South Park

Season 6 Episode 14

A Ladder to Heaven

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 06, 2002 on Comedy Central

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  • superb

    Stan, Kyle and Cartman build a ladder up to Heaven to try and contact Kenny. Soon, Japan starts building a ladder, and even worse; Saddam is still in Heaven with big plans. Is this the end of South Park, or worse, Heaven?

    Decent episode. I can't put my finger on it but it felt like something was missing when I watched it. It was a great, humorous episode, but it felt like there could have been more to it, for me anyway. So, my final grade for this episode is between a B- and an A. Good episode but I think it could have been a little better
  • simply astonishing.

    I loved this episode of South Park. The boys win a candy shopping spree but there is one problem, Kenny had ticket on him when he died so the boys decide to build a ladder to heaven. This was a rare episode which found the perfect balance between over the top gags and situations such as the U.S military trying to nuke heaven and the innocent emotions of the children, who in this episode can't fully understand death. There's also plenty more Cartman antics who thankfully brings about the return of Kenny. Seriously, if every episode of south park could get anywhere near this level it would undoubtedly be the greatest show in history
  • Good installment.

    I found this installment of South Park to be a pretty good one. I thought it was a pretty funny plot with Kenny being dead and Stan, Kyle and Cartman needing him to get some free candy. So they decided to build a ladder to heaven just to get the ticket from Kenny but the people of South Park and all over the world even Japan got the wrong idea and thought that they just wanted to see their friend again. The part with Cartman and the ashes was pretty funny to, I couldn't believe it when he actually tried some of it and then ended up eating the whole thing. Overall, this was another great installment of South Park.
  • Kenny comes back! In a weird and... spiritual way...

    When Stan, Kyle, and Cartman won a crazy ten minuet sale for candy, they relixed something... KENNY! He has the ticket! They run to his house only to see him dead. Crematd, if you prefer. So, the boys, not knowing this, goes to heaven and try to find Kenny. But, Cartman eats the powder that is... KENNY??! Yep! Kenny's soul is trappd in Cartman temporarly!

    The characters act like themselves, the storyline is... unique, and the humor is okay. And now, Kenny is back, but not for long! But, this is spoilers...

    Man: Fg, why won't you tell us the spoiler?
    FG: Because..... well, goddbye! See you next time with some more reviews!

    BEST THINGS: Story, Characters, umor... and KENNY!!
    WORST THINGS: Kenny won't be back.... *cries*
    FINNALY: An A-
  • A Ladder To Heaven.

    This episode is about Eric Cartman, Stan Marsh, and Kyle Broflovski wanting to have a candy shopping spree. Unfortuanatly, they needed a ticket, which Kenny McCormick has. Eric Cartman keeps having reminders of Kenny. It's very scary to him. I mean, they only made this to get the ticket from Kenny McCormick. They were trying to build a ladder to heaven. Many people worldwide came to watch them. The Japenese were also trying. They did not make it though. It was really weird though. Especially with the singer singing songs about the Ladder to Heaven. Overall, I give this a 9.2.
  • My thoughts on this episode of South Park.

    I enjoyed this episode, even though it was founded on a somewhat common concept (young kids who don't quite understand what happens after you die trying to find a concrete meathod to get into heaven where they hope to see a deceased friend, relative, or even pet), but Matt and Trey gave it a South Park twist.
    This episode had a clever plot, and I enjoyed how the Japanese were competing with Stan, Kyle, and Cartman's ladder. I also enjoyed the false Japanese report about how they reached heaven first.

    What I don't really get is how Alan Jackson fit into all this. It was funny, but a little too random for that particular storyline.

