South Park

Season 16 Episode 13

A Scause for Applause

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 31, 2012 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

At the South Park Walgreens everyone has lined up to get their yellow bracelets removed. Everyone is getting their wristband removed since it was discovered that Jesus Christ was using HGH (Human Growth Hormone) to help him perform his miracles. Jesus is evening being removed from the record books. Everyone, except Stan has removed the bracelet. Cartman discovers Stan's secret and soon everyone knows. Stan thinks it is no big deal. Stan is a guest on the PBS show Charlie Rose. Stan doesn't know why he's keeping it, he just likes it. Mr. Mackey tells Stan that he's been an inspiration to him, being an individual and standing his own ground. To commemorate that feeling, he's gotten a brown bracelet to remind him, Butters has one to. Stan finds out from Butters that Stan has inspired some farmers in Belarus to stand their ground. "StanGround" is becoming the latest bracelet fad. Stan even does a Nike commercial featuring Stan standing. Stan's class is interrupted when it is suspected that Stan might have glued his yellow bracelet back on and they want to test it. Craig is revealed to be the one who's ratted on Stan.

The new reports the results of the test are conclusive, Stan did use superglue on his yellow bracelet. Stan continues to deny it. Kyle tries to get him to come clean. Stan says everyone has lost sight of the bigger picture. Stan believes the French scientist is the fraud and he sets out to prove it. In France the scientist and his wife are at home; Stan is breaking and entering and he runs into Jesus who is doing the same. Both are there for the same reason. Stan and Jesus bond over the issue. To get people interested in Jesus again, they decide he needs to help the farmers in Belarus, and to raise awareness they need bracelets. Stan and Jesus go to the P.F. Pityef Bracelet Factory, a very Suessian environment that specializes in scauses to wear on their paws.

At school Mr. Mackey wants to talk to the kids about a serious matter, his orange bracelet for the farmers of Belarus. The kids of course are already aware, everyone except Cartman, who finds out they're being sold downtown. Butters tells Stan that he's heard that Stan knew what he was doing all along. Stan says whatever it takes. In Belarus, Jesus is on site fighting for the farmers, only he is so focused talking to the press that he is negligent when the farmers behind him being killed. In downtown South Park everyone is getting rid of their orange bracelets. Kyle tells Stan that he heard that Stan had borrowed some superglue last week. Both Jesus and Stan realize that they've both been duped by the guy from the bracelet company. Not sure what to do, Stan asks "What would Jesus do?" And Jesus starts to do something, he takes some HGH and grows extraordinary muscles and goes and starts taking out his vengeance on the bracelet factory. Afterwards he follows up with a sermon in the park about no longer wearing causes on our wrists, perhaps T-shirts would be better, such as the one he wears to "Free Pussy Riot."