South Park

Season 17 Episode 8

A Song of Ass and Fire

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 20, 2013 on Comedy Central

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  • Best episode of the series so far

    Yes, this is the best episode of the series so far. But, I can't help but feel that Trey and Matt could have done a much better job of lampooning GOT 5 or 10 years ago. I like the recurring "betrayal garden" gag, but there are scenes that immediately spring to mind when you try to imagine what would happen if South park did a GOT episode, and many are missing. For example, when Cartman was overseeing the boys practicing with wooden swords, I thought, "It would be so awesome right now if Cartman used some of Syrio Forels lines" . And that has happened quite a few times in this trilogy so far. Even the gag about the authors obsession with gay wiener isn't especially funny because it's just not true. I've counted! The gay wiener count is exactly 0. I didn't count straight wiener, but - off the top of my head, it's like 3 or 4.

    This episode would get a 10 if I were only comparing it to the rest of this season. Overall it gets an 8. But if it were in season 8 or 10 for example, I'd rate it a 6.
  • Gay Weiners

    I agree with the review below mine. The show could have done much more biting satire. It seems they have toned down the scathing, insults, celebrity lampoons and truily controversial subjects. When you think as far back (and this is a LONG time ago now to the infamous Chicken

    n show is just so TAME now. . It was an enjoyable yet not hilarious episode. I also agree they did not hit hard enough making fun of GOT and the shows *there are many now' just like it.

    I don;t know WHY they put TIMMY in the show anymore. He actually has not said "TIMMY" in over 2 years. They stopped doing Timmy and Jimmy episodes

    of those were the funniest in the entire series (Cripple Fight example. Cartman did nothing truly offensive or even an OMG Cartman moment all season. Too many complaints? too many hassles, lawsuits, ,

    meetings with COmedy Central knows. But the BITE is missing.
  • weak episode... but it's piggy in the middle

    As the reviews stated below, the wiener joke just falls flat on its face. There's so much material to make fun of, why make stuff up? As far as I can recall, there was no gay wiener, and very few flaccid straight wiener. And really, compared to the 60 or so boobs and vagina shots... are we really that gayphobic?

    Beyond that joke though (which they really kept emphasizing) it was an... OK episode. The garden scene was funny, and so was Kenny as the princess. The president of Sony was humorous as well.

    The problem is this looks like one of south parks classic 3 episode arc story lines. But if you don't watch all these together, the middle one really fizzes out, having neither a beginning nor an end.

    I'll give this a episode a generous 7 out of ten. Not the worst out of this season but definitely not the best.
  • part 2

    what i liked- George . Martin, the newscasters' being revealed as incestual, the ending, another Garden of Betrayal Scene.

  • Accurate satire

    Great episode. Game of thrones and it's liberal, gay, feminist new world order penis fest needs to be made fun of.

    No central, strong, heroic, principled protagonist to relate to, and when there is one they get killed off. it's a cynical celebration of torture porn and depravity, a celebration of evil.

    The butt-hurt fanboys it seems can't handle it when their precious GOT gets satirised via the obvious and accurate observation that there's an over abundance of penis shots and gay sex scenes.
  • EP - 1708

    Well done continuation of the multi-episode. But not enough great new gags were introduced.

    So why a 9? Hard to describe, really. It was just a really good episode. Or superb, as the rating would describe.