South Park

Season 4 Episode 11

4th Grade

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 08, 2000 on Comedy Central

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  • The glory days of South Park.

    This episode of South Park is a step forwards toward better episodes, although the episodes before this one was also good, the ones after were also good. It's a funny episode with alot of different characters that appear in it. They just don't make episodes like this one anymore, but the newer ones are still also good. If anyone is just starting to get into South Park or has never seen an episode, I would recommend this one, although you may be a little lost with the characters, it is still funny as can be. Overall, this is a very good episode.
  • Absolutely laugh-out-loud funny!

    This is one of my favorite episodes of South Park. Some of the funniest moments were in Cartman's song. At one point, an extremely happy-looking Mr. Garrison was administering some spankings to some extremely happy-looking children. At another point, Kenny makes a picture of a clown with a knife and a severed head out of glitter and glue. After the song ends, Clyde starts to cry in a manner that sounds exaggerated and forced. Then, much later in the episode, Garrison starts talking in a Yoda-like voice. Another great moment was when Timmy's wheelchair goes out of control, he picks up a girl and she starts climbing onto him in a suggestive way.
  • The boys go into fourth grade and are so nostalgic about the past that they create a time machine to go back to the third grade. The new teacher seeks Mr. Garrison to learn his secret in teaching the kids.

    This episode was a real turning point in the series. Better animation, more characters, and stronger story lines. Hilarious and well written episode.

    The espisode starts off with the boys going into fourth grade with a new teacher, Ms. Choksondic. Cartman becomes nostalgic and sings a hilarious candy-land type song about third grade. The boys then enlist two star-trek obsessed geeks to build them a time machine.

    The plan goes awry and Timmmy is plunged into an out of control wheel chair ala "Speed". The rescue attempts fail and Timmy is taken back to a hilarious pre-historic scence.

    Meanwhile, Ms. Choksondic is baffled about teaching the childern. She decides to seek Mr. Garrison in his mountain fortress. And in a hilarious homage to The Empire Strikes back, learns the secrets of teaching in South Park.

    In a homage to "The Christmas Carol" and "Empire" Garrison finally admits that he is gay.

    The boys come back to class and realize that the third grade wasn't all that great and that life is about change and facing new chalenges.
  • Great episode.

    This is episode was fantastic. It was about Eric Cartman, Kenny McCormick, Kyle Broflovski, and Stan Marsh wanting to go back in time into the 3rd grade. Their new 4th grade teacher is Ms. Choksondik! They ask these two nerdy college students to try and invent something to go back in time. Meanwhile, Mr. Garrison is living in a cave, at the end, he finally admits his gayness! The best part of this episode was when Kenny McCormick died. When he died, Stan Marsh said "Well who didn't see that common?" Something I'll always remember. Overall, I give this episode a 9.3.
  • 4th Grade

    When the whole class have to move up to 4th Grade they think that now they can beat up the 3rd graders, which is stupid really cause the 5th Graders can now beat them up as well and then the cute little 3rd Graders can laugh at the 4th Graders instead. The new teacher is a funny one, Mrs. Choksondik who really does not tolerate bad behaviour in her class.
    Little fat Cartman pulls his trousers down at her and she is shocked! The story continues on from there, which goes on to be one of the classic and most memorable breast scene in history.
    :D One of the classics
  • This episode is the first in a new direction for South Park.

    I thought this episode was really funny. The boys start the fourth grade and meet their new teacher, whose name is somewhat of a profanity. Mr. Garrison has been gone for a while and the new teacher needs to confront him so he can learn to control the rowdy, obnoxius kids. Meanwhile, the boys have rigged Timmy's wheelchair with a time travel device so they can travel back in time. In the end the boys learn that they can't keep wishing they were sometime else and just accept the time they are in now. The funniest things in this episode were: Cartman jumping on the desk numerous times, Ms Chokondik's "up and up and up!" line and Mr. Garrison's gay side.
  • South Park moves forward without looking back.

    After three and a half years, South Park gets a makeover. Kind of. It's still the same show, thankfully, but the kids are now in 4th grade. The majority of this episode is spent trying to get BACK to the 3rd grade, after Cartman sings a touching song about how great the third grade was. They geeks that the boys go to to build a time machine are hilarious. Even though they are pretty stereotypical, everybody knows guys like these! In fact, I have been a guy like this from time to time.

    Anyway, this episode marks the beginning of a new chapter for South Park. Some people may look back on the old episodes the same way that Cartman looks back on third grade, but nevertheless, South Park moves forward without looking back.
  • It's a new school year and the kids have a brand new teacher, Ms. Choksondik. She is a woman in need of a bra. The kids and her don't really hit it of so Cartman and the boys set up a plan to time travel back to third grade. Just watch it to see the rest.

    I loved this episode for many reasons and the first was how the boys thought it was funny to call Ms. Choksondik something else, Ms. Makes-me-Sick. I also love how Mr. Garrison went into the mountains because people thought he was gay and he didn't think so. This is really one of the funniest South Park's I've seen. I just wish that they would have made this a two part episode so it would be twice as long. I think that Ms. Choksondik has everything that a kid in school would use to make fun of a teacher. She's got a funny name, a lazy eye, and a problem with her body. A+ for this one.
  • cartman

    Nesting hippies...drum circles...burning man....I LOVE this episode. I\'ve had a serious hippy infestation problem my entire life. I HATE hippies, too. Environmental philanthropists and whatnot is great. Awesome how brilliantly terse Cartman is with the hippies. However, I\'m not entirely with the corporate sphere either. I\'m like the everyman. They\'re disgusting. They\'re vile phish shirts, they\'re stupid \"What\'re you doing?\" \"This is so angry\" bs questions. This is too funny. Uploading the heavy metal was awesoem too.
    td is a baby, who\'s controlled by sk, and they\'re hippy losers.
    Eric Cartman is the best characer in cartoon TV because he\'s assertive, brilliant, hysterical ,fat. He\'s a brilliant businessman, musician
  • the kids start 4th grade and realize it is harder than 3rd grade. so they get some people trying to send them back in time so they can go back to the 3rd grade. they have timmy's wheelchair set to get them back in time. this is a chokesondik episode.

    this is a great episode where we see a new teacher with enormous boobs and a funny name. garrison is in a mountain because he doesnt want to admit he is gay. they have some men build a time machine going back to third grade. timmy gets sent back in time and gets chased by dinosaurs and other stuff. they keep saying they are 72 episodes of star trek even though they are more.
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