    This episode was good, just not totally my type (a little too serious) but it wasn't one of those COMPLETELY random episodes, which I did enjoy. And it was the start of bringing Kenny back on the show.
  • Good plot

    When the boys discover they won the candy store shopping spree, it is too good to be true. In order to begin their spree, they need the ticket that was given to Kenny for safekeeping before his death. So they go to Kenny's house in search of his body, and find only an urn containing his ashes. Thinking this is chocolate milk mix, Cartman drinks the ashes and with it, Kenny's soul. Now they decide to build a ladder to heaven in order to find Kenny and get the ticket so they can live out their candy store dreams. However, when Kenny shows Cartman that the ticket is in his special case, the kids get the ticket, get the candy and abandon the idea of a ladder to heaven that had inspired so many.
  • No it's a chocolate chip factory!

    In this episode the boys try to reach Kenny's soul in heaven so they can get a ticket for a 5 minnute shoping spree at a candy store. Also Cartman drinks Kennys creamated ashes thinking it was chocolate milk mix. Also we see Saddam making weapons and PROVING that Bush was right about bombing heaven. I loved Kenny screaming at Cartman in Heaven. The funniest parts were the song's by Alan Jackson, The Japanese News people and the American's trying to beat the Japanese and the News in America. One of the best Season 6 Episodes
  • One of my all time favorites. Cartman, Kyle, and Kenny try to build a ladder to heaven to see Kenny and get a winning ticket from him.

    The boys have one a free candy shopping spree. They learn the ticket was with Kenny. They steal the earn with Kennys ashes. Cartman drinks Kenny's ashes thinking it was cocoa mix and starts having flashback of Kenny. Kyle comes up with a plan to get Kenny, build a ladder to heaven. As they continue to build the ladder, the government starts to help so they can beat the Chinese. They think Saddam is in heaven building nuclear weapons. Cartman continues to have flashbacks about Kenny, and he learns Kenny put the winning ticket in a box. They quit working on the ladder and get the candy shopping spree. Everyone learns that they only wanted the ticket and not to see their dead friend, which everyone thought they wanted to. Up in heaven, Saddam is building nuclear bombs discuised as a chocolate chip factory.
  • The boys try to build a literal ladder to heaven to see Kenny again. Easily the best episode of Season 6.

    Stan, Kyle, and Cartman need to get in touch with Kenny in order to find out where he placed a winning ticket stub to get a free candy shopping spree. So the boys try to build a ladder to heaven. The gesture touches the hearts of South Park's adults, as well as the rest of the nation, who don't realize the boy's actual intentions.
    Meanwhile, the Bush administration receives intelligence that Saddam Hussein is building weapons of mass destruction up on high, and realizes it has only one course of action - bomb heaven.

    This was easily the best episode in the season. While Season 6 was, by and large, a weak spot in the series, this episode really was up to South Park's standards. It parodies the Iraq War, the national commercialization of tragedy for a profit, and heaven itself - all in 22 side-splitting minutes.
  • 91st Episode

    Cartman drinking Kenny's ashes, believing it to be chocolate milk, is one of the most pivotal points in the sixth season as it is referred to a lot in the episodes to come much like numerous threats about Carman feeding parents to people in season 5 after Scott Tenorman must die.

    The whole thing about bombing heaven because of Saddam's WMDs was ridiculous and not very funny but the actual ladder to heaven and the news reports, especially the pedophile and heaven set in Japan, were both entertaining moments in the episode.

    Overall, this is a very important episode for Cartman as Kenny is literally alive inside him.
  • One of the best episodes.

    Everything that makes South Park a great show can be found in this episode. They make fun of a celebrity, have racist comments, references to older episodes, make fun of both liberal and conservative political views, and have a random stupid character that was super funny. This episode is easily top five for me and possibly the best.
  • The boys try to reach Kenny

    This episode is a bit of a let-down for the series, although it does set up the fantastic plot arc involving Kenny's trapped soul. Frankly, many of the gags just aren't that funny (although Alan Jackson's exploitative songs are a definite exception), the story is a bit uneven, and the political stabs are unclear and, in many cases, predictable. By the time I reached the show's conclusion I was disappointed and a bit bored.

    Make no mistake, the episode does have its funny moments (the robot guards in Kenny's house, for example), but in a series this strong, it's disappointing at best.