to do during Mecha Streisand's assault on the town.

    This episode certainly didn't seem to please everybody, but for me, while not being one of my all-time favourites, it wrapped things up reasonably. Kind of like when Captain Picard was turned into Locutus of Borg in the 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' classic cliff-hanger 'The Best of Both Worlds', whatever they came up with to resolve the situation would never match up with the original part, but I think Parker and Stone did a reasonable job with this one.

    All-in-all, a very decent two-parter to mark the 200th (and 201st) episode. Even so, I'm looking forward to getting back to a more standard, self-contained episode next week.
  • man what was that...

    Man...What is going on with these two episodes. Don't get me wrong I've been a south park fan since the beginning and I really liked how they brought back many of the characters that we havn't seen from earlier seasons (I've been wanting that all along in these newer seasons, even if they can't get the voices right) but jeez this episode, besides the ending with Tom Cruise, it was just annoying. The whole Mohammad stuff being edited the whole episode was god awful I mean come on if your going to be ballsy and edgy like your known for you gotta keep it going. I guess the worst of it was at the end when they kept blocking out everyone's long speech about Mohammad, it was identical to what family guy has been doing (all the overdone excessive annoying sh**) and its fu***** stupid. Honestly, anybody who thinks this is south park hasn't seen the early stuff when the show was in its prime and seeing a 9.8 rating compared to all their other great episodes is just pathetic. Please please don't go the route of family guy this show is better than that.
  • jack tenorman...

    jack tenorman...
    if u look back at the episode "cartmans mom is a dirty slut" u can actually see jack tenorman, cartmans father, in the background while in the 12th annual drunken barn dance i would have never thought to tell u the truth this was an amazing and creative episode and by far the best episode of souh park of all time and will be for quite some time
    thank u matt and trey... this is the best show of all time and cartman rules. i was so glad to finally find out who his father was. and what will they do for the last episode before the midway break of the season? hopefully not a gay terrance and phillip filler garbage. but anyay, best episode of all time by far!
  • It's bad points cancel out it's good making this episode just a big flop unless your a super fan.

    When they couldn't even say Mohammad's name in the episode I thought it was for the sake of a joke and I was wrong. in fact most of the jokes with the censorship thing fall badly because of what they ended up doing. Maybe it will change later but for now it's like that and normally this would cause it to be a horrible and unsavable episode.

    but with a few glints of silver comedy, nothing in this episode is by far gold, it gets saved and it's a true letter to the fans that many including myself will enjoy.

    I'd rate it higher if I could take more episodes into account but as standing alone this can't get any higher for me.
  • Superb wrap up to a flashback ridden tribute to the fans

    One of South Park's consistently funny episodes in a long time. The whole censorship is questionable, but chances are M&T did it because of how ridiculous the whole Mohammed thing is. The whole point of the long bleeped out diatribes is because of how ridiculous some aspects of censorship are. This is nowhere near Family Guy related because the bleeps have a purpose, not just some cutaway gag that is completely not relatable.

    This was a great two parter and another fantastic entry in the season 14 cannon. It does suck that they didn't show Mohammed, but chances are, the long bleeped out lesson was a slap in the face to CC not letting them show it. It's not M&T pussing out, it's the network. It's obvious they want to show Mohammed.
  • A slightly disappointing followup, but funny nonetheless.

    I can't say I wasn't disappointed with the sequel to episode 200, which was my favorite South Park in years, I expected a lot more, and didn't get it. However, that doesn't mean the episode wasn't good, because it certainly was. I loved seeing every character return to the show, it was a great piece of nostalgia. Especially when Scott Tenorman returned, because Scott Tenorman Must Die was the first episode of South Park I ever watched. The whole censorship thing was funny for a minute, then it got really annoying, especially during the "I learned something today scene". I thought the reveal of Scott Tenorman's dad to being Eric's dad was perfect, and the explanation was really funny as well. Cartman would kill his dad and not care, it's perfectly in character. The last scene was the only time I ever laughed out loud during the episode, but I still smiled throughout the whole episode.
  • Not as good as Part 1, but its got a pretty good twist.


    Grade: B

    So after the amazing 1st parter, we could only hope the episode would be just as good as it. Unfortuantly, 201 is significantly worse but still entertaining. The best part of it I thought was when the lead Ginger group leader was Scott Tenorman and he reveals to Cartman that Cartman's father was actually Scott's dad named Jack Tenorman. It worked because it was so in character and ironic for Cartman, because he hates Ginger kids and he was the one who killed him off (If it was Darth Chef for example it would be too cliched). The rest of the episode maybe went too far with having to censor the Muhammed word everytime its said, and my ears were kind of hurting with the speech near the end as a result, but overall it had a good conclusion but part 1 was miles better in my opinion.
  • Not as good as part 1, but still funny.

    The follow-up to 200 is already extremly contrversial, due to death thereats made to Matt Stone and Trey Parker (the creators) about showing Muhammed on the show. Many fans are mad because of the extreme censorship of the episode (they block his name, and the moral speech at the ed, and of course the usual f bombs etc.) However, I believe this episode is still a worthy follow-up to 200 despite all the contrversy. Good: The message was good, the Cartman sub-plot was awesome, Scott Tenorman's return was amazing, Ending was very funny, PIP!

    Bad: Mecha-Sterisand storyline was pretty much wasted, Super Best Friends got old eventually (although the semen jokes were still funny)

    Overall: Another great episode of South Park. Not as good as last week, it's still worthy due to Cartman's plot line of finding out who his father was. Highly reccomended
  • Not quite as good as part 1 but still good

    I did like some of the things they did in this episode, like revealing a man who Cartman had killed to be his real father and the like. That was both unexpected and quite clever. However, this seems like another instance where Matt and Trey gave themselves too much to work with as not everything was cleared up. I of course refer to the whole Barbara Streisand thing. Okay, we see her singing and then... she's gone? What, did they power her down while she was singing? I was actually hoping Robert Smith would appear again in a more powerful version of his mega moth form.

    Another thing that got me was the censorship of any mention of Muhammed, although I am willing to forgive them for this as they were pretty much given no choice in the matter having received something along the lines of a threat from the Islamic people. (They can get away with stabbing Jesus in the throat but they can't even mention Muhammed's name now. When he was shown in The Super Best Friends, he was portrayed as a superhero, so I fail to see what their problem with this is)

    Nonetheless, this was a good end to the two-parter. May not have been perfect, but it was still enjoyable